Redness and traces of grains can appear even in the presence of foundation, so it is recommended to use a corrector. Skin blemishes to add your own beautiful shine

Some women think that a skin tone corrector is the same as a (concealer). However, concealer in beige tones is used to cover light dark circles, grain effects, and light spots. While the blemish corrector has several uses and comes in several shades.

The concealer is used as a second layer after the corrector. Because the corrector helps even out your skin tone.

In this article, I will help you to get the perfect flawless base.

Firstly, What is the color correction or corrector of skin defects?

Skin blemishes corrector
Skin blemishes corrector

Color correction is a method that relies on correcting the color of your skin using specific colors to get rid of pigmentation and spots.

Ask yourself, am I getting the result I want from foundation and concealer only? If the answer is no, then this means that you should resort to a color corrector.

You will find that many brands have introduced color correcting products in many forms, liquid, cream, powder and many colors such as green, orange, yellow and purple.

But it may be difficult for you to know how to use and choose shades of color correction, Because you have to choose it to the degree that corrects the imperfections that your skin suffers from, to get clear skin, Pure and flawless.

Colors opposite each other on the color wheel cancel each other out. For example, the green corrector hides red pimples. بينما يقلل المصحح الأرجواني البقع الصفراء.

First: You need to decide what you want to correct?

Do you suffer from pigmentation?

Do you have fatigue or darkening under the eye?

Do you have a difference in superficial skin colors?

Do you have signs of previous pills?

According to the brand Maybelline, the corrector is divided into several basic colors:

Skin Corrector, How To Choose And Use It Optimally!
Skin blemishes corrector

Orange color: It is the color most used to correct dark circles, as it helps to get rid of any dark spots and is suitable for brown-skinned people.

Apricot and peach: It works just as well as the orange corrector, but it is suitable for fair-to-medium skin tones.

Green color: helps reduce redness caused by pimples or rosecha, and can also hide pimple marks.

Yellow color: used to hide bruises or veins and capillaries that have a violet color, and it can also reduce brown circles.

Violet color: It will help you lighten your skin and get rid of yellowness and pallor.

Pink color: It is used for fair-skinned women who suffer from dark circles around the eyes. it works to light it up to hide signs of fatigue. It also contributes to concealing the prominent blue tissues in wheaten skin.

White color: gives the face a distinctive radiance and a special look, It adds a distinctive light to the face.

Tips for using the skin blemishes corrector in the best way:

  • Apply it in thin layers, Because the thick layer appears easily when applying foundation.
  • Apply the color corrector specifically to the problem area only (not all over the face) and blend it well before foundation and concealer.
  • Don’t use a corrector if you don’t need one.
  • You don’t have to have all the degrees of skin blemishes corrector unless you are a beautician, You can identify your skin problems and buy only the necessary shade.

But always remember to love yourself with your flaws before your advantages. There is no perfection and you are beautiful the way you are.


1- concealer


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