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Sara Magazine Hello to all our followers, I wish you a time full of joy and fun. Dear, this page introduces the magazine that was established by our specialized team.

Who Are We

Farashti Magazine (Sara Magazine) was founded by the international fitness trainer Sara PopFit,


Sara PopFit is a fitness trainer with international training certificates.

A number of the most important creative content writers, who have achieved outstanding successes at the level of writing the most important topics, and who are working diligently to choose all that is new and distinguished in terms of ideas, sophisticated presentation and credibility.

The Magazine Goal

Helping women and girls to maintain fitness, physical and mental health, so that the magazine will be your best guide to a wonderful life. The magazine is considered the rich and true source for everything that comes to the mind of any woman or girl. It is truly a huge amount of amusement and fun hidden in the pages of the magazine, and generously presented by the wonderful Sara PopFit, who is always keen to perfect the work she does. You will never feel bored, as all topics and pages are full of excitement and interest.

Farashti Magazine - Sara Magazine

The Magazine Job

In the magazine, we offer you health topics such as diseases, problems, and proven scientific advice. In addition to everything you should know for your exercise program to have guaranteed results, along with a healthy diet and related tips, You will also find a lot of ideas that help you to look beautiful always, which is related to matters of fashion, beauty, make-up, etc. We will also keep you informed of the latest world news. Health-conscious women will love Farashti Magazine, With every issue full of fun and useful content we put out daily.


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