Tips on the right way to apply perfume and get the best result.

before you leave the house, The last step is often the most important, and it is put perfume, To come out with a fresh and beautiful scent, Also, in many homes, next to the door of the house, you can always find a bottle of perfume, to use just before going out, And to remind you of this important step that you do not see with the naked eye, but it is essential for your final look.

many perfumes, With its scents, concentration and its producing company, And for more marketing, you see many famous personalities in ads talking about their favorite perfume.

Tips on your favorite perfume

Easy to apply perfume with a few sprays, And you’re done. But applying perfume correctly requires some skill and ingenuity. For example: Did you know that the right method depends entirely on both the environment around you and the outfit you wear? And that spraying it on your wrists and then rubbing them together is really bad? So in our article for today we will give you “tips on your favorite perfume and how the smell lasts long” We will guide you on how to use and apply the perfume in the right way to get the best result, Come with us and learn tips about your favorite perfume.

Never rub perfume on your skin:

Tips on your favorite perfume

You may have seen your mother, grandmother, or friends spray perfume on their wrists and then rub them together. It’s the traditional way most of us have learned to apply perfume. But rubbing a perfume on your skin in this way actually causes its scent to fade and evaporate before it can settle in.

Your perfume should mix slowly with your skin’s natural oils. This is what makes the scent last and what can make the same scent smell slightly different from person to person.

Award-winning French-Armenian perfumer Francis Kurkdjian says:The friction from rubbing heats up your skin, They produce natural enzymes that change the smell“.

To preserve the scent of your perfume and also make sure it lasts longer, Gently spray both of your wrists, let the fluid sink between the cells, Then do nothing at all, Just let him do his job.”

Wondering exactly where to spray perfume?

Focus on your pulse points. These are the areas where your veins are close to your skin and you can often see them through, and you can literally feel your pulse as soon as you press on them a little bit.

Examples of these areas: the inside of your wrists, inner elbows, below the navel, behind your ears, And the back of your knees. These warm spots on your body give off extra heat, Which helps spread the scent naturally. Spray perfume on it (don’t rub) some or all of it, and your perfume will remain fragrant all day long.

Tips on your favorite perfume
Tips on your favorite perfume

Avoid applying it to the hair, says Senior Creative Director at Bvlgari Parfums: “Don’t use perfume on your hair, as its alcohol-based formula dries out and damages the hair.” However , If you want to spray your locks, Make sure you use a perfume that does not contain alcohol.

Where you store perfume is important:

when it comes to storage, The perfume is like a living organism that is very sensitive to environmental changes.

Kurkdjian says:

لا يحب العطر الانتقال من البرد إلى الدفء

Adding that such changes in temperature cause unpleasant chemical reactions within its natural ingredients, Thus the perfume is spoiled faster.

For example, leaving a bottle of citrus-scented perfume in a steamy bathroom affects the feeling of freshness it gives. And it can weaken the smell of the raw materials in it.

Also, ultraviolet rays from the sun and any strong light can change the color and composition of the perfume.

Where should you keep your perfume?

The answer: in a cold, dark place, dry. Inside your bedroom dresser, your cosmetic drawer, or simply inside the box your perfume came in. Most of these boxes are made as the perfect environment to keep your perfume happy and safe for a long time.

Do not hesitate to perfume your clothes:

Before putting your clothes in the closet, a few sprays of perfume won’t harm them, Rather, it will ensure that it smells beautiful when you wear it, Just make sure the perfume doesn’t stain it.

Fragrance reacts differently to fabrics than to skin. So it will probably smell a little lighter or different but it will still be good. Try spraying some perfume in the air over your clothes, Or spray a little perfume on the inner lining of your coat.

Apply perfume after taking a shower, And after moisturizing:

Many of us wear perfume as a last step before leaving the house, In fact, your skin is able to absorb fragrance better when it’s warm and your pores are open. So it’s a good idea to apply it after a shower when the skin is dry but still warm.

This leads us to conclude that the fragrance evaporates quickly on dry skin. So you have to moisturize, try sprinkling it on a small amount of unperfumed body lotion or Vaseline, These moisturizers keep your skin soft and supple and also give perfume oils something to cling to so your scent lasts longer.

Previous lines were tips on your favorite perfume, We hope to have succeeded in providing the required advice.



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Rules of Applying Perfume

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