The holy month of Ramadan is the month of goodness, giving, and love. It is a blessed month that we must take advantage of to purify the soul and body. There are many holy rituals to cleanse our soul and mind from all the troubles and negative things of life. And today my dear, I will help you to take advantage of the holy month of Ramadan to purify your body, restore it to the ideal state, and rid it of any negative aspects that you have been exposed to and unhealthy habits that you have made over a whole year.

I, Sara Pop Fit, present to you the “Ramadan Diet Program of 2023”, to get a slim body at the end of the month. We will not give in to fatty foods and sweets full of calories, but rather we will enjoy suhoor, iftar and sweets without deprivation and without gaining weight either, just stick to the instructions of the “Ramadan Diet Program of 2023”!

What is Fasting

During the holy month of Ramadan, which falls on the ninth month of the lunar Islamic calendar, all Muslims abstain from food and drink from dawn to dusk for a period of 30 days. It begins and ends with the appearance of the crescent of Ramadan.

The act of fasting is a humanitarian act that aims to remind Muslims of the poor and to remind them of the importance of being thankful to Allah who has given us all our blessings.

As one of the five pillars of Islam, Fasting the month of Ramadan is obligatory for all healthy adult Muslims, but it’s not obligatory for children who have not yet reached puberty, the elderly, physical or mental disabilities, pregnant or breastfeeding women, travelers, according to conditions set for us by Islam.

Ramadan Sweets

In “Ramadan Diet Program of 2023” from Sara Pop Fit, first, we will learn about the rules of Ramadan sweets, you will not deprive yourself of the delicious Ramadan sweets, but just follow my rules to ensure that your body does not enter huge amounts of calories.

The Arabs are famous for their delicious sweets, but they are also fatty. Like who among us does not like Qatayef, Baklava, Basbousa, Awwameh, Puddings, and others? Which is an essential part of Ramadan traditions, where different types of sweets are placed on the Ramadan table after iftar. Therefore, I found the perfect solution for you to share Ramadan sweets with your family, but without eating large amounts of calories, within the Ramadan sweets rules section.

Sweets in the holy month of Ramadan - Ramadan Diet Program
Sweets in the month of Ramadan

Suhoor Meal

Then we will talk about the Suhoor meal, which is a meal that a person eats in Ramadan just before the dawn call to prayer, and after that he refrains from eating and drinking until the sunset call. It is usually a light meal that helps mitigate the impact of the day on the fasting person.

The literal meaning of Suhoor is “the end of the night”, indicating that the meal is eaten early in the morning before dawn. The purpose of Suhoor is to help prepare the body for the full day of fasting and to ease its fatigue.

The profession of the Mesaharati is associated with it, who is a person roams the streets and calls before dawn to wake people up for Suhoor meal.

In ”Ramadan Diet Program of 2023”, we will learn about the rules of a healthy Suhoor, to make you feel full for as long as possible during the day and to have enough energy. We will also give you examples of what you can eat as a healthy, tasty and satisfying Suhoor meal.

Suhoor meal in Ramadan - Ramadan Diet Program
Suhoor meal in Ramadan

Iftar Meal

Completely after Maghrib prayer, Muslims gather in their homes with family and friends to break the fast. Iftar usually begins with eating dates, as was the custom of the Prophet Muhammad, and then drinking water.

Iftar time varies from country to another, depending on when the sun sets. One of its benefits is that it enhances the aspect of participation and feelings of others among people, as people share part of their iftar with the poor and needy. Many humanitarian organizations also organize programs to help the poor get what they need during Ramadan, such as the Islamic Releif organization every year, as it conducts a food distribution program in Ramadan in which they provide basic foodstuffs such as bread, oil, flour and rice to needy families around the world. Also read: Food Dishes in the Month of Ramadan

The dishes and juices vary on the Iftar table, and you will find delicious items, but also fatty ones. In order to be able to eat a delicious but healthy iftar at the same time, I present to you, in the ”Ramadan Diet Program of 2023”, the rules of iftar meals. And you will not feel bored or repeat meals, as I divided it into 4 weeks, each with different but healthy rules and conditions that include very wide options, as well as a meal from outside!

Yes, we will not prevent you from eating a meal from the restaurant, but you will find the conditions that you must adhere to within the booklet.

Iftar meal in Ramadan - Ramadam Diet Program
Iftar meal in Ramadan

Exercise in Ramadan

Can I exercise in Ramadan?

Yes! As it is necessary, and you can use this month to lose weight, but with conditions and rules that you must be aware of. You should know the best time to exercise during the month of Ramadan and what types of sports are allowed and the caveats to maintain your health.

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Therefore dear, within the ”Ramadan Diet Program of 2023”, I added a completely free exercise program for you, so that it is always in your hands and as a guide to exercise and get the best results during the blessed Ramadan.

Stick to what you will find in this booklet and guarantee you magical results after 30 days. Say goodbye to weight gain in Ramadan and make it a healthy month in which you rid your body of toxins, fats and excess calories.

Let the month of goodness be the beginning of your journey of change with Sara Pop Fit towards a healthy life and a slim, sculpted body.

Here is the booklet for the holy month of Ramadan, “Ramadan Diet Program,” with steps and examples:

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You must do exercise to get the best results. Therefore, we offer you a free exercise program dedicated to the month of Ramadan