Tea is one of the natural drinks that we find in every home and gives you many benefits, especially for your skin, as it contains antioxidants that delay the appearance of wrinkles and gives you brighter and younger looking skin, so what is the best time to drink tea?

Drinking it in the morning provides you with the energy you need to stay active throughout the day. Since it is a magical drink, let us explore together its benefits and learn the best way to drink and enjoy it. We will also learn about the damages resulting from choosing the wrong time to drink it.

Tea Benefits

Tea is full of elements necessary for the health of your body, as it contains flavonoids that prevent cholesterol deposition. Thus, maintaining the safety of your blood vessels and keeping you away from atherosclerosis, and sudden exposure to heart and brain strokes.

As it was proven in an American study that tea promotes fat oxidation during rest in humans and prevents obesity, and it also improves insulin sensitivity, as the effect of green tea extract (GTE) on glucose and fat oxidation during moderate-intensity exercise was studied in humans, and two studies were conducted in America.

In group A, 12 healthy men did a 30-minute cycling exercise at 60% of VO2max before and after taking GTE, and in group B, 11 healthy men did a glucose tolerance test before and after taking GTE, and the result was that the average rates of fat oxidation were higher after ingestion of GTE than in group A, and there was an increase in insulin sensitivity to glucose by 13% more than before ingestion.

Also, many Japanese and Chinese studies confirmed that green tea protects against cancer, as it interacts with anti-cancer drugs, stimulates them and enhances their effect on cancer cells, killing them and preventing their multiplication. Do not forget its effective role in adjusting the mood, moisturizing your body, and maintaining the freshness and health of your skin.

The Best Time to Drink Tea

You should remember the best time to drink tea. To ensure that you get the many benefits of tea, you must adhere to the specific times for drinking it, which have been approved by experts and nutritionists.

The morning is the best time to drink tea as a healthy start of the day because it contains caffeine, which enhances your alertness and increases your focus even more. Tea also contains L-theanine, an amino acid that has calming effects together with caffeine, it improves mood and prevents the side effects of caffeine alone.

It is also recommended to drink tea an hour or two after a meal so it does not affect the absorption of nutrients.

But if you are one of the people interested in drinking tea to stimulate weight loss, you should drink it before your exercise, as we have previously referred to the study that confirms that drinking tea before exercise enhances fat oxidation and increases insulin sensitivity, thus doubling your chances of losing weight.

And our advice to you if you are sensitive to caffeine, you should avoid drinking green tea 6 hours or less before bedtime to avoid insomnia.

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The Best Time to Drink Tea
The Best Time to Drink Tea

The Harm of Drinking tea Immediately after Eating

Many people have a habit of drinking tea immediately after meals, and most of them think that this is a harmless addiction, but some health experts have a completely different opinion, and consider it unhealthy.

  • So what is the truth? Is it harmful to drink tea after meals?

The scientific answer to this question is that drinking tea immediately after a meal is one of the bad habits that may expose you to many complications that you do not need. In this case, tea prevents your body from absorbing iron, which we mentioned earlier that its absorption is very low in the normal case. Therefore consuming it after a meal may put you at risk of developing acute anemia. In addition to that, tea contains tannin, which interferes with the absorption of many minerals, including Iron, zinc and calcium and affects their absorption. As a result, drinking tea immediately after eating is a wrong habit that you should avoid.

You will be right if you tell me that a cup of tea is a subject of happiness and high mood, but do not overdo it and do not forget to choose the best time to drink it, because your poor choice of time may expose you to health disorders, the most dangerous of which is acute anemia.

Frequently Asked Questions about Drinking Tea

What are the benefits of drinking tea?

Antioxidant, it also maintains the integrity of blood vessels, protects against cancer, works to moisturize the body and maintain the freshness and health of your skin.

How many times do you drink tea a day?

3 – 4 cups a day.

Does drinking tea prolong life?

This is possible, according to a study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, which found that drinking 1-2 cups of tea per day was associated with increased lifespan.


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