Food Nutrition

Have you tried sticking to a healthy fat burning diet? Or to achieve a healthy lifestyle? In our section, you will find what helps you to commit without starvation, fatigue, and other distinct topics.

Ramadan Diet Program

I, Sara Pop Fit, present to you the "Ramadan Diet Program of 2023", to get a slim body at the end of the month. We will not give in to fatty foods and sweets full of calories, but rather we will enjoy suhoor, iftar and sweets without deprivation and without gaining weight either.

Magnesium Deficiency, a Risk that Could End Your Life

Magnesium deficiency is a risk that could end your life! Few people have enough information about magnesium deficiency, foods rich in it and the risk of its deficiency, magnesium is an essential mineral on which your body depends for its daily functioning and get energy.

Wonder Slimming Drinks, a Fact or a Trick?

In this article, we will explain the truth to you and tell you about the real magic drink that will help you burn fat and about the amazing slimming drinks.

Who is the ”Skinny Fat”?

Who is the ''Skinny Fat''? Who is the ''Skinny Fat''? In this article, learn about Skinny Fat problem, its symptoms and risks.

Anorexia Nervosa, What is the Solution!

Anorexia Nervosa, how is it possible that thinness indicates a disease when we see thousands of advertisements every day of diets and medications to obtain a slim body?

Food to Lower High Blood Pressure Naturally

Food to Lower Blood Pressure You think that high blood pressure is a chronic problem of all kinds, and that medicine will accompany the patient for life, but there are some types that we can solve by following a diet.

7 Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Diet without Costs

Healthy Diet without Costs A balanced diet does not require money and a high cost!

Food You Must Eat in the Morning to Get Energy for the Rest of the Day

Learn about the most important foods that will help you get energy and activity for the rest of the day in this article.

What is the Best Time to Drink Tea?

Tea is one of the natural drinks and gives you many benefits, especially for your skin. So what is the best time to drink tea?

Begginer’s Guide to Vegetarian Diet

In this article, learn about Vegetarian Diet, its most important benefits, and its essential elements.

Vitamin D Deficiency – Symptoms, Causes and Test

In this article, we will learn about vitamin D and the symptoms and causes of its deficiency.