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Selena Gomez and her Suffering from Lupus

Do you like the world-famous actress and singer Selena Gomez? So, follow this article to learn more about her and her physical and psychological suffering.

What is Stiff Person Syndrome that Affected Celine Dion

Learn about the stiff person syndrome that afflicted international artist Celine Dion and prevented her from singing.

What is Lyme Disease that Threatens Bella Hadid’s Future?

What is Lyme disease that threatens the life of Palestinian supermodel Bella Hadid? Find out the details in this article.

How Much Is the Price of Star Ahlam’s Earrings on The Diamond Night?

Ahlam, the Emirati star, her life and activities often turn into trends. And you may have heard of the earring she wore on the diamond night. And you must be wondering how much is the price of star Ahlam's earrings on The Diamond Night?

How Do We Behave During An Earthquake And How Do We Tell Our Children About It?

How do we act during an earthquake, Anyone or area exposed to natural disasters should you and those around you aware of the correct way to act in the event of an earthquake.

Tourism In Hong Kong And The Best Places To Visit

Tourism in Hong Kong is one of the most beautiful tourists around the world In our article for today we will talk about tourist places in Hong Kong and this is what Sarah Bob Fett recorded in Falog for her trip

Cockroaches and Bugs Reaches the Shelves of European Food Stores

but the latest option of ingredients that the European Union came up with last week were insects, as it became permissible to eat larvae and house crickets, in addition to the two previously allowed species, yellow mealworm and migratory locust!

Joy Awards party, the most beautiful views of the velvet carpet

The most beautiful views of the velvet carpet, This concert is considered a major achievement in the Kingdom's artistic history, Where he was at a high level in all respects, And collect the most prominent Arabic names in one place.

Regular Hair Care, Useful Trend on Tik Tok!

A certain routine that you repeat throughout the month to maintain the best appearance of your hair by regularly using shampoo, conditioner and other hair care products.

Two Arab Beauties in This Year’s Miss Universe Contest

Two Arab beauties in the Miss Universe contest for this world, the Lebanese Yasmina Zeitoun and the Bahraini Evelyn Khalifa.

Beriod Blood Mask! What Do Skin Specialists Think?

On TikTok you will see some people collecting period blood into the cup and then putting it on their skin for its alleged benefits!

The War Between Pique and Shakira, Global Companies are Getting Involved.

Social networking sites were posting with news after she published a song in which she talks about her separation from soccer player Gerard Pique.

Aloe Vera Juice – a Remedy for Skin Problems, Fact or Trick? Fact or Trick?

Recently, there has been a trend on Tik Tok to drink aloe vera juice instead of using it for skin and skin care, so is drinking it beneficial?

Georgina Rodriguez Catches The Eye from Cristiano in Saudi Arabia

Cristiano Ronaldo signed with Saudi Al-Nasr Club and the presence of his friend Georgina with their children