When talking about royal life, our attention always draws to the elegance of the royal family and the looks of the queens, which carry simplicity and beauty at the same time, as the queens and princesses appear with simple makeup that has one style, but it is attractive and appropriate for their occasions and royal duties.

Many women want to know the secret of the distinction and elegance of princesses around the world and to know the rules of royal beauty. This is what we will learn about in this article, where we will go together on a trip around the world to learn about the rules of royal beauty in England, Sweden, Spain and many countries of the world. So, stay with us.

Royal Beauty Rules

Princesses and queens around the world are keen to follow the rules of royal protocol. There are many royal beauty regulations that include things that are completely prohibited and things that are partially permitted.

Royal beauty depends on appearing naturally, not vulgar. Princesses represent the royal family and appear on many occasions that may last for hours in the open air or in closed places. Therefore, they must follow special rules known as the rules of royal beauty. The royal family in Britain is famous for its strict adherence to these rules due to its keenness. The late Queen Elizabeth II implemented these rules and imposed them on all women of the royal family. The rules of royal beauty are as follows:

  • Not wearing bright lipstick:

Princesses are forbidden from appearing with bright lipstick or bold colors because the rules of royal beauty allow natural or pink colors. Also, the bright red color looks harsh on the lips, and there is a possibility that the princess’s clothes or teeth will be spoiled with the bright lipstick, and she is constantly exposed to attention, so royal protocol rejects it.

  • Not choosing shiny nail polish:

Queen Elizabeth was averse to long nails and bright nail colors, so she would choose a neutral color or clean nails without polish, and princesses generally appeared with short, neat nails in calm colors.

  • Avoid heavy makeup:

Princesses and queens choose calm makeup that is close to their natural beauty, so they do not use heavy foundation or bright blush. They also do not apply contour to define their features, nor wear winged eyeliner or false eyelashes. They completely avoid full eye makeup. It is possible to apply highlighter, but with caution and not excessively.

  • Keep your makeup fixed:

When a princess or queen attends a party or event, it lasts for hours and she may participate in its activities, so her hair and makeup must remain fixed. The princess is also prevented from fixing her makeup in public places, so princesses choose an excellent type of makeup fixative to ensure that their makeup stays put, and they also use hair nets to keep the hairstyle stable or a good quality hair spray, so the hairstyle stays put even if the princess spends her day outdoors.

  • Maintaining natural hair colors:

Princesses do not choose bold hair colors because royal beauty prevents straying from the natural hair color, so princesses may choose hair dye colors that are close to their original hair color, such as Princess of Wales Kate Middleton, who chooses honey and brown shades.

  • Always appear neat:

The princess never appears with messy hair or untidy clothes, as royal rules prevent members of the royal family, men and women, from appearing unkempt. They are exposed to being photographed with all their movements, so the princess always appears with tidy hair and appropriate clothes.

Royal Beauty Rules – Princess Kate Middleton

Royal Beauty Rules - Princess Kate Middleton

Princess of Wales Kate Middleton is famous for her radiant, healthy skin, calm makeup, and healthy, shiny hair. She is known for her distinctive clothing choices. She has even become an influence on fashion in the United Kingdom known as the Kate Effect. She is famous for her elegance even before her marriage to Prince William.

Kate Middleton is famous for applying her own makeup even on her wedding day, and she chooses one distinctive style to achieve calm, natural makeup that conforms to the rules of royal beauty:

  • Kate’s beauty secret is to start with healthy, flawless skin. She chooses a foundation with a soft, beautiful texture that gives her healthy, radiant skin without making it look cakey, while using concealer lightly to hide the paleness under the eyes and unify skin tone. She adheres to a skin care routine on a daily basis, especially with regard to moisturizing the skin to protect it from dryness and wrinkles. She also uses natural materials such as rosehip oil to treat dark spots and nourish the skin.
  • Kate uses soft pink blush for naturally radiant cheeks and it matches her soft makeup colors.
  • Kate prefers thick, natural eyebrows, and for soft smokey eyes, she chooses black eyeliner and ivory, earthy, or silver eyeshadow that suits her beautiful eyes.
  • The Princess of Wales does not use contour to define her features. Rather, she replaces it with a bronzer that is one or two shades darker than her natural skin tone. She applies it to the prominent points on her face, giving the skin a healthy glow while improving the features. Kate chooses bronzer with a shine-free cream or gel formula.
  • Kate prefers calm nail polish colors, such as pink or beige, and always appears with neat, short nails.
  • Kate adopts classic hairstyles and uses a hairnet to keep her hairstyle stable for a long time. She chooses wonderful accessories for her hair to complete the royal look. She also takes good care of the health and shine of her hair by following a special routine to care for her hair and its beauty, to the point that many beauty experts are wondering about the secret of the beauty of Kate’s iconic hair.

