Is it possible to always have thick and inverted eyelashes?

yes, Many women ask about how to get thick inverted lashes and are not aware of the existence of the lash lift technique, which is a simple, easy and harmless process that lasts for a long time.

What does the eyelashes lift mean?

It is a technique that raises your lashes from the base to the ends to look longer and denser, This is done by using chemicals that break down the bonds in the hair and reshape them to your liking.

ومن ميزاتها أنه يمكنك الحصول عليها من خلال جلسة واحدة.

Is the result permanent?

No, but you will get a semi-permanent result lasting between 6-8 weeks that varies depending on the life cycle of the hair from person to person.

As for the procedures that you must take before undergoing the lash lift technique, they are:

• Get rid of contact lenses if you wear them.

• Make sure that your eyelids and eyelashes do not have any makeup, including mascara or any oils resulting from makeup removers.

And to start, you need to know:

Stages of eyelash lift turning:

This technique takes up to 45 minutes to complete. (Because you have to apply each material for an average of 12-20 minutes and wipe it off so you can apply the next one).

Eyelash lift technique
Eyelash lift technique

• Start by cleaning your eyelashes of any dirt and any cosmetics.

• Stick the eyelashes with a special glue and a layer of silicone on the eyelid with another layer of silicone in a way that makes your upper eyelashes lifted upwards.

• Gently separate your eyelashes from each other by combing them.

• Apply the curly substance on the eyelashes, which makes them soft and easy to change their shape.

Then apply a fixative that maintains the shape of the eyelashes after lifting.

• You can dye your eyelashes by choosing a dark color that is applied to the eyelashes to give them a darker color and make them clearer

• As for the last step, it is adding a nourishing substance that contains creatine to your eyelashes, which helps moisturize them.

But what precautions should you take after flipping the eyelashes?

Specialists advise to keep your eyelashes away from water and any eye cosmetic products for 48 hours, such as mascara – oily makeup remover – eyelash strengthening serum, so that the effect is proven for the longest possible period.

Can the eyelash lift process be repeated?

Yes, it can be repeated once every 6-8 weeks at most to ensure that the hair is healthy and not broken.

Is it possible to experience side effects?

Is it possible to suffer from side effects? An allergic reaction is possible as many of the adhesives used to apply eyelash cores contain the preservative formaldehyde, which is a chemical complex that can cause an allergic reaction in your eyes and the skin around the eyes.

Allergies can appear at any time, and may be associated with some different symptoms such as itching, redness, and swelling. But it does not cause eyelashes to fall out.

There are many practices that help you protect your eyes and eyelashes, here are some of them:

Eyelash lift technique

• Remember to remove all makeup each day before sleeping.

• Use an eyelash strengthening serum on a regular basis.

• You must adhere to the specified time between the procedures and stages of the eyelashes lifting process.

Lastly, here are some important tips:

• You can apply water-based eye makeup and mascara, but avoid water-resistant formulas. Waterproof eye makeup can weaken the effect of eyelash flipping technic and leave residue.

• Use only oil-free cleaners and make-up removers.

• Help your eyelashes stay healthy by using nourishing serums 2-3 times a week

Finally, after reviewing the details of this technique, if you feel that you want to try eyelash lifting, we advise you to try it with cosmetic experts or specialized centers to avoid any error.

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