When i was young, I had a great love for accessories, So I used to buy and wear large quantities of them, I even wished that my father would have a shop selling accessories so that I could change and exchange my accessories every day. This was a long time ago.

Today I know there is a certain way of coordinating accessories with clothes.

In fact, coordinating jewelry and accessories is one of the most important things that every woman must learn to highlight her elegance and beauty. It is well known that jewelry and accessories complement clothes. Therefore, it is necessary to choose jewelry and accessories elegantly, meaning that the clothes match the accessories, There will be consistency between each piece of jewelry that adorns the neck, such as a necklace, and between bracelets and rings. And between the clothes we wear, and this is what we will discuss here.

What are the accessories?

Accessories are additional products that beautify or add functionality to pre-existing things.

They are called accessories, or luxuries, and they are adornments whose purpose is to complement. Accessories, jewelry, gloves, bags, hats, belts, hair accessories, watches, sunglasses, and pins are among the items that fall under this designation.

The importance of accessories

Some people think that accessories are something added that is not important. Note that the accessory, old and new, performs valuable functions. Even some clerics wore accessories to add prestige and sanctity to their personalities. What are these functions that the accessory performed recently in the aesthetic aspect:

Expressing your personality

Accessories are just as necessary as clothes. It gives you a whole new way to express yourself. Therefore, it is necessary to learn the rules for coordinating accessories with clothes. For example, barbers often express themselves by wearing a bracelet that represents a comb or scissors. While swimmers express themselves with a golden model of dolphins, fish or life vests.

Clothes take up more space in your wardrobe. But fashion accessories are vital finishing touches to every look and emphasize your style, taste and preferences. It also offers unlimited clothing renewal options. Allowing you to get the most out of every item you own, You can build your own signature from head to toe with the accessories, In other words, the accessory gives you a halo that covers you from your head to the bottom of your feet and belongs to you only. Fashion accessories add interest to your look and allow you to express your individual style. Bracelets and watches are accessories that draw attention to your personality and bring out your best features. Eye-catching accessories can also help you make a strong fashion statement. I mean, you will emphasize the beauty of the clothes you wear. And establish the aesthetic taste of each piece you choose.

Give excitement and movement to your clothes

Do you want to change the mood of your boring daily clothes? We’ve all overaccessorized at some point in our lives, They look so good that we want to show them all off at once, Accessories complete the look and give you a touch of vitality and excitement. And being your own designer there will always be room for excitement and fun.

Combine the right accessories with the right dress for the occasion. Add a touch of color with a beaded bracelet or a piece of gold jewellery. And watch the general appearance rise, making your clothes look expensive and boost your self-confidence, Choosing the right accessory can be difficult. You can also take ideas from your favorite celebrities, Celebrities often make themselves famous for a specific type of accessory they add to their appearance. However, do not overdo it with accessories. You will look like a disaster. One piece of accessory can be more powerful than a huge pile of accessories.

Helps you get noticed

When we see a woman or man perfectly dressed, We want to communicate with them. An accessory seller told me that his merchandise sells more as influential people wear it. your attachments speak before you speak, A clean look with the right accessories is the best way to get noticed. Women are so obsessed with accessories that they notice what every other woman is wearing. Imagine that you are sitting next to a woman who is wearing a piece of jewelry that you have been searching for for months. You can’t help but bend forward and ask where she bought it, Likewise if you were wearing something that everyone was dying to have, You are sure to get a ‘hello’ from them and it may help you to make a real friendship, No matter what story a piece of fashion jewelry tells or what conversation it starts, It will always be an interesting story to tell with pride, so make sure you learn the rules for matching accessories with clothes.

Accessories give you a new look every time

Have you worn the same clothes more than once? Are you out of money to buy a new dress for a party? Don’t worry! Make the dress look different every time you wear it by pairing it with a different piece of jewellery, Your friends will forget the dress you wore last time. They will be busy looking at your charming accessories, You can always surprise people by wearing the same clothes in different ways. Find some colorful pieces to add pops of color to a boring shirt, magical fashion accessories, Especially the colorful modern additions that you may acquire at the cheapest prices. They transform the same basic outfit into something new every time! The basics look better with the right additions.