Royal Beauty Rules – Princess Diana

Royal Beauty Rules - Princess Diana

Twenty-six years after the death of Princess Diana, she is still an icon in the world of beauty and elegance, as she left us a legacy of elegant and beautiful looks that to this day are still a source of inspiration for many lovers of elegance and beauty around the world, as she was distinguished by her wonderful choices of clothing, jewelry, and calm makeup that suits her breathtaking beauty.

  • Beauty expert Mary Greenwell, who worked as Princess Diana’s personal makeup artist and then became her friend, says: “Diana cared a lot about her skin, and the first step before applying her makeup was to make sure to moisturize her skin. She also used rose water to care for her sensitive skin. She was careful to remove her makeup before going to sleep, making sure her face is well clean before applying makeup. She cleansed and moisturized her skin twice a day.”
  • The beautiful princess had naturally red cheeks, especially when she was embarrassed or excited about something, so she would choose blush in soft colors like pink.
  • She preferred a little kohl and mascara to highlight the beauty of her eyes. She also used to shine with blue kohl, which gave her eyes excitement and sparkle. Then, she replaced it with brown pencil based on the advice of her friend, the beauty expert Mary.
  • Diana had wonderful, thick, healthy hair. Unlike many women in the 1980s, Diana preferred short hair, which gave her a youthful appearance. She cut it periodically and stayed away from synthetic products that harmed the quality of her hair.
  • As for lipstick, Diana chose calm colors such as pink or apricot, and she shined at some parties in bright colors such as raspberry and purple.
  • Diana believed in balance in everything, such as good sleep and healthy food for healthy skin. She drank carrot, apple, and cucumber juice, and started her day with a glass of water and lemon. She completely avoided alcohol, which made her skin look healthy and fresh. She also committed to a full hour of morning exercise to maintain her fitness.

Royal Beauty Rules – Princess Eugenie

Royal Beauty Rules - Princess Eugenie

Princess Eugenie is one of the princesses of the royal family. She is the granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II. She has stunning beauty, wonderful white skin, and charming eyes. She looked wonderful at her wedding with makeup that suits the rules of royal beauty, and highlights the princess’s charm on her wedding day:

  • Princess Eugenie appeared with healthy and delicate skin. She chose a good foundation with a light layer of bronzer.
  • She highlighted the beauty of her eyes with a little ivory eye shadow, and focused especially on her charming eyelashes. Her eyelashes looked wonderful and individual with a little black eyeliner and mascara.
  • The princess chose pink blush for naturally glowing cheeks, as well as light pink lipstick.
  • The secret of the Princess Bride’s beauty on her wedding day was Greville’s emerald crown, which particularly suited her green eyes. She wore a simple hairstyle with some strands of hair surrounding her face. The Princess looked like a legendary bride by choosing a classic white dress and emerald green earrings.

Royal Beauty Rules – Queen Letizia

Queen Letizia of Spain is the most elegant queen in the world, as her unique looks occupy fashion followers around the world. The Queen has wonderful and diverse options of formal suits, black or leather pants, and beautiful dresses. She is considered the modern queen because she does not wear royal gowns or crowns. However, the queen takes into account the rules of royal beauty, as she always looks elegant and stunning on all the occasions in which she appears.

  • Queen Letizia shines in many wonderful dresses in many colors, but she prefers black and white. Through her distinctive looks, we notice that she repeats the classic white or black dresses, or during parties where she chooses royal black dresses.
  • The Queen maintains the natural beauty of her eyebrows and prefers green or brown eyeliner to highlight the color of her green eyes, with some mascara on the upper eyelashes only. She does not apply mascara to the lower eyelashes in order to increase the area of the eye.
  • The Queen chooses coral or peach blush with pink lipstick, and on some occasions she chooses a bright red lipstick color.
  • One of the most important rules of royal beauty is healthy, radiant skin, so Queen Letizia follows a special routine to care for her skin. According to beauty expert Carmen Navarro, the first step the Queen takes to care for her skin is to protect it from the sun, so the Queen always uses sunscreen and is also keen to moisturize the skin well, especially before makeup. So her skin always looks shiny and fresh.
  • Queen Letizia chooses skin care products made from organic and plant materials, and is keen to renew her skin cells by exfoliating regularly and getting enough skin-friendly vitamin C to protect it from dryness. Therefore, she is keen to eat vegetables rich in vitamin C, such as tomatoes, citrus fruits and strawberries, and is keen to relax and exercise facial yoga to keep her skin fresh and rejuvenated.
  • Queen Letizia exercises regularly to maintain her fitness, especially tennis, as well as skiing and sailing. She also adheres to a healthy diet that includes vegetables and fruits rich in water such as celery, grapes, cucumbers, watermelon and oranges because they help expel toxins from the body, and she completely avoids carbohydrates and starches such as bread, rice, biscuits, and pasta.

