Farashti magazine was founded by Sara PopFit, fitness trainer with international training certificates. And because Sara’s primary goal is to help girls and women to maintain fitness and mental and physical health, she launched this magazine with the help of a team of creative content creators to be your guide to a better life.

Farashti Magazine - About Us.
Farashti Magazine – About Us.

What We Provide in Farashti Magazine?

Here, we offer you health topics such as diseases, problems and scientifically proven tips. In addition to everything you must know for your exercise program to have guaranteed results, along with a healthy diet and related tips without deprivation, starvation or fatigue.
You will also find here a lot of ideas that will help you to look beautiful always, with regard to matters of fashion, beauty, make-up, etc., and how do you choose what suits you and keep pace with the new global trends.

We’ll also keep you up to date with the latest world news, celebrities and important events.

Health-conscious women will love FARASHTI Magazine!

Farashti Magazine - About Us - Sara popfit magazine

With each issue full of empowering and fun content.
In Farashti, health is for all, whether you have an athletic goal or you just want to have more energy and feel better.
Our team of writers, editors, and coaches work to provide you with advice and information that will help you wherever you are on your journey to health.
What you will find in Farashti can be your comprehensive guide to a healthy life and a stronger body. Our team will be happy to share with you all the valuable information they have. Try to benefit from it as much as possible, as you deserve all the care to preserve your beauty, youth and elegance.

In Farashti magazine, we offer you health topics such as diseases, problems, and proven scientific advice. In addition to everything you should know for your exercise program to have guaranteed results, along with a healthy diet and related tips. You will also find a lot of ideas that help you to look beautiful always, and this is related to matters of fashion, beauty, make-up, etc. We will also keep you informed of the latest world news. Health-conscious women will love FARASHTI Magazine! With each issue full of empowering and fun content.

Farashti Magazine Goal

Helping women and girls maintain fitness, physical and mental health, so that the magazine will be your best guide to a wonderful life. The magazine is considered the rich and true source for everything that comes to the mind of any woman or girl. It is truly a huge amount of joy and fun hidden in the pages of the magazine, which is generously presented by the wonderful Sara PopFit, who is always keen to perfect the work she does. You will never feel bored, all topics and pages are full of excitement and interest.

Farashti Magazin Sections

The fields in which you will read in Farashti magazine vary. As it includes the most important international rankings, which are:

  • Fitness: Sara PopFit challenges to maintain your fitness and to fix dieting problems that you may encounter, you are here in safe hands, the international trainer Sara PopFit will lead you to sure and guaranteed results in terms of your body fitness, without exposing you to harm that others may expose you to.
  • Health: Do you want to stay in permanent health under the supervision of specialists, permanent health and the most important health tips through very important articles? Farashti Magazine is the only and permanent site that cares about aesthetic health, as it guides you how to shine with beautiful buttocks, slender body, and soft skin like children’s skin.
  • Beauty: Everything related to beauty, to make you shine like a magical butterfly from A to Z, all kinds of makeup, perfumes, style, and tips on skin care.
  • Nutrition: Your food is in safe hands through a number of topics related to food for every condition that suits your health. We read beyond healthy nutrition, metabolism, and the most important vitamins that you need through important periodical articles.
  • Fashion: We all like to follow the most important fashion lines, here these modern fashions will come to you, you will be able to browse the latest fashion shows and show houses, and you will be able to find the appropriate design that suits you.
  • Skin: Your skin is the most important part of your beauty, and to preserve it, follow us in Farashti, where the skin plays an important role and occupies an important space for most women, so that some spend thousands of dollars for skin care, and in order to get all the secrets and tips related to the skin for free, you can visit Farashti magazine and you will definitely find your request.
  • Trend:All the glaring news of Arab and international trends, you will spend an enjoyable time following them, if you are in the gym, the club, or on the seashore, you will enjoy following all celebrity news, anecdotes and conversations, you will have something to tell your friends over the phone or in meetings, your speech will be interesting on persistence, and be confident that all the trends that we tell are from reliable sources.

Do not hesitate dear, to visit the pages and sections of Farashti magazine, and you will find everything interesting and useful in it. To be a modern woman, you must follow our news, articles and activities, Farashti magazine is the second home. You must open the door and visit us. Hurry up and join us, and get a lot of extras and features, Greetings to you Farashti wherever you are.

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