Your outfit will look great when paired with the right accessory, You can wear the same outfit over and over again without anyone noticing.

Accessories aren’t just worthless extras. Rather, it is the most important thing that distinguishes your look and adds to it a charming touch and unlimited elegance.

Here are some tips on coordinating accessories with clothes, And the most important mistakes that many people make.

One of the most beautiful things about accessories is that they completely change the way you look. It can also be worn with different pieces of clothing each time.

With Eid Al-Fitr approaching, These tips will help you look super stylish and attractive this Eid.

Every woman always dreams of having the right collection of clothes to facilitate her dressing experience.

Accessories such as handbags, shoes, belts, jewelry, watches, eyeglasses, scarves, and shoes are an essential commodity that helps you complete your wardrobe.

in the art of coordinating accessories, “The secret is in the details”، The right accessories can elevate a basic look to an elegant look.

The 6 basic types of accessories:

1. The shoes


The shoe is a very important element for the comfort of the feet. But choosing it in the most appropriate way is very important because it

unlike other accessories, You will likely need to wear shoes every day. Although it is important to have a few neutral shoe options in your wardrobe collection (such as white sneakers, high heels, flat black shoes, black or brown shoes), Unique shoes can elevate your look. Look for fun, yet comfortable shoes. Otherwise, you will never wear it.

2. Jewelry


likely your jewelry box, combines your special taste and intimate memories, And

Whether your jewelry box contains just one beautiful watch or a collection of bracelets, prominent necklaces, chandelier earrings, You probably reach for your jewelry when you are looking to add a little sparkle to your look.

If you are new to the world of jewelry, Start with a delicate piece of jewelry like tiny diamond studs. or hoop earrings, or a simple necklace or classic pieces that go with almost anything, Then you will not get tired of choosing what suits you.

3. Hair accessories

Hair accessories provide an easy way to show off your personal style.

Take a look at your current hair accessories and see if there is room for change

– Can you replace an ordinary hair tie with a silk hair tie?

– Can you replace the cloth band with the diamond band?

4. Handbags


Different bags – from handbags to purses – are suitable for different occasions

If you have handbags in a variety of colors and patterns, You will always have a unique look. Try to switch between them to suit your look.

5. Belts

Belts aren’t just for function, They are also for fashion, Whether you choose a narrow or wide belt, or a simple or ornate belt, Or choose a metal, leather or fabric strap, Defining the waistline with a belt is one of the easiest ways to make an outfit look more polished. It also shapes your body the way you want it.

6. Winter accessories

Scarves, hats and mittens keep you warm, But it’s also an opportunity to add color and patterns to your look. Especially if your outerwear is more neutral, Do not hesitate to choose the most beautiful and extravagant, as it has a valuable addition.

The basics of coordinating accessories with clothes

Following the rules in anything makes it better. Likewise with accessories. Knowing the rules for coordinating accessories is essential.

Choose the appropriate number of accessories:

The accessory is one of the basic pieces with dresses, But without exaggerating! You can wear 3 or 4 pieces of accessories, but more than that, the look will not be elegant. The point is not the number.

The matter does not stop at the extent that the accessories are limited to 4 only, Rather, they must be consistent with each other in terms of shape and color. It is not possible to combine and coordinate a silver necklace and a large gold-colored watch with a plastic bracelet! It would look outrageous.

Coordinating colors

Each season has its own specific colours. Colors reflect a lot of our personality, taste and psychological state. We choose dark colors when we are sad. We choose light colors when we feel happy.

Choosing colors is one of the most important steps in coordinating clothes. Wearing pieces of discordant colors may spoil your looks completely or make them appear exaggerated. Also, wearing neutral colors may make you look plain or boring.

Use accessories smartly to decorate your look and add some color to it. or reduce the color contrast therein, The accessories do that.

If your clothes are of a muted or dark color, Choose an accessory in a clear and bright color to add brightness and life to your look.

Likewise, if your clothes have a lot of colors, Use simple pieces of accessories to reduce the intensity of these colors.

