The new year has begun, bringing with it many positive changes in our lives. Perhaps the most prominent and important of these changes is the pursuit of an ideal, athletic, and feminine body. Is this goal on your list of goals for this year?

If your answer is yes, then you are welcome to the 3-week weight loss challenge with Sara PopFit, which will help you reach your goal and will be the best help and guide for you.

Yes, Sarah PopFit does not abandon you and constantly helps you reach your dream body, through her YouTube channel, in which she helps many girls and women reach their goals and enhance their self-confidence.

In today’s article, Sarah PopFit will present to you a 21-day weight loss challenge that includes a detailed nutritional and exercise program that will help you on your way toward the most beautiful change for you in this new year. If you are ready, continue reading with passion and love.

Diet Plan | 3-Weeks Challenge to Lose Weight

First of all, my sweetie, you must be aware and knowledgeable that the diet plan is the best in the world, as it is your way to obtain a healthy and ideal body at the same time.

The features of the healthy diet plan include:

  1. The diet plan is far from deprivation and starvation
  2. A diverse and comprehensive diet for all basic food sources necessary for a healthy body
  3. A diet that does not cause you health problems such as hair loss, broken nails, or wrinkled skin
  4. The diet that gives you a feeling of fullness and energy as well

So we’ll start directly with the dist plan for the 3-Weeks Challenge to Lose Weight by Sara PopFit:

First Week of Challenge

  • Two meals each day
  • Fasting for only one day per week (Islamic fasting or 16-hour fasting)
  • It is preferable that the first day of the challenge be a fasting day, and the rest of the days of the first week consist of two meals a day:

First meal instructions:

  • It is preferable that it be rich in protein because it will help you feel full throughout the day and will help you control your appetite
  • Example of foods rich in protein:
  • 2 boiled eggs
  • Legumes (chickpeas – beans – lentils)
  • This meal should not contain bread
  • A piece of fruit
  • Any warm drink that contains mint

Second meal instructions:

  • You can eat whatever you want, but! You should abstain from the following foods:
  • Fried food
  • Pastries
  • Sugars in high quantities
  • You can eat rice and bread because you did not eat bread in the first meal
  • It should be 5 hours before bedtime
  • It is advisable to postpone the second meal until you become so hungry that you cannot resist it

Second Week of Challenge

  • Same as the first week, but here we will fast two days a week

Third Week of Challenge

  • Here there are two modifications to the above:

First: Fasting is 3 days a week

Second: The sources of carbohydrates (starches) should be in the first meal, and carbohydrates should be eliminated in the second meal, but we can eat vegetables.

  • If you are comfortable with this program, it is possible to repeat it, but vice versa!
  • That is, repeat the third week again, then the second week, and then the first
  • In this way, you will double the burning in your body, lose stubborn fat, and get an ideal healthy body under the supervision of the 3-weeks weight loss challenge program that Sara PopFit prepared especially for you!
3-Weeks Challenge to Lose Weight with Sara PopFit

Quick information before talking about the exercising program:

  • Why should we diversify between plant and animal protein sources?

Animal protein sources contain high levels of protein and the amino acids necessary to absorb these proteins from these sources, but excessive amounts of animal sources to obtain protein will cause high blood cholesterol, so you must pay attention to the quantities consumed.

As for the sources of palnt protein, they are good, okay, but they do not contain all the amino acids necessary to help absorb these proteins. However, 3 sources of vegetable protein contain all the amino acids necessary for the absorption of protein, which are pumpkin, black beans, and corn. So it is recommended to eat them from among vegetable protein sources so that we get the best absorption of protein, and this is what some peoples of Mexico did.

Exercising Program | 3-Weeks Challenge to Lose Weight

As for the exercise program, and because Sara PopFit accompanies you with all your steps, we have prepared for you a free exercise program for 4 days a week, which will not only help you lose weight and fat! Rather, it will help you get a tight and perfect body

You will find the free exercise program for this challenge on Sara’s PopFit website. Once you click on the following icon, you will find it directly before your eyes.

What are you waiting for next to start with Sara PopFit the comprehensive change that will transform your body into a new shape while taking care of your health and reaching your first goals in the new year!

Don’t forget, my dear, to leave a comment below so that we know that you entered the challenge and encourage the rest of the girls to commit and reach the goal.

Stay safe.





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