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Sara Magazine Hello to all our followers, I wish you a time full of joy and fun. Dear, this page introduces the magazine that was established by our specialized team.

Who Are We

Farashti Magazine (Sara Magazine) was founded by the international fitness trainer Sara PopFit,


Sara PopFit is a fitness trainer with international training certificates.

A number of the most important creative content writers, who have achieved outstanding successes at the level of writing the most important topics, and who are working diligently to choose all that is new and distinguished in terms of ideas, sophisticated presentation and credibility.

The Magazine Goal

Helping women and girls to maintain fitness, physical and mental health, so that the magazine will be your best guide to a wonderful life. The magazine is considered the rich and true source for everything that comes to the mind of any woman or girl. It is truly a huge amount of amusement and fun hidden in the pages of the magazine, and generously presented by the wonderful Sara PopFit, who is always keen to perfect the work she does. You will never feel bored, as all topics and pages are full of excitement and interest.

Farashti Magazine - Sara Magazine

The Magazine Job

In the magazine, we offer you health topics such as diseases, problems, and proven scientific advice. In addition to everything you should know for your exercise program to have guaranteed results, along with a healthy diet and related tips, You will also find a lot of ideas that help you to look beautiful always, which is related to matters of fashion, beauty, make-up, etc. We will also keep you informed of the latest world news. Health-conscious women will love Farashti Magazine, With every issue full of fun and useful content we put out daily.


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Learn About the Causes and Symptoms Of Vaginitis and How to Treat It Easily.

In this article, learn about the causes and symptoms of vaginitis and how to treat it easily.

On Mother’s Day, What is Maternal and Child Health, and How Do We Take Care of It?

We will dedicate today's article to talk about Mother's Day. Moreover, we will focus more on maternal and child health. And that's because, if we start from the foundation, which is maternal and child health, we will reach what we want as a happy and healthy life. So, stay with us.

Important Facts You Should Know About Enlarged Ovaries

The ovaries may swell from normal size for several reasons follow us for its symptoms, causes and treatment.

How to learn both self-loving and self-confidence

How to learn both self-loving and self-confidence! Today we will tell you about a few ways to help you be a confident woman.

Teeth Whitening Methods and Warnings

Your regular cleaning of your teeth is not enough to keep them bright white, but you have to take more, follow us to find out the reasons and solutions and how to whiten teeth

Postpartum Depression And Its Symptoms, The Suffering Of Many Mothers

Many mothers feel ashamed or guilty about what they are feeling, which is known as" postpartum depression."

Yellowing Of The Eye, Its Reasons And What Is The Solution?

The prevalence of yellow eyes has led to the spread of misconceptions about its causes. Follow us to correct your misinformation.

What Are The Most Prominent Symptoms And Misconceptions About The Menstrual Cycle?

Do you remember, honey, when you had your period for the first time? Do you remember what you felt? Was there pain? Let's get acquainted with the menstrual cycle from its inception until its interruption.

Fluid Retention in the Body, Causes and Ways to Prevent It!

Fluid retention in the body can occur easily, which gives a person the appearance of being overweight. So what is fluid retention and what are its symptoms?

Causes of Yellowing Nails, Prevention and Treatment

After removing the nail polish you may notice a yellow color on your nails, And if you are surprised by its transformation of this color and its slow growth, it is something that should not be underestimated, but at the same time there is no need to worry


Nerve Strengthening Exercises

Learn with us in this article about the most important nerve strengthening exercises to maintain the health of your nervous system.

How to Increase Fitness

Fitness is generally achieved through proper nutrition, and moderate strength physical exercise.

How Can I Lose Weight Quickly?

Phrases that have often appeared under my videos on my YouTube channel, Sarah Pop Fit (How to lose weight quickly), as if it were a marathon race, whoever runs more reaches faster!

Between ways to lose weight, Which is Better Operations or Sports?

In this article we will discuss ways to lose weight, And which is better operations or sports?

Eye exercises to strengthen eyesight and supple skin

If you work or have fun facing electronic screens for a long time, follow up with eye exercises to strengthen eyesight.

What Is Metabolism? How Can Speed Up The Body’s Metabolism Rate?

We will explain more what is metabolism? What is its exact role in weight gain or loss?

The Beauty of Arab Women and the Most Cosmetic Surgeries They Resort To

In this article, learn about the beauty of Arab women, what distinguishes it, and its interaction with beauty around the world.
By :

Light Eyebrows Care, Intensifying and Avoiding Harmful Mistakes

Taking care of light eyebrows, intensifying and avoiding harmful mistakes are not a hard thing. With just a little care and attention, you can have perfect bushy eyebrows.

How to Contour Your Face

Today we will teach you how to contour your face and shape it with makeup.

Coconut oil and its magical benefits for hair

And we will tell you about the magical product of coconut oil and its benefits and how to make the best use of it for your hair and beauty.

