With the beginning of the new year, We all want to set new goals, And start changing ourselves and our daily habits for the better, Your list of goals and resolutions must include the item “healthy lifestyle“. It is necessary that your body, health and fitness be among your priorities for this year, So Sarah Pop Fate brings you your guide for 2023, If you follow what is advised in this book, you will be able to lose 20 kilos of weight within 12 weeks in a healthy way without starving and without harming your body!

In this book, you will find the beginning of the causes of weight gain and the inability of the majority to take the first step and begin the journey of change and weight loss. Since in order to solve any problem, the cause must be treated.

You will also find the differences between the daily habits of a full person and a thin person, Which causes fat accumulation in the first and a healthy, fit body in the thin person.

weight lose beforeandafter sarapopfit

Sara Pop Fit also encourages you through motivational phrases that will persuade you to start immediately and through a message to your body preparing it for change.

It is necessary to start properly and to be fully prepared for the new life. Here, Sara Pop Fit explains to you the correct way to start and the preparatory stages, Whether you are going to work out at home or in the gym, this guide will guide you either way, Don’t worry, all the answers and solutions are there!

And because exercise alone is not enough, you need a healthy diet, Am I going to feel hungry? No.

Will I deprive myself of the dishes I love? Also no, in the diet that Sarah offers you; You are free to choose some of your meals, but within the rules mentioned in the book, and you will get to know the list of pink foods and the list of yellow foods.

If you are one of the people who want to lose less than 20 kilos, here is the 6-week challenge and plan from the link below:

After you have prepared yourself completely, You have to start.

The first phase is the first six-week plan, Stick to what’s included and the results will enchant you.

And after the beautiful features of your body began to appear, You will have more motivation to complete the journey with us, and here you will find the second six-week plan designed for you by Sara.

And after you reach your goal, healthily and soundly, Is it really worth a few bites of fat to ruin the shape of our bodies that God has given us and make them in the most beautiful form?

Make this book your guide to a better life, And the first step is at the beginning of the road, be proud of yourself and confident in your abilities, because with a little commitment, you can do the impossible.