Anne Hathaway is considered a Hollywood icon because of her elegance, natural beauty, and ability to renew her appearance every time she appears on the red carpet. In addition, she is a wonderful actress who was able to prove her worth in acting and become one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood.

Vogue magazine in its Italian version chose her as the most beautiful woman in her forties in the world. Fans around the world are still wondering about the secrets of Anne Hathaway’s beauty, the vitality of her skin, and the rejuvenation of her youth, so in this article, we will talk about the details of Anne Hathaway’s beauty and her ability to attract hearts with her charming looks.

Anne Hathaway Skin Beauty Secrets

Anne Hathaway Skin Beauty Secrets

Anne Hathaway appears with fresh and healthy skin at all times. It seems as if it never changes. Even the beauty and skincare brand Shiseido chose her as its ambassador. Anne says, “Shiseido and I agree that your skin is one of the most important investments you can make in your life.

After Anne appeared on her Instagram account spontaneously in bed and had just woken up with fresh skin, followers expressed their admiration for her ability to maintain the youthfulness of her skin, and they also wondered about the routine that Anne Hathaway follows to care for her skin.

Suman, the beauty expert who works with Anne Hathaway, says, “She is incredibly disciplined in taking care of her skin, and she gave us many tips that Anne follows to maintain the health of her skin.”

  • Anne daily massages and moisturizes her skin, keeps her skin exfoliated regularly and applies sunscreen before going out.
  • Discipline, Anne does not neglect her skincare routine. She says, “I have sensitive skin, so not devoting time to my skin means that it will be very stressed later, so I cannot sleep before removing my makeup and moisturizing my skin well.”
  • Getting rid of stress: Stress causes an increase in the secretion of the hormone cortisol, which causes an increase in oil production. Therefore, one of the most important steps in skin care is getting rid of stress. Anne performs a special ritual to get rid of stress, where she sets a timer for twelve minutes and writes her fears on paper. “Literally,” Anne says. “All that energy, anger, and anxiety will go away, and I will feel better.”
  • There are times when Anne completely dispenses with makeup. She says, “The more I make taking care of my skin a priority, the less makeup I wear. I wear makeup a lot at work, so I feel happy when I go out at any time without the need for makeup.”
  • Anne uses a scrub to remove dead cells from the skin, then applies toner and serum to lighten and rejuvenate the skin. After that, she applies a moisturizing sheet mask and uses a special cream to care for the area around the eyes.
  • Anne uses skin masks in the morning before going out. “You want to shine and go out, not shine and go to bed,” says Suman. Anne combines the masks with a facial massage to wake up sluggish skin and reduce puffiness.
  • Anne chooses cosmetics that are made with skin-nourishing ingredients, such as foundations made from plant derivatives or that contain coconut oil, jojoba oil, or vitamin E.

Anne Hathaway Fitness Secrets

Anne is forty years old and is a mother of two children, but she always seems to be one of the celebrities who has never exhausted energy and shines all year round. Anne Hathaway’s fitness is evident, especially in her films that call for movement. While preparing for the film, Anne spends more time in the gym and works with specialized trainers to train her before she starts one of her works, such as Ramona Braganza, who trained Anne to prepare two films, Get Smart and Rachel Getting Married. Ramona shared Anne’s routine to maintain her fitness.

  • Training in the morning: Ramona says, “Anne is keen to train for a full hour in the morning, especially before awards ceremonies. On normal days, she trains for less time, but she is keen to train in the morning.”

Exercising in the morning, even for ten minutes, gives you energy to complete your day because exercise helps the body secrete endorphins (happiness hormones), and thus you can perform your tasks with greater energy.

  • Anne uses music to motivate her while exercising.
  • Anne is keen on rest and relaxation. Ramona says, “While we are training for the two films, Anne is keen to take one day off a week to recover and rest.”
  • Anne is keen on walking, especially in nature, to maintain a healthy heart and calm mind.
  • Keeping meals light and regular to combat hunger, Anne tends towards vegetarian food
  • Balance in training Anne does exercises that aim to tighten her arms and back posture, especially while attending the Oscars, such as cardio training, muscle toning, and resistance exercises.

Anne Hathaway’s Looks on the Red Carpet

Anne Hathaway's Looks on the Red Carpet

Anne Hathaway is considered a complete symbol of elegance. She made an eye-catching presence at award ceremonies and on the red carpet, and everyone is waiting for her wonderful and sparkling looks that she appears in every season. Among many stars, Anne is always distinguished by her successful choices because she knows exactly the colors that suit her skin, and her tall stature helped the dresses fit her slender body

