Your outfit will not be complete without the unique bag. It is also your only way to comfortably carry your things. Where bags are one of the main accessories in your outfit, so you should always choose the right bag for the right place. Follow us to learn about the latest trends in 2022 bags, and where and how you can wear it.

Big Bags

It is one of the most popular bags that we see in every season, especially in summer. It is suitable for:

  • Your everyday look.
  • Traveling.
  • Your summer holidays.

And the most famous big bags for this summer, which you definitely saw similar to, is the Chanel bag, which is characterized by a hand of chains that are usually characteristic of Chanel and embroidered fabrics in the form of lozenges, so I advise you dear, to be your companion for this summer.

Also, among the most prominent big bags for this season are metallic bags, and we have seen them in large sizes from Fendi, Louis Vuitton, and River Island, who wanted to break the stereotype that metallic fabrics are only for occasions and nights. Now dear, you can coordinate it with your daytime and daily looks in a striking and attractive way.

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Tassels Bags

You might think it can’t be elegant, but we saw it a lot in the past seasons, and it continues for this season as well. It suits your colorful summer looks to add some vitality and life to it, as it can be in any color or shape. The most prominent of these bags is the colored Chloe bag.

Crescent Bags

It came back from the nineties to become the most popular model for this season, small and light that fits your daily looks and occasions as well and accommodates your things. And we have seen many celebrities on the red carpet with bags from Fendi in the shape of a crescent, which is my favorite, and many brands have competed in releasing this style, such as:

Louis Vuitton – Balenciaga – Loewe’s Luna – Dior.

Metal Chain Bags

Metal Chain Bags
Metal Chain Bags

And who’s the one that did not fall in love with it, as chains of golden or silver necklaces or even colored plastic are added to the bags in a modern way. You can wear it in many places and occasions, and you may use it for a daily look or a special dinner look. In my opinion, each of us should own a piece of it. It should also be a staple in your wardrobe. And we have seen it in many brands such as Prada, which featured it, Tom Ford mini label top-handle bag with colored chains, Bottega Veneta chain pouch with a classic bag that matches all your looks, Dior and finally Gucci.

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Crochet Bags

One of the bags that is very suitable for summer colors is the crochet bag. And it may be your favorite if your style is bohemian, it is also perfect for your summer beach look. And we have seen it in Chloe shows this year.

Wide Leather Straps Bags

Prada launched distinctive bags, adding a modern feel to classic models. Introducing the group, Miuccia Prada said: “I wanted to highlight the simplicity and structured character through the subtle lines of these bags, so that it offers to the women who carry it practicality and innovative elegance in a modern style.”

Straw Bags

It is one of the latest summer bags of 2022, as it comes in multiple sizes. For example, the large one is suitable for your trips to the beach from Tod’s. You will also find that some of the straw bags have a wide strip of fabric to carry them on the shoulder, and many of them were from Valli’s signature, where they reused a lot of animal fabrics and patterns in different colors. Necklaces of pearls have also been added to some models to give a classic, modern character. As for the eye-catching thing that you may have not adopted before, but it appeared in many fashion shows, it is the use of two bags in one look, one of the very modern looks for this year. A large bag with two other small ones hanging is a trend this season.

Because bags are considered one of the main accessories in your look, choose the bag that best suits your personality, as it adds a unique touch to the clothes you wear.