Preparing skin before makeup helps create a smooth surface to apply your makeup and helps your makeup last longer throughout the day. It also helps prevent clogged pores.

I spent many hours in the morning finishing your makeup. I combined the foundation perfectly, I added a little blush to your cheeks, And I completed your look with a perfect redness! But shortly after you left the house I noticed that your perfect look had waned and its splendor disappeared!

We’ve all been through this situation, and we all want fresh skin and consistent makeup until the end of the day. We use a lot of expensive and carefully selected products and waste a lot of time in front of the mirror, but the truth is that no matter how good the cosmetics you cannot hide a lot of skin problems such as severe dryness and preparing the skin well before makeup is the basis for its ease of distribution and fusion and makes it stable for a longer period without staining.

In this article, we will highlight the steps to prepare the skin before applying makeup to get the perfect look and reduce the effect of chemicals on your skin.

Enter these steps into your daily routine and monitor their outcome:

Preparing the skin before makeup
  1. Skin function: It is the essential step before makeup, and after it as well. Make sure you start with clean, dry skin. In a circular motion, gently rub your favorite lotion over your skin to remove any impurities, dirt and oils.
  2. Sheer Skin: Just like the skin in the rest of your body, Your face also needs exfoliation to remove any dead cells that may clog your pores and exfoliation can also help relieve stains and pits that cause uneven-colored or uneven-touched skin.
  3. Toner: Toner helps soothe, protect and prepare your skin for the most important step. Moisturizing!
  4. Apply plenty of moisturizer to your entire face while your skin is still slightly moisturized with a toner. This will help your skin absorb the product better. This is so that makeup blends into your skin easily and smoothly without clumping.
  5. Primer: Cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing are important parts of your skincare routine but when it comes to consistent makeup throughout the day, Applying the primer may be the most important step. It helps soften your skin and prolongs the survival of foundation, blush, bronzer and other facial products. It also prevents cosmetics from reaching deeper layers of your skin.
  6. Sun protection: Whatever the reasons, You should not leave home without using sunscreen until you save your skin from the harmful rays of the sun UVA and UVB.

Now your skin is ready to start applying makeup, And after applying the previous steps, you will notice that it has become integrated easily on the skin, without obvious defects or lumps.

But you may have some questions such as:

What can I use to ensure cosmetics are stable all day long?

There are two easy ways to install: Fastening sprayer or fixing powder.

Preparing the skin before makeup

Installation spray: If you are looking for a fresh (non-greasy) appearance, Spray your entire face with Dewy Set stabilizer spray.

Free Installation Powder: Once you apply all the makeup products that contain the cream, Cover your entire face with free stabilizer powder. This ultra-soft lightweight powder improves makeup, brightens, and installs it easily because it absorbs oil and reduces shine.

You can also put both the fixing sprayer and the mounting powder together for additional stability quality.

And how do you keep your makeup fresh all day?

If you follow our steps and prepare your face correctly, You won’t need your makeup bag every few hours to modify it.

Do you notice dryness on your skin during the day?

Apply more stabilizer spray to give your skin freshness in the middle of the day.

Do you have some shine in various parts of your face by midday?

We recommend that you keep the free fixing powder in your bag so you can make small adjustments throughout the day.

Always remember that preparing skin before makeup is the basis of a beautiful look, Following the right care routine will protect your skin from the effects of cosmetics and allergies.

We hope that our article for today helped you prepare the skin before makeup


Skin preparation

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