You love high heels and coordinate them with your clothes on various occasions, and you love to buy them. You have every right, as it gives a beautiful feminine character. Unfortunately, many have shoes with heels that they wore only once because of the terrible pain caused by the heel. Don’t worry, continue with us to learn the basis for choosing high heels and ways to relieve the resulting pain.

Tips to Wear High Heels

Here are some valuable tips in fashion world:

1. Wear the Correct Size

You need to choose the right size for your foot. It is preferable for your feet to be comfortable in it, because the feet tend to swell when wearing heels for a long time.

2. Shop at the End of the Day

Specialist Franklin Polon advises readers of The Washington Post to buy shoes at the end of the day when your feet are swollen. If you feel comfortable wearing the shoes at this time, they are definitely comfortable.

3. Take Breaks

Whether you wear high heels or not, standing on your feet for a long period of time can hurt them, so you should alternate between standing and sitting to give your feet a rest.

4. Wearing Sabo Heels (Rockers)

If you are a beginner or want a heel that does not restrict your movement, you should choose this type. The tighter the heel, the more pain you feel. Erica Schwartz tells The Washington Post: The thicker the heel, the better. Because such a shoe will have a stronger and more stable base. But if you wear thin heels, it can cause you to sprain your ankle.”

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5. Use Insoles

Use a special insole for high heels with your new shoes.

6. Choose Shoes with Extra Support

The heel is more comfortable when walking with an additional strap around the ankle, a strap like a ballet shoe, or with more upper coverage.

7. Choose High Heel Cushions

Shoes with a thin sole cause pain in the bottom of your feet, get a foot pad that absorbs shocks to comfort your feet.

8. Pay Attention to the Shape of Your Feet

Some of us have wide feet and others have narrow ones, small fingers or shorter than others. So if your feet are wide, I advise you not to wear closed pointed shoes, choose wide heels from the front, whether closed or open. And even if your fingers are short, wear wide heels and closed from the front, as pointed shoes will press the front of your feet, causing you a lot of pain and possibly ulcers.

9. Attach Your Third and Fourth Toes

You may find this method strange, but it can be useful. Start counting from the big toe of your feet and stick the third and fourth using a medical tape, preferably transparent, especially if you wear open-toed shoes. As there is a nerve that divides between these two toes, and the tape relieves the applied pressure on this nerve when wearing heels, which makes it significantly less painful. Try it, it can help you relieve pain.

High Heels
High Heels

Types of High Heels

Do you always wear heels for a long time? So you should know the right time to wear different lengths of heels to choose the most suitable for you and your occasions.

1. Low Heels

It is about 1.5 inches or less (that is, about 3 cm or less) and you can wear it for a maximum of four hours. This type of heels is ideal if you will be standing for long periods or participating in an activity that requires dancing or a lot of walking.

2. Medium Heels

The heel is 1.5 to 3 inches (3 to 7.62 cm). You should wear it for a maximum of 3 hours. This type of heels is not suitable for walking for long periods or dancing, and it will suit your social occasions, but you should be careful not to increase your physical activity if you want to get less pain later.

3. High Heels

If it is more than 3 inches, it is not recommended to wear it because it will change your way of walking and will increase the pressure on your feet, and then the pain will increase in your lower back and knees.

Finally, no matter how hard we try, the heel pain will remain, but by following these tips, the pain will be tolerable and you will have an attractive appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions about High Heels

Why Do Women Wear High Heels?

To show off her elegance and beauty, and to enhance her appearance and presence on various occasions. Some women also wear high heels to gain extra height, which gives them more confidence and an attractive look.

What Does High Heels Mean in English?

High Heels

What are the Harms of Wearing High Heels?

1. Lower back pain.
2. Sore calves.
3. Pain and ulcers in the feet.
4. Curvature of the spine.
5. Constricts blood vessels
6. Ulcers and wounds in the toes.