You shop from shops and the Internet, the latest fashion, but when you wear your clothes you look faded or unfashionable. The reason may be that you did not choose the colors that suit your skin tone. It is said that women with wheat skin are lucky, they have a wide choice of colors. If you are one of them, follow me to learn about clothes colors suitable for wheat skin.

Is Beige Suitable for Wheat Skin?

Clothes Colors Suitable for Wheat Skin
Clothes Colors Suitable for Wheat Skin
  • One of the best colors to wear for wheat skin is pink, as the pink tones will accentuate the color of your cheeks and give you a glow that makes you look like you just got back from your beach vacation.
  • Also, the green color of the clothes suitable for wheat skin in its different shades (olive, emerald, and lime) will highlight the brown shades in your skin, and you will appear in a bold and modern look.
  • You can wear orange, it will give you a nice summer glow.
  • As for the red color, bright red such as cherry and rose can make your skin stand out, and dark reds such as burgundy and soft reds will give your skin a glow with a brown tint, in addition to a striking and bold look.
  • Also metallic colors and their different degrees from silver to copper, you can wear golden pants or a copper dress.
  • The best neutral color for your skin is gray with its different shades.
  • The pastel colors, white and sky blue, may suit you. In addition to bright colors such as fuchsia and tangerine, which will better highlight your facial features.
  • And if you have a bold personality, choose purple instead of violet.
  • Mustard and turquoise blue would also look perfect with your skin tone.

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Clothes Colors Not Suitable for Wheat Skin

  • Avoid both light and harsh blues, as well as icy silvers and darker pinks, as they will make your skin appear darker.
  • You should also avoid neon colors if you do not want to show your skin in a darker color than it is.
  • Avoid colors that are close to your skin tone. This golden rule will help keep you from looking pale and dull (i.e. stay away from any color close to yellow or light brown).
  • Stay away from dark colors, and the black color will not suit your skin tone.

Thinking about Changeing your Hair Color

Clothes Colors Suitable for Wheat Skin
Clothes Colors Suitable for Wheat Skin
  • You need colors that make you brighter and more vibrant, including natural shades of brown. And if you want to add a special touch, you can dye some strands blonde.
  • Blond color, particularly dark tones, stay away from light blonde or white.
  • If you are looking for a bold look, you should wear the burgundy red!
  • The color is glossy black, and here you can add some strands of another color, such as red or blue.
  • Chestnut color is suitable for all skin tones, especially wheat. This is why it is the most requested color.

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Hijab Colors Suitable for Wheat Skin

Clothes Colors Suitable for Wheat Skin
Clothes Colors Suitable for Wheat Skin

And for hijabi women, the correct color of hijab is essential for a distinctive look. Here are the colors of the hijab shawls that suit your skin:

  • White color: you can wear it during all seasons, it is elegant and goes with all pieces.
  • Blue color: If you want a bold and distinctive look, a blue hijab with white or even blue clothes for a neutral look is your best option.
  • Nude shades: you can wear a shawl in rose shades, off-white or nude beige and sumo, and coordinated with light-colored pieces.
  • Fiery red shades: Red is one of the colors that highlight your beauty, and it is suitable for your wheat skin and your perfect choice for a bold look.

Makeup Suitable for Wheat Skin

To complete your look with the right makeup, here are some tips:

  1. Water based foundation is best suited to your skin, but use it in a color that is one shade lighter than your skin tone, and avoid pink cream.
  2. Use a concealer one or two shades darker than your skin tone to achieve an even skin tone.
  3. Adopt a highlighter in warm tones that suit your wheat skin tone.
  4. For eye shadows, choose warm colors such as golden, brown and copper, and stay away from bright and cold colors such as silver and violet.
  5. As for eyeliner, stay away from neon colors and replace them with blue, green and brown.
  6. Blush is important to give your skin a glow and vitality, use it in light pink, dark red, beige and orange colors.
  7. Among the lipstick colors that are most in harmony with your skin are the nude colors, bronze, red, and brown, in addition to the violet and burgundy colors.

Finally, all colors are available for you to wear, even if your favorite color is not suitable for your skin, you can use it as an accessory, for example. Do not forget to follow our tips to appear with a complete and distinctive look, and always distinguish yourself with the colors of clothes suitable for wheat skin. We hope you liked the article. Stay safe.

Frequently Asked Questions about Clothes Colors Suitable for Wheat Skin

What are Clothes Colors Suitable for Wheat Skin?


Is Purple Suitable for Wheat Skin?

Yes. The purple color is suitable for wheat skin.

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