You often bump into a TV advertisement or on social media that encourages you to buy slimming products or drinks and involuntarily pushes you to browse what is displayed as magic and strange recipes to reach the fastest time to ideal bodies, where they use pictures of full bodies. Then after drinking three spoons of a certain mixture, the body turns into a slim ideal, missing dozens of kilo We will explain to you the reality of these stretchers and correct common misconceptions by answering some questions that many people have.

For example, many believe that drinking a cup of coffee on an empty stomach is the beginning of a perfect day, but the perfect magic drink is a simple drink that is always available in our hands, and it is the treasure that we overlooked because of its imaginary benefits that your body will tell you about through amazing results.

But first we must know

Are there really magic blends and slimming drinks?

My dear, let us think together and discuss rationally in order to answer such a question,

In the event that there are recipes that have a magical effect for slimming, is it reasonable that they are permissible… Of course NoBecause it will be sold for large sums and will be monopolized by the party that knows the secret of this recipe. Even if you heard or your friend told you that she tried a certain drink and after that she felt a decrease in weight, you should know that the psychological state has an effect, perhaps, but It is impossible to find a substitute for sports or a healthy diet to burn fat And if it exists, believe me, the problem of obesity will be solved immediately, and you will find everyone in perfect shape with an ideal weight and body.

Not to mention the damage, side effects and disappointment it may cause when you find out it was just a hoax.

As for healthy drinks, the nature of the bodies differs from one person to another, and therefore the effects differ when you drink any drink, such as cumin, for example. It may relieve bloating for some and play a reverse role for others.

Are the solutions over and you won’t find drinks to help you?

Yes, there are slimming drinks and the most important of which I believe is a magical drink and Asians have used it a lot and accompanies them wherever they go and at all times, available in our hands but we do not know about its benefits... What is it?

It’s water, my friend, yes, only warm water, nothing but without lemons or any herbs, just warm clear water that simple and easily, believe me, it’s the best slimming drinks

His magical effects were confirmed by fitness trainer (Sara PopFit) in one of her videos magical slimming drinks.

There are also two important questions that you should know the answer to each:

The importance of warm water
Slimming drinks

1- Why was the focus on warm water and not cold?

We all see that cold water has its pleasure, especially in summer and hot weather, but what you do not know is its role in freezing stomach fat, that is, if you ate a hearty meal and then drank cold water, your meal will stick to the walls of your stomach badly,In addition, it causes indigestion, and to prove this theory, do the experiment that trainer Sarah talked about. You only need to bring any kind of fat, such as butter, for example, and then put cold water on top of it. The butter will melt immediately and it does not mean that the fat is gone andIt became easier to burn after adding warm water.

2- What is the importance of warm water and is its effect limited to slimming the body?

The Asians were keen to keep the water temperature warm without boiling and so that it would not remain at room temperature, as it might be exposed to a cold current, They put them in metal containers to keep them warm.

According to the Italian “Van Page” website, If you drink a cup of warm water in the morning before breakfast, It is a real and natural remedy For many problems and at no cost, through which you can stimulate digestion, improve bowel performance, moisturize the organs and tissues of the body, and face mild cases of anxiety, stress, and others.

The study also showed that drinking 500 ml of water before you eat can stimulate your metabolism by 30%, and contribute to getting rid of constipation if you drink it during food, as well as help you get rid of bloating.

This water also promotes the secretion of collagen in the body, and this has an important effect on the freshness of the skin.

In the end, my dear, please, then please beware of believing the rumors and lies circulating about slimming drinks and let your information be from documented and confirmed sources from medical sources and remember: There is no way to burn fat in just a few days, as what has been stored over years, months, or days cannot be eliminated through sports, exercises, or certain foods, and even medical pills at maximum speed.



Warm Water

Benefits of Water

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