I think you, my dear, have at least accidentally seen Sarah Bob Fett’s vlog from her trip to Hong Kong.Which is located on the southern coast of China and you will notice how pleased and happy it was, Sara loves this city very much and this is what you will find in our article for today about tourism in Hong Kong

But is Hong Kong worth visiting?

From its skyscrapers to its spacious harbor and picturesque mountain roads, Hong Kong has enough ingredients to be a desirable tourist city, Follow us to learn more about tourism in Hong Kong

The vast majority of people set aside two days to visit it, But there’s more than enough in it to keep you entertained for a while longer.

Hong Kong is home to some of the smallest and most expensive real estate in the world and is an amazing mix of old and new, civilizations of the East and West, Countryside and city.

Knowing where to go in Hong Kong is the best way to avoid the crowds and enjoy one of the world’s great cities to the fullest.

Beautiful places we recommend to try during tourism in Hong Kong:

The Peak:

Or what is known as Victoria Peak. If you are a walking enthusiast, then this summit should be your first destination, as you can reach there on foot. The alternative solution is the tram, which will take you on a beautiful journey to the top, during which you will enjoy the picturesque aspects of the road.

There you will find a number of shops, restaurants and attractions, including Bubba Gump Shrimp, which has the most beautiful view of all restaurants and is very popular.

University Museum and Art Gallery:

If you want to see some ancient art and artifacts, you should visit this place, It is the oldest museum in Hong Kong and was established in 1953.

There you see impressive collections of Chinese artifacts, ceramics and oil paintings dating back to ancient times, starting with the Neolithic era.

Avenue of Stars (Hollywood Walk):

This is the Chinese version of the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It is a tribute to some of the most important people in the film, music and arts industries of China and Hong Kong.

The street along Victoria Harbor was once an antique market where merchants and sailors sold antiques on their way back to Europe.

Big Buddha statue:

Tourism in Hong Kong

Here you will see a huge bronze statue glorifying Buddha that was built in 1993, It is about 34 meters high, As one of the tallest statues glorifying Buddha in the world.

is located in Ngong Ping, lantau island, Next to this statue there are a number of beautiful tourist attractions as well as nearby luxury hotels.

Temple Street Night Market:

Tourism in Hong Kong
Tourism in Hong Kong

The Temple Street Night Market is one of the largest and most vibrant shopping venues in Hong Kong. The shopping and snacking carnival starts every night from around 6 pm, But it actually starts after sunset.

is located in Kowloon, Northern section of Hong Kong.

It is one of the most popular places in Hong Kong to shop and buy cheap clothes, delicious outdoor food stalls, clocks, pirated CDs and DVDs, fancy dress, sports and casual shoes, cookware, household items, etc., That is, it is ideal if you want to buy elegant gifts without being too expensive.

The night market is surrounded by local and international restaurants. Seafood, Japanese, Indian and Italian pizza are especially popular here, Along with many snack stalls to eat while walking around.

Temple Street Night Market stretches for more than 1 km, Too big right? Yes, however, it is very crowded. The market is at its best from around 7pm to 10pm when the action is just beginning.

star ferry:

Tourism in Hong Kong
Tourism in Hong Kong

floating icon, the witch.

Ferry services across the port were introduced in the 1880s by a Persian entrepreneur, The Star Ferry has been transporting passengers from Hong Kong Island to Kowloon and back since 1888.

Climb you and your family aboard starships to see up close one of the most beautiful ports in the world, The area these ships cross has been classified by National Geographic as one of the “50 Areas You Can’t Forget“.

It is also the epitome of an inexpensive trip!

Hong Kong Disneyland:

Tourism in Hong Kong
Tourism in Hong Kong

If you are planning a happy family vacation, you should definitely choose it.

We all know Disneyland and its branches around the world, It is a wonderful world full of fun and fantasy, not just for kids, Plus beloved characters from Disney movies.

Hong Kong Disneyland is located on Lantau Island. It has its own metro line, and you can start from Sunny Bay Station.

It is one of the branches of Disneyland France, And you can roam the seven lands to play, You will find cool and fun games featuring well-known cartoon characters such as Iron Man and Ant-Man.

You can also attend a number of plays and shows dedicated to the family, such as the Lion King Festival, Mickey and the Magic Book.

Watch Sara’s journey in Hong Kong Disneyland:

Tourism in Hong Kong

Ocean Park:

If you love animals and nature!

Ocean Park Hong Kong is a theme park that combines fun and learning. From a world-class aquarium and lovely giant pandas to thrilling excursions.

When you enter the park, You will see the waterfront and the Amazing Asian Animals interactive exhibit, and bustling Whiskers Harbor. Of course, you can take part in the carnival games suitable for children and other fun activities.

Food in Hong Kong:

You have a wide number of options. From fancy restaurants to popular street stalls.

But the most important thing that distinguishes Hong Kong is the local dishes, Whether Chinese or English-inspired.

But your experience will not be complete without trying the delicious dim sum pancakes, The pancake is the size of a bite and is served in small bamboo steam dishes or on small plates eaten with chopsticks and forms a perfect breakfast with tea.

Tourism in Hong Kong

For dessert, you should try the delicious egg tart. It is a creamy custard within a layer of crunchy biscuits, Local bakeries serve it hot from the oven.

Hong Kong is also known for serving the world’s best wonton noodles. It is egg noodles and soup, topped with dumplings stuffed with shrimp, and it is possible to add slices of pork and other ingredients.

As for drinks, nothing beats tea with milk. The most famous drink in Hong Kong, Where 900 million cups of this drink are consumed annually.

It is black tea with condensed milk added, He can drink it cold or hot.

Finally, my dear.. Did you enjoy our article of the day about tourism in Hong Kong?



To find out what happened during Sarah Bob Fett’s trip to Hong Kong, watch the videos on the YouTube channel “Sarah Bob Fett’s Travels”:

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