Whatever the occasion is, you cannot leave the house without any piece of accessories, even if it is very simple. And if you waste a lot of time choosing from your jewelry every day, this article will definitely make things easier for you.

This year’s fashion brings you many options that take into account most tastes, as it is luxurious and carries a classic character. On the other hand, it is characterized by boldness and diversity to add vitality and sparkle to your summer looks.

We will now talk about the types of accessories, and how you can use it with your clothes and style:

Plastic Accessories

As accessories made of plastic had a great importance and presence this year, especially those made of (resin), you will find them in the form of large and colorful chains, and in the form of rings with a youthful nature, and even as large and colorful earrings.

We have seen many models and fashion experts with multiple plastic bracelets of different sizes and colors that suit the colorful summer looks.


Pearl: As for pearls, they should be a staple in your wardrobe. Whereas fashion expert Deni Todorovic insisted in his report on pintrest that pearls will not only be elegant and beautiful accessories, but they will also add quirkiness and sparkle to everything, from your everyday looks to the red carpet. So, if you want to wear it for a daily look, you should choose a small size of pearls, as the rule says: ““The more formal the event, the more the size of the pearl”. And when you’re getting ready for a party, then you can wear a simple dress and decorate it with bold pearl accessories.

Gold or Silver Accessories

Gold accessories still maintain their important position for decades, despite the attempt of silver accessories to compete with them. But don’t worry dear, in this season, you can wear each of the two colors separately without being confused. Especially chain accessories that have a remarkable presence in their different sizes.

You can go out with a simple look and a necklace of gold or silver chains for a modern look. Especially if the colors of your clothes are neutral. And if you have a white skin, you should wear silver!

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Cuff Bracelet

We saw the cuff bracelet in many fashion shows this year and on the red carpet, as it is one of the latest fashions. It might be the perfect choice for you if you want an elegant gypsy look, or even to add excitement to one of your luxurious, classic looks.


As for the choker, it has returned to the world of fashion with greater force. It appeared for the first time in 2016 and then disappeared to return this year. We saw it frequently in fashion shows in bold forms and relatively large sizes. Where you can wear a sparkling stone, metal, or pearl chocker with bold motifs when you wear an open-chested evening dress, or wear a colorful bead chocker for your daily summer looks.

Oversized Earrings

Accessories - Oversized Earrings

It is one of your quick solutions to transform a simple and boring look into a striking and modern one, And round earrings had a great place in the hearts of many fashion pioneers this year.

If you want a modern look that carries a nineties character, then it is the most suitable for you. The earrings come in different sizes to suit all types of faces.

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They had a big presence in fashion accessories this year, as we find it on necklaces or even on large rings, and in distinctive colors to give your look a modern and elegant look.

Body Accessories

You can also add accessories that adorn the body for a bold look. Especially if you have a slim waist, a chain around your waist with a simple dress will take your look to a magical level. And it was noticed in the Paris shows a few weeks ago the presence of jeans in many accessories, as we saw it as a waist belt in different sizes or even as long boots that you can draw attention to. To get a slim waist on you, follow Sara popfit’s ”Skinny Waist Challenge”.

Finally, you may see that the most important thing you have to do this year to keep up with fashion is to be bold and accept strange fashion and try it before judging it, because we do not know where our designers might reach in their striking designs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Accessories

What are Accessories?

Women wear accessories to highlight their own style, to show her personality, and to transform dull fashion into eye-catching outfits. So she needs a good collection of bags, scarves, jewelry and hats to show her look. In choosing fashion, several things must be taken into account, like the weather and the occasion, and we must adhere to special rules for wearing them.

What are the Types of Accessories?

There are many types of accessories to choose from, but we can classify them into these types:
Bags – Jewelry – Hats – Hair Accessories – Belts – Glasses – Scarves. The species mentioned above can be used alone or in groups. For example, something as simple as swapping out your sandals for a pair of heels can take your look to another level.

What are the Accessories Made Of?

Most of the materials used in the manufacture of accessories are taken from the plant and animal world. All materials used in the manufacture of jewelry are subject to processing, where it was a chemical, mechanical and physical processing, with the aim of transforming it from its raw form into shapes that give the wearer distinctive beauty and attractiveness.