Coordinating colors
Coordinating colors

Coordination of accessories with the style of clothing

We will choose some pieces of accessories to show how to coordinate them with clothes:

When you choose a particular necklace, It must match the neckline in order to complement the look and not spoil it.

Choose short, delicate chains with low-necked blouses and dresses.

As for blouses and dresses that are characterized by a wide neckline, Fits with thick necklaces with prominent designs.

If you are wearing a sleeveless dress, Choose a narrow necklace around the neck.

If you are wearing a coat or blouse with a large collar, Don’t hide it under a huge scarf, Instead, choose a thin scarf and wear it around your neck under your coat collar.

In the end, The most important advice here is to choose what suits your style and taste. Not just the latest fashion.

Coordinating hand accessories with clothes

Hand accessories are an essential part of accessories, and so is the matter. There are rules for coordinating these accessories with clothes.

Wrist watches are important accessories that complete your elegance. especially work or sportswear,

But it does not quite match with evening wear, It is a common mistake to wear a wristwatch on occasions that require an evening dress. That would look inappropriate.

If you are a glove fanatic, You must choose a color that matches the color of your clothes or other accessories.

You can also match the color of the gloves with your shoes, belt, or handbag. Or even the color of your lipstick.

As for the rings, Its size should match the shape of your hand and the size of your fingers. Big rings do not fit short fingers.

so, If your hand is small, choose thin rings to give your hand more length.

Mistakes in coordinating accessories with clothes

The rules include what is appropriate and what is wrong, so in the article on the rules for coordinating accessories with clothes, we will talk about common mistakes among women while wearing accessories.

It is forbidden to wear more than three large pieces:

Mistakes in coordinating accessories with clothes
Mistakes in coordinating accessories with clothes

The rules for wearing accessories say, A girl should not wear more than three large pieces of accessories at the same time. For example, she should choose a large earring without wearing a large collet. A large bracelet and ring can be chosen with it.

The color of the bag does not have to match the shoes:

The fashion for choosing the color of the bag that the girl carries must be completely and perfectly matched with the color of the shoe. This is a very wrong rule. This is especially true if they are of a stark colour. So refrain completely from choosing shoes that are the same color as the bag. You will appear artificial and stereotyped.

The wristwatch is not for evening wear:

Another misconception is that a girl can wear a wristwatch with an evening dress. This is totally inappropriate. The wristwatch is only suitable for casual or formal wear and not for a night out at all.

Choose the colors of loud accessories with the colors of glaring clothes:

Completely avoid choosing stark colors for clothes with stark colors for accessories. If you choose dark colors, You should choose accessories that combine many colors that attract attention. vice versa, When choosing light clothes, Choose dark accessories with it.

Accessories are no longer a luxury thing. It has become an important aesthetic element. Therefore, there are rules for choosing them, their number and size, as well as their colours. according to the clothes we wear, The importance of accessories stems from the fact that they express our personality in the first place. It also attracts others to you and helps you establish social relationships. It also has the function of highlighting the beauty of the clothes we wear. can save us a good number of cash, When we replace buying a dress by wearing some accessories that draw attention to it and make us look like we are wearing a new dress every time, Do you have a large number of accessories, Or are you thinking of buying more, don’t hesitate. Express yourself with your accessories and learn the rules for coordinating accessories with clothes. Stay elegant!

Frequently Asked Questions about matching Accessories with Clothes

What is the name of the hand accessories?

Bracelet, It is an accessory that is worn around the wrist. It is made of silver, gold or bronze.
It is worn by both men and women, Did you buy a beautiful gold bracelet this month?

When were accessories invented?

Women have an eternal and inseparable relationship with accessories and jewelry and the search for adornment and beauty since the dawn of time. commensurate with her beauty, and feminine nature, Where the history of accessories industry dates back to BC, They were made in the form of simple bracelets and necklaces of leather or reeds decorated with pebbles, rounded fruits, feathers or animal bones.

What are the Accessories Made Of?

Jewelry can be made of any material. but it is often made of precious stones, precious metals or sea shells, An integrated set of these jewelry items may be coordinated and called a jewelry set.




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