On January 21st of this year in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, The Joy Awards ceremony was held, in the presence of many stars of the Arab world, including honorees, candidates, guests and famous international stars, to be the largest honoring event of its kind in the Arab world and the Middle East. The most beautiful views of the velvet carpet.

This ceremony was held during the activities of Riyadh Season and sponsored by the chairman of the Global Entertainment Alliance, Turki bin Abdul Mohsen Al Sheikh.

The ceremony began with the national anthem of the hosting country, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and a performance that impressed the audience.

Within the ceremony, the Entertainment Authority presented a number of awards, according to Audience choice During the ceremony, the Entertainment Authority presented a number of awards, based on the audience’s choice, through their votes on the Joy Awards application, where 4 names are nominated for each award, and the one with the highest number of votes wins the award. The awards are classified into 5 categories (cinema, music, social influencers, sports and drama series), in addition to a number of live artistic performances and other shows on the stage.

The most beautiful views of the velvet carpet
The most beautiful views of the velvet carpet

The ceremony was broadcast on MBC1, MBC Egypt, MBC5, MBC Iraq, and Shahid platform.

And some of the award winners were:

  • Artist Rashid Al-Majed with the Entertainment Makers Honorary Award.
  • Sofia Vergara’s Personality of the Year Award.
  • Ashraf Hakimi with Favorite Athlete Award.
  • Nadine Nassib Njeim Award as the Favorite Actress.
  • Ahmed Helmy with the Entertainment Industry Honorary Award.
  • Ahmed Ezz as the Favorite actor.
  • Mel Gibson with Entertainer Award.
  • Hend Sabry won the Best Cinema Actress.
  • Ahmed Al-Shugairi as the Best Influencer.
  • Abdul Majeed Abdullah with the Favorite Artist Award.
  • And many others.

The most beautiful views of the velvet carpet:

We’ll start with Valerie Abou Chacra, who was presenting the ceremony alongside Wissam Braidy. Valerie’s look was very charming, as she appeared in a golden dress from Versace, shoes of the same color from Jimmy Choo, and diamond jewelry from Marli.

The most beautiful views of the velvet carpet
The most beautiful views of the velvet carpet – Valerie Apo Chakra

As for the beautiful Georgina Rodriguez, the girlfriend of the football player Cristiano Ronaldo, She was invited to present one of the awards, and she shone with a long dress and a head cover that added an Arab character to the look, signed by designer Ali Karoui. Her dress was special for its black-purple color, which changes according to the lighting. She wore luxurious diamond jewelry from Kooheji.

The most beautiful views of the velvet carpet
The most beautiful views of the velvet carpet – Georgina Rodriguez

And the singer, Najwa Karam, wore an elegant dress suitable for her age. It was signed by designer Youssef Al Jasmi, as he added crystal beads and long sleeves decorated with feathers.

The most beautiful views of the velvet carpet
The most beautiful views of the velvet carpet – Najwa Karam

However, Maguy Bou Ghosn was not very successful this time. Despite her choice of a beautiful color, the cut of the dress did not suit her personality and height. Maguy’s dress was signed by Rami Kadi and her jewelry was from Yeprem.

The most beautiful views of the velvet carpet
The most beautiful views of the velvet carpet – Maggie and Gwn

Also, the beautiful Nancy Ajram wore a bright color dress with a large open on the back from the designer Elie Saab.

Daniela Rahma chose a golden off-shoulder dress with a slit at the leg, designed by Jean-Louis Sabaji and diamond jewelry from Sylvie Saliba. Her hair color was also very distinctive and charming, matching the entire look.

The most beautiful views of the velvet carpet – Daniela Rahma

The most beautiful look goes to the Syrian actress Karis Bashar, and signed by the Syrian designer Elias Riga. Karis’ look was elegant but at the same time attractive and feminine. Karis also chose a simple hairstyle and light make-up that perfectly matched the dress. the brooch she added, as the only accessory was totally enough.

The most beautiful views of the velvet carpet – Karis Bashar

The black color was taking over the occasion, as it was worn by Nadine Nassib Njeim, Cynthia Samuel, Rym Al-Saydi, Rahma Riad, Sofia Vergara and other beautiful ladies.

And we will not forget to speak about the best couples in the event who are:

Tim Hassan and his wife, Wafaa Al-Kilani:

Who was nominated for the Best Actor Award for the movie Al-Hayba, and he appeared with a mustache for the new character that he is working on in the Al-Zand series, and it is clear that Wafaa is not satisfied with his appearance, as she said, “I’ll shave it for him while he is sleeping.”

Cynthia Samuel and Adam Bakri:

The most beautiful views of the velvet carpet – Sentia Samuel and Adam Bakri

They were the most adorable new couple recently, and as it is clear to those who follow them, the couple takes a good care of their looks, as they are always working on the harmony between what each of them wears, and this time their choice of color was black, as Cynthia wore a black dress with one shoulder and one sleeve in the form of a scarf designed by Georges Hobeika, and her hair was in the form of a bun, done by hairdresser Elie Shenouda, with light makeup and red lipstick.

Rahma Riad and her husband Alexander:

Their presence was special on the lavender carpet, where Rahma appeared in this event in a black dress from Khaled & Marwan without sleeves and special for its tight cut.

Ahmed Helmy and Mona Zaki:

The most beautiful views of the velvet carpet – Mona Zaki – Ahmed Helmy

They received the Entertainment Industry Honorary Award as the most outstanding couple in the entertainment industry, the couple expressed their gratitude for the unexpected award.

For this occasion, Mona Zaki wore a long red-orange dress, with a high neck and feathers on the lower side, designed by Alaïa, and she chose her jewelry from Bulgari.

And the event that caused a great media chit-chat was the speech given by the artist Angham when she received her award, which was presented to her by the Syrian actors Dima Kandalaft and Samer Al-Masry, where Angham said: “I was waiting for Abu Nasser (Turkish Al-Sheikh) to present it to me.”

The most beautiful views of the velvet carpet – Angham

This sentence caused negative reactions on Twitter, as many considered that it embarrassed the artists who handed her the award, and the Egyptian singer never commented on what happened. As for the actress, Dima Kandalaft, she commented, saying: “We learned to respect the stage, audience and partners, but some, due to nervousness, mistake the words while expressing themselves, Angham All the best.”

And as a beautiful gesture at the ceremony, a documentary film was presented that included all the Arab artists who passed away in 2022, including: Hisham Rostom, Jala Fahmi, Ihsan Al-Mundhir, Shawky Matta, Samir Sabry, George Al-Rassi, Antoinette Naguib and others.

Counselor Turki Al-Sheikh, head of the entertainment authority in Saudi Arabia, saluted all those who left our world in Egypt and the Arab world.

The most beautiful views of the velvet carpet-

This concert is considered a major achievement in the Kingdom’s artistic history, Where he was at a high level in all respects, and brought together the most important Arab names in one place!


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