Summer is the season for parties and events, especially weddings, and the bride is always confused when she arrives at the moment to choose her dress between different designs. And here comes the question: How do I choose the most suitable wedding dress?

If your wedding is approaching, I will help you today to learn about the latest wedding dress trends for the summer of 2022. Read on, you might find the dress of your dreams among them.

1- Wedding dress with flowers:

If you have a romantic personality, a lace dress with flowers is your perfect choice, whether it is from flowers in the form of motifs within the fabric or three-dimensional, as lace maintains its presence until now within the latest fashion trends, according to fashion experts. Keep the simplicity of your accessories and let the flower embroidered dress speak.

2- Feather dress:

Since 2021, feathers have had a distinguished presence in the world of wedding dresses, and it has maintained this presence even in the summer of the year. If you are looking for a classic dress and want to add a bold touch, you can add feathers to some small details, but if you are looking for a bold and lively look, you can add feathers. As an essential element in your look that will definitely attract everyone’s attention, David’s Bridal Design Director Pia Panaligan said: “It is a very elegant and modern design, especially if the feathers are placed around the neck or waist.” Bridal fashion experts also suggest that you wear a feather dress as a second look to wear at the end of the party to look modern.

3- Pearls Dress:

How do I choose the wedding dress?
How do I choose the wedding dress?

Pearls may be the most prominent addition to wedding dresses 2022, as we often saw dresses with a pearl-doubted chest or even a long veil covered with pearls,such as the Georges Hobeika wedding dress for the Haute Couture Week in Paris, and it is suitable for you, dear, if you are looking for a light and luxurious look that carries a classic character. And according to wedding experts at David’sBridal, “if the pearls are spread all over the dress or are subtle in certain areas, it will add elegance and classic character to your look.”

4- Wedding dress with Puff sleeves (bulwn):

Puffed sleeves are one of the popular dress models for summer 2022, and they reflect a royal Victorian look full of femininity and fun on your look, but be careful, my dear, if you have broad shoulders, it may not be your best choice, as it draws attention to your shoulders and all focus will be on them.

5- Short dresses:

If you are a bride looking for her comfort in the dress so that she can dance all night, then a short dress with a modern character is your perfect choice to stand out in it, and we saw the Turkish actress (Ozig Gurel) in two looks in a short dress, once made of chiffon and once made of satin, and you can also wear it as a dress for the second look after entering First, a long royal dress.

6- The wedding dress with a low collar in the shape of the number seven:

It is very popular for a bold and elegant look, and it may be a good choice if you have a small chest, as it will give your figure a beautiful look and draw attention, but if you have a large chest, I advise you to stay away from it.

7- High Neck Wedding Dress:

Princess Iman wedding dress
Wedding Dress – Princess Iman

The high collar is a suitable option for our veiled bride or even for those who want a modest look. This collar is suitable for dresses, whether it is narrow and simple or large over a long tail dress and gives your look a royal look. We have seen it in two Paris Fashion Week dresses by Elie Saab and Stephane Rolland.

8- A dress with ruffles:

Many dresses are decorated with ruffles that add vitality to them. If you are looking for a unique and distinctive look, you can add some frills, but be careful, my dear, as they suit women with a slim body more than others. We saw a classic embroidered Tony Ward dress, which ended with a group of ruffles that took the design to another level.

Finally: How did he choose the wedding dress

Finally, we cannot bypass the popular white gloves for this summer, as they give your look a 60’s character in a modern and distinctive way.

Also, the colors of the wedding dresses ranged between white, nude, sugar gradations, and both golden and silver colors.

As for the veil, everyone agreed that this season is the season for the long embroidered veil, and we have seen different shapes for the bride’s bouquets, but the most unusual of them is a bouquet of roses made of silver to decorate your modern look with excitement.


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