  • During the high jewelry show held by Bulgari in Venice, Anne Hathaway chose a charming gold and silver tiered dress with a transparent tulle base in gold and silver crystal, from Versace, with a slit for the dress and a headdress in the style of the 1980s. Anne looked stunning wearing a red ruby necklace with a diamond bracelet and a shiny gold handbag presented by Bvlgari. She completed her ethereal look with shiny silver shoes with sparkling silver straps at a high and appropriate height. She looked stunning, perfectly matching the atmosphere of a luxurious high-jewelry party.
  • As for this year’s Met Gala, Anne Hathaway stood out among the attendees in a white dress decorated with gold straps with a white autumn jacket.
  • At the Spring/Summer 2023 Haute Couture fashion show, Anne Hathaway appeared in a short leopard-print dress decorated with beads with long socks and shoes of the same pattern, along with shiny earrings and wavy hair that fell on her shoulders.
  • At the Cannes Film Festival, Anne wore a simple white dress decorated with sequins with a silk scarf and chose a diamond necklace decorated with a blue diamond designed by ARMANI. Anne looked stunning in the dress that fit her body and complexion, with her hair falling on her shoulders with short bangs that added to her beauty.
Anne Hathaway's Looks on the Red Carpet
  • At the Critics’ Choice Gala in 2020, Anne looked like a butterfly in a golden Atelier Versace dress with a neckline and dramatic sleeves. The dress fit her incredibly well, and with her stunning look, she took the breath away from the attendees.
  • At the Clooney for Justice Awards ceremony, Anne appeared in a wonderful dress from Versace that caused a sensation in Milan, where she appeared in a wonderful green lace dress decorated with embroidered details with silver-colored parts and silver-colored shoes. She chose a set of silver bracelets from Bvlgari as the ambassador of the Bvlgari jewelry brand, along with several rings, earrings and a delicate necklace.
  • Anne has a classic taste with a touch of innovation every time she appears on the red carpet. Even during her pregnancy, she was able to catch the eye in a white one-shoulder blouse that highlighted her pregnancy in a nice way, and formal white pants with distinctive golden shoes.
  • At the premiere of the movie Hustle in 2019, Anne Hathaway shined in a black formal suit designed by Elie Saab from the fall 2019 collection, with a wonderful design that suited her white skin. Anne chose silver makeup and black eyeliner to match the colors of her clothes, and charming, wavy brown hair.

Anne chose another design by Elie Saab at the Golden Globe Awards ceremony in 2019, where she chose a leopard-print dress that was slightly tight at the chest and puffy at the bottom, which gave her the appearance of a princess. Anne chose to leave her hair loose and falling on her shoulders, and she chose a gold earring that matched the dress. She carried a small bag with the same pattern as the dress.

  • When Anne Hathaway won the Oscar in 2013, she chose a light pink dress from Prada with a simple design that suited her slim body, with a diamond necklace and bracelets, a soft diamond earring, and a simple hairstyle.
  • At the Met Gala in 2018, Anne Hathaway’s look was royal and exceptional, wearing a wonderful dress from the Valentino Spring 2018 collection, in a reddish-orange color, with a butterfly-shaped bodice, and she paired it with a crown in the shape of sunrays.

Anne Hathaway Makeup

Anne Hathaway Makeup

In most of her looks, Anne chooses subtle makeup that highlights the beauty of her natural features. On some occasions, Anne chooses heavy makeup, but these are relatively few times. Anne Hathaway chooses her makeup method carefully and cooperates with the most important beauty experts in the world to achieve her wonderful looks:

  • As Valentino’s muse and the most important person who dealt with this brand, she even chose Valentino for her wedding dress. Her presence was important at Valentino’s high-end fashion show this summer. She shined in a bright pink dress, romantic hair falling on her shoulders, and wonderful makeup that suited her look.
  • Raul Alejandre, Valentino’s makeup artist who applied Anne Hathaway’s makeup at that party, says, “First, we identified the prominent points on the face and body with a suitable foundation, then a layer of luminous highlighter to illuminate those areas.
  • We chose light pink eye shadow, pink blush with emphasis on the cheekbones, and bright pink lipstick, with full brows and a little mascara, this makeup look is casual but adds more youthfulness to facial features.”

Anne Hathaway has wide hazel eyes and defined, natural eyelashes. Anne highlights the beauty of her eyes naturally and focuses on her eye makeup on some occasions and when she appears on the red carpet. Beauty expert Chanel Kate, who helps her with her makeup, says there are some tricks she used for Anne’s makeup, such as:

  • Define the eyelashes with a black liquid brush and do not extend the line beyond the eyelid, adding small dots of black eye shadow on the outer corner to soften the line.
  • Blend pale gold and silver shadows on the eyelids to create a soft glow, lift the brow bone and brighten the inner and outer eye corners with a shimmery ivory shade.
  • Apply mascara in a moderate manner, suitable for Anne’s curved eyelashes.

