Many girls and women with a plump body suffer from problems when choosing appropriate clothes. Many of us may want to wear new clothes and the latest fashions, but we always fail to coordinate them, and even our body defects may appear as well. There are tips for the plump body and several foundations for coordinating clothes that you should pay attention to. Therefore, in this article, we prepared for you the appropriate clothes for the plump body, stay with us.

Clothes that Suit Plump Tall Body

If you have a plump and tall body, then clothes with long cuts and thin patterns will suit you, and wear high heels. According to fashion experts, even if you are tall, wearing heels makes your feet smaller and your legs appear longer, which increases your self confidence.

Also, tight pants are the best for you to highlight the beauty of your long legs. And choose flexible fabrics in calm and warm colors.

Clothes that Suit Plump Short Body

My dear, you should choose clothes that make you look taller, long clothes and fabrics with long and wide stripes should be one of your options. We also advise you to avoid very wide and loose clothes, as they will make you look shorter.

Also, fabrics with wide stripes give the illusion that the body is wider. Ornate fabrics wouldn’t be a popular choice either.

Plump Body Shapes

There are many forms of plump body, including:

Apple Body

It is a body full from above, so we notice that the chest and shoulders are larger and wider than the rest of the body. While the legs are noticeably thinner than the torso and the waist is not clear. So, if you have this body, follow these tips:

– Upper Clothing

  • You should distract attention from the upper area of your body and show off your legs by wearing a V-neck dress, as it will give an elongated shape to the torso, also will make your chest looks smaller.
  • Wear patterned dresses or jackets to distract attention from your upper body.
  • Wear long, three-quarter-sleeved dresses and loose fitting shirts but not in an oversized way.
  • Avoid wearing tight dresses and shirts, as they will highlight your upper body.

– Pants

Wear wide pants with a tight blouse to create balance, and don’t forget to choose the right bra.

Pear Body

It is a body that is noticeably full from the bottom in terms of the hip and buttocks. One of the advantages of this body is that you can appear closer to the shape of the hourglass. Here are the special tips:

– Bottom Clothing

  • Choose wide pants from top to bottom, because it hides imperfections and gives your legs longer and slimmer.
  • Resort to dark colors for the lower part.
  • Choose skirts that are in the shape of the letter A.
  • You can wear skinny jeans with a loose-fitting blouse to get an hourglass shape.

– Upper Clothing

  • You should wear patterned or ruffled dresses from the chest area.
  • It is also preferable to wear clothes in the form of a square at the chest to give it a larger appearance commensurate with the size of the lower part.
  • You should wear light colors for the upper part to highlight it.
  • You can also show the upper part more by wearing a scarf, jacket, or even large accessories at the chest.
And if you love dresses,
Clothes that Suit Plump Body
Clothes that Suit Plump Body

then you’re right! One of the most important pieces for a plump body are dresses. There are many options, including:

For example, wearing a dress in dark colors such as black, olive and navy is a suitable option because it will show your body in a slimmer way.

Patterned dresses give an optical illusion that shows your body better.

General Tips for Plump Body

Clothes that Suit Plump Body
Clothes that Suit Plump Body

Finally, here are some tips for a general full body:

  • Always be confident and do not be ashamed of your body shape and weight, whatever it is, because you are beautiful with your flaws before your features. Tell yourself every morning that you will look special and beautiful.
  • Avoid choosing very loose and tight clothes, and choose lightly wide clothes.
  • When choosing jeans, it is always preferable to be of the type with a high waist.
  • Choose high-waisted and waist-defining dresses to show off your body.
  • Stay away from large inscriptions and replace them with small inscriptions.
  • Wear high heels because it makes you taller and more graceful.

Finally dear, we hope our article about tips and plump body clothing was useful to you! Stay safe.

Frequently Asked Questions about Clothes that Suit Plump Body

How do I know what suits me from clothes?

First of all, you should know your body type. Is it apple, pear, inverted triangle, or hourglass shape? Then you can determine what suits your body in terms of clothes.

What is the appropriate clothes for the pear body?

Choose wide pants from top to bottom in a dark color, and skirts that are in the shape of the letter A.