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You have definitely noticed the development of technology and the dependence of all aspects of life on smart devices such as “laptops” or “mobile devices”. There is no harm in that, as they are very useful and facilitate many aspects of life, but the problem is that we don’t realize the harm of sitting incorrectly in front of these devices, and how it will negatively affect our bodies, so after we explain this idea to you, we will also explain to you the correct ways to avoid its risks and face its negative impact.

Among the most prominent damages caused by sitting for a long time incorrectly in front of smart devices or in front of a computer screen:

Stroke, metabolic disorders, weight gain, diabetes, dry eyes, joint and spine pain, herniated neck vertebrae.

Have you ever felt a slight pain in your neck that gets worse when you sit in front of your computer or mobile phone? Of course, you will notice after a while that this pain has started to increase.

We often sit with the back bent, so that its shape becomes like an arc, and the head is very advanced forward or downward, which causes a burden on the neck vertebrae with time, and the “Gulf” website’ according to the head of the Medical Treatment Division at the Emirates Medical Association, “Amal Al-Shamlan”, as saying that neck and back pain were classified as No. One among the list of health problems that cause disability.

So when does this pain increase?

The pain increases when you put your head in one place for long periods of time, which makes you have symptoms such as tightness, spasms, decreased ability to move your head, and headaches. This condition may worsen and its symptoms may become more severe and may last for several days. It may also spread to your arms or legs, In addition, it may be accompanied by a headache, numbness, weakness, or a tingling sensation.

But of course you can protect yourself from all these pains, especially neck pain:

In the following ways:

  1. You should pay attention to your sitting and standing position so that it is healthy, with your shoulders in line with the hip, and the ears directly above the shoulder.
  2. While you work, take frequent breaks and do simple neck exercises, specifically stretching exercises.
  3. Put the computer screen at eye level.
  4. When you sit on the chair in front of the computer, your knees should be slightly lower than the hip, and you can use your armrests on the chair.
  5. Don’t hold the phone between your ear and shoulder in such a way that your neck tilts uncomfortably, try using headphones instead.
  6. Quit smoking because it leads to neck diseases.
  7. finally, try to sleep in a comfortable position where your head and neck should be aligned with your body, and you can use a small pillow under your neck, and you can sleep on your back with your thighs raised on pillows.

And if you feel the pain before it gets worse, you can massage your neck because this helps to stimulate blood circulation and relax the muscles in this area. You can also perform neck exercises, in addition to putting hot water on your neck for 10 to 15 minutes.

According to a consultant rheumatologist, Dr. Diaa Haj Hussein , headaches associated with the cervical region of the spine affect women about twice as often as men because of the weakness of the neck muscles, which do not give them a high degree of flexibility.

In his turn, Dr. Abdullah Qassem, a consultant neurologist in Dubai, said that the neck is the most moving part of the spine, and is less protected than the rest of the column, so it is the most vulnerable to pain and injury, indicating that the tilt of the head down while using mobiles puts pressure on the column. vertebral column, ranging from 15 to 20% of a person’s weight, specifically on the neck, In addition, an increase in the head creeping forward by 2.5 cm means an increase in pressure on the lower neck vertebrae by the weight of the head, which indicated that a study in the United States of America revealed that 79% of those between the ages of 18 and 44 years suffer from severe pain in the neck and back due to excessive use for smart devices.


Away from neck pain, which is most common due to prolonged and incorrect sitting in front of a computer or mobile phone, it may cause:

  1. Diseases of the digestive system, where a person is more likely to suffer from constipation, bloating, and acidity.
  2. Heart disease, where fat accumulates especially in the arteries.
  3. Back pain, chiropractor Jeremy James says that long sitting puts your back vertebrae under more pressure than other positions and may lead to deformation of the ligaments and discs in the back over time.
  4. Weight gain as the body stores excess calories and accumulates fat in certain areas of the body.

There is no doubt that you must be professional at your work and do all your duties at the right time, but do not let this matter affect your health and cause you harm.


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