The last Miss Universe competition was the seventy-first contest since its first time in 1952, and this wonderful event was held at the New Orleans Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, Louisiana in the United States on January 14, 2023. The American R. Bonnie Gabrielle was crowned Miss Universe 2022 by The former miss universe, Harnaz Sandu, who is from India, and thus returned the title to the United States, after Olivia Culpo was the last American to win the competition 10 years ago,

who participated this year as one of the hosts of the competition. This was the ninth title for the United States and the largest number achieved by a country in this competition. The competition was on NBC Channel while 84 countries and regions were competing this year.

Among this large number, of course, the Arab countries had a share, as the beautiful Yasmina Zaytoun represented her country after she won Miss Lebanon competition in 2022 and received great support from Lebanese people in general and celebrities in particular, such as Elissa, Walid Tawfik, Cynthia Samuel, Joelle Mardinian and many others.

LBC also launched a campaign to support Yasmina.

Yasmina was shining in the whole competition with all her looks, one of them was a wide silver dress signed by designer Charbel Zoe, which was eye-catching.

However, the most prominent appearance was within the traditional costumes section, where Yasmina wore a golden and green dress, representing the Lebanese cedar and hope in her homeland.

Zeitoun mentioned the determination and will of the Lebanese people, saying, “We are warriors! Even one of the biggest explosions in history did not prevent us from dreaming and succeeding, because we are like cedars, strong and unbreakable!”

And Yasmina was not the only Arabic girl in the competition, as Miss Bahrain for the year 2023, Evelyn Khalifa, was also a strong participant, and she appeared in many looks that reflect her strong personality, but the most fabulous one of them was in the swimsuit section, where she appeared with a “modest” look, adopting the burkini in fuchsia color that combines elegance and modesty.

In order for her message to reach everyone, Evelyn used a scarf on which a phrase was written in English saying:“Arab women must be presented, and a Muslim woman can also become Miss Universe.”

It was a very nice gesture from her, which received positive and supportive reactions from the audience.

Evelyn previously starred in a Dior makeup advertisement.

After winning the title, she revealed that she had anorexia, which prompted her to seize the opportunity to be chosen as the representative of Bahraini women in international beauty contests to spread awareness and start speaking out about eating disorders.

To know more about this disease, read on:

(Anorexia Nervosa)

Thus, Yasmina and Evelyn were able to represent Arab women in the most beautiful way, they proved themselves globally even without winning the title.

Many Arab beauties, such as the Lebanese Georgina Rizk in 1971, the Egyptian Antigone Costanda in 1954 and many others, have also won the title of miss universe before.