Anne attracted attention when she chose smokey makeup at the premiere of the movie Interstellar with a short, sexy haircut. Chanel explains to us the steps she took to get the wonderful smokey makeup on Anne Hathaway’s eyes:

  • Using a black eyeliner pencil, I connected the lower lash line to the upper eyelid, extending the line slightly outside the eye and blending it in a soft, circular shape.
  • Kohl forms a great base for smokey makeup, then I add eye shadow in a dark color and blend it in a circular shape, adding false eyelashes and layers of mascara to get stunning smokey eyes.
Anne Hathaway Makeup

Anne shined once again with smokey blue makeup, which was helped by her makeup artist, Jillian Dempsey, when she appeared at New York Fashion Week in a black and sapphire blue dress. Julianne says, “The wonderful dress inspired me to create makeup that suits her beautiful eyes.” Inspired by Anne’s dress, Julianne applied the makeup in the following steps:

  • She used a dark shade to create the smokey base, and using a blue shade, she defined the lower lash line and the upper eyelid and gently blended them. The colors formed a wonderful contrast with the color of her hazel eyes.
  • After this strong eye effect, Julianne chose to make the skin warm and the cheeks soft. She used a pink, transparent, warm-colored lipstick that, thanks to its rich coconut formula, stays on and does not leave lines around the mouth. Thus, Julianne succeeded in achieving a balance between the strength of eye makeup and the calm and charm of the lips.

Anne Hathaway loves smokey makeup, but in a calm and gentle way. She also appeared with brown smokey makeup that matched her hazel eyes at a party held on the occasion of the screening of her first movie, One Day. Beauty expert Kate Lee shared the steps for Anne’s makeup that night:

  • Using a brown pencil, I drew the lower and upper line of the eyelashes and used a brown and purple shadow to establish the smokey base. She added a transparent eye shadow to break up the intensity of the color.
  • Using a small brush, she began to blend the color on the upper eyelid, spreading it on the outer corner of the eye, and also softening the color on the lower lash line.
  • Using brown powder, she fixed the eyebrows and applied several layers of mascara
  • She chose pink blush mixed with earthy color and lipstick in the same color.

Anne Hathaway Hair Beauty Secrets

Anne has wonderful hair that suits all hairstyles and colors. Anne appeared in several different hairstyles, such as short, long, and classic, as well as in several hair colors, all of which were suitable for her bright skin and charming eyes. Here are some of Anne’s looks with different and beautiful hairstyles:

  • At the Cannes Film Festival in 2022, Anne chose a classic and calm hairstyle. Her bangs were parted in the middle, allowing the bangs to fly, and she kept her hair strands wavy, with a small puff at the top of her hair to create a feeling of fullness. With this formal hairstyle, Anne chose simple and calm makeup.
  • Anne looks like a dream with her wide, sweet smile, side-swept hairstyle with light blonde waves, and short, wavy hair that reaches her shoulders, but this color needs touch-ups about every month and a half to ensure it stays vibrant and fresh.
  • Anne Hathaway loves to cut her hair constantly, but she looks more gorgeous than ever with a bob haircut in an earthy red color. Cutting the hair helps renew the appearance and highlight the facial features more, but it needs constant care and styling to remain wonderful and silky. Anne chose this haircut with matching brown and gold makeup.
  • Anne Hathaway varied in her hairstyles. She previously appeared with short hair that hugged the lower line of the jaw and longer side bangs. Then she chose a short haircut with wavy ends. She also appeared with a very short haircut, but it is distinctive and suitable for all occasions, especially for those with fine hair. She has the confidence to try any haircut because she knows that it will suit her.
  • Anne previously tried brown with blonde strands, as well as chestnut, caramel, and brown, but she finally settled on the dark brown color that suits her white skin and beautiful features. We notice her frequent appearances with her hair loose on her shoulders because she loves this classic hairstyle, even on special occasions and parties.
  • Anne uses natural moisturizing creams to keep her hair hydrated, as well as nourishing oils to maintain its color concentration and protect it from breakage. She uses special sprays to protect the hair from pollution and the sun’s ultraviolet rays. She gives her hair care and attention so that it remains radiant and charming.

From her beginnings until today, Anne Hathaway occupies fans around the world with her strong presence and success in the world of acting and art and her ability to create her own path in the world of fashion and beauty. With her grace and natural beauty, Anne Hathaway was able to win the hearts of millions around the world and with her amazing ability to maintain her youth and beauty as if she never grows older.

Frequently Asked Questions about Anne Hathaway’s Beauty Secrets

How does Anne Hathaway keep her skin youthful?

Anne maintains a special skincare routine and is very disciplined in this area. She keeps her skin exfoliated and moisturized, protects it from the sun’s rays, ensures it is well-cleaned of makeup, uses skin-nourishing masks, and massages it regularly.

Why does Anne Hathaway look younger?

Anne Hathaway loves simple, classic looks and likes to highlight her natural features with calm and simple makeup. Also, keeping her body fit and taking constant care of her skin has made her look younger.

How old is Anne Hathaway?

Anne Hathaway is an American actress, born in 1982. She is forty years old. She is married to Adam Shulman and has two children.