Easy Application Of Lipstick, Types And Tips For Beginners

Easy Application Of Lipstick, Its types and tips for beginners and together we will learn step by step how to apply lipstick correctly and in a very short time.

Refillable beauty products, Here Are 5 Suggestions

everyone has enough empty cans, Instead of throwing more plastic into nature, we can reuse it. Refillable beauty products

The Basic Steps To Prepare The Skin Before Makeup For A Look That Lasts All Day

Preparing the skin well before makeup is the basis for its ease of distribution. Follow us to find out the basic steps to prepare the skin before makeup

Day and Night Cream to Moisturize and Nourish the Skin

When you hear about the existence of day and night cream to moisturize the skin, it will make you determine when you should apply each of these two products to the skin and get the most out of them.
By : | February 28, 2023


Honey Mask: Benefits and Avoiding Side Effects

Honey mask for skin is a favorite for nutritionists, cosmetologists and natural healers. Follow us to learn the benefits of honey.

Summer Skin Care 9 Tips

In this article we offer summer skincare tips. Therefore, it is necessary to follow these tips to fight skin problems specifically those that appear in the summer.

Skin Dryness, Is It Dangerous?

Today here we will tell you about the causes of dry skin in general, How do you treat it and protect yourself effortlessly.

foot care at home, 6 simple and quick steps

in just six steps, In this article, we will tell you everything you need to learn with us how to take care of the feet in your home in simple ways.

Premature aging, How do we protect the skin from it? 9 steps

Premature aging, What steps can we take to prevent wrinkles and keep skin young? Follow us to find out.

The best morning routine for skin care

The best morning routine for skin care, When you wake up, make sure to follow the right routine. We offer you a set of useful tips to get a bright look.

12 Common Questions about Skin Care

Here we will answer 12 common questions about skin care, as it is an important step in the life of any girl.


Rules For Matching Accessories With Clothes

In this article, learn about the rules for coordinating accessories with clothes, one of the most important things that every woman must learn to highlight her elegance and beauty.

How to Keep the Winter Elegance despite the Cold

How to Keep the Winter Elegance despite the Cold? Read the article to knoe the answer.

Transparent Heel Shoes

The transparent heel shoe in fashion has become the best choice that gives you a completely different look.

Clothes Colors Suitable for Black Skin

Learn in this article about clothes colors suitable for black skin

Clothes Colors Suitable for Wheat Skin

It is said that women with wheat skin are lucky. If you are one of them, follow me to learn about clothes colors suitable for wheat skin.

Tips On Your Favorite Perfume And How Long The Scent Lasts

Tips on your favorite perfume and how to smell long. Tips on the right way to apply perfume and get the best result.


How Much Is the Price of Star Ahlam’s Earrings on The Diamond Night?

Ahlam, the Emirati star, her life and activities often turn into trends. And you may have heard of the earring she wore on the diamond night. And you must be wondering how much is the price of star Ahlam's earrings on The Diamond Night?

How Do We Behave During An Earthquake And How Do We Tell Our Children About It?

How do we act during an earthquake, Anyone or area exposed to natural disasters should you and those around you aware of the correct way to act in the event of an earthquake.

Tourism In Hong Kong And The Best Places To Visit

Tourism in Hong Kong is one of the most beautiful tourists around the world In our article for today we will talk about tourist places in Hong Kong and this is what Sarah Bob Fett recorded in Falog for her trip

Cockroaches and Bugs Reaches the Shelves of European Food Stores

but the latest option of ingredients that the European Union came up with last week were insects, as it became permissible to eat larvae and house crickets, in addition to the two previously allowed species, yellow mealworm and migratory locust!

Joy Awards party, the most beautiful views of the velvet carpet

The most beautiful views of the velvet carpet, This concert is considered a major achievement in the Kingdom's artistic history, Where he was at a high level in all respects, And collect the most prominent Arabic names in one place.

Regular Hair Care, Useful Trend on Tik Tok!

A certain routine that you repeat throughout the month to maintain the best appearance of your hair by regularly using shampoo, conditioner and other hair care products.

Two Arab Beauties in This Year’s Miss Universe Contest

Two Arab beauties in the Miss Universe contest for this world, the Lebanese Yasmina Zeitoun and the Bahraini Evelyn Khalifa.

Beriod Blood Mask! What Do Skin Specialists Think?

On TikTok you will see some people collecting period blood into the cup and then putting it on their skin for its alleged benefits!

The War Between Pique and Shakira, Global Companies are Getting Involved.

Social networking sites were posting with news after she published a song in which she talks about her separation from soccer player Gerard Pique.

Aloe Vera Juice – a Remedy for Skin Problems, Fact or Trick? Fact or Trick?

Recently, there has been a trend on Tik Tok to drink aloe vera juice instead of using it for skin and skin care, so is drinking it beneficial?