Royal Beauty Rules – Princess Madeleine

Princess Madeleine of Sweden, the youngest daughter of King Carl XVI and Queen Silvia. She is married and has two children. She is a princess of charming natural beauty, as she has occupied a place in the list of the most beautiful women in the world. She has blue eyes and charming hair, and has naturally radiant white skin and rosy cheeks. Therefore, the princess is keen to apply the rules of royal beauty when applying makeup to show her beauty naturally:

  • Princess Madeleine loves light makeup, and she never prefers heavy makeup because it makes her feel uncomfortable, so she only applies foundation with some bronzer to give her skin a natural glow, and she chooses black, blue, or green eyeliner colors to highlight her beautiful eyes with some layers of mascara to make her eyes look more youthful.
  • The princess prefers pink colors for blush, and light pink, violet or red colors when choosing lipstick.
  • The Princess’s diverse looks include royal clothing, such as gowns, crowns, and formal clothing, and casual clothing, such as open-shoulder shirts, jeans, and sportswear. We can say that she is a modern woman who loves to experiment with all styles of clothing.
  • Princess Madeleine is very keen on maintaining her fitness by adhering to a fitness program and practicing three types of sports: walking, dancing, and horse riding.

Royal Beauty Rules – Princess Charlene

Charlene is Her Highness the Princess of Monaco and the wife of Prince Albert II of Monaco. She is a beautiful princess and an icon in the world of beauty and fashion, as she has proven to herself a distinct style of beauty without violating the rules of royal beauty. The Princess is also admired by millions around the world because of her elegant style in fashion and her preservation of beauty. A harmonious and graceful body despite having two children. We will now learn about the secrets of her beauty and fitness:

  • Princess Charlene has emerald eyes and when applying makeup she focuses on highlighting the beauty of her eyes. We notice that she is a creative artist in makeup, moving from the elegant classic style to modern styles without violating the rules of royal beauty, as she appears with eye makeup in light colors with light peach lipstick.
  • She sometimes appears with bolder makeup, as she chooses black eyeliner to highlight the beauty of her eyes, with a light pink lipstick. Thus, Princess Charlene proves that one detail can attract more attention than several details together, and she always prefers light colors for blush.
  • Princess Charlene is an athlete par excellence, and this is clearly evident in her fit and well-proportioned body, as she has practiced swimming since her childhood and won several awards and medals. She also practices weightlifting, stretching, and cardio exercises on a regular basis, and maintains a healthy diet that relies mainly on vegetables.

Royal Beauty Rules – Queen Máxima

Royal Beauty Rules - Queen Máxima

Queen Maxima, Queen of the Netherlands, is 52 years old. She is the mother of three princesses and the wife of King William Alexander. Queen Maxima is known for her diversity of looks and her love of colors, especially for formal suits. The Queen surprises fashion followers around the world with her distinguished and unique choices and her coordination of her jewelry with the dresses she chooses in accordance with the rules of royal beauty. It even occupied an important place on Fayette Fair’s International Best Dressed List of 2016.

  • The beautiful queen shines in a variety of clothing looks and is known for her love of colors. Even formal suits give her its distinctive mark. She either chooses vibrant colors or adds some accessories such as a huge necklace or distinctive hair accessories. She shined at the inauguration ceremony for her and her husband in a charming blue dress to which she added blue emerald earrings and her huge crown decorated with blue emerald stones, and with a hairstyle appropriate for the royal occasion, as she wove her blonde strands into a beautifully styled knot.
  • Queen Máxima is distinguished by her wonderful smile and always chooses makeup that suits the rules of royal makeup. She starts with radiant skin by using a good-coverage foundation with concealer to unify the skin tone and cover the paleness under the eyes.
  • Despite her love for colors when choosing her clothes, it seems that the Queen prefers makeup in neutral colors, that is, makeup that is close to natural beauty. She chooses black or brown eyeliner and gray or light-colored eye shadow with a little mascara.
  • The Queen prefers light peach or pink blush, and when choosing lipstick, she prefers light colors that are close to the natural color of the lips.

Royal Beauty Rules – Queen Mathilde

You may not have heard of her before, but she is the most elegant and beautiful queen among the queens, as she always looks with wonderful looks that carry the character of elegance and modernity at the same time. She is the wife of King Philip and the mother of four children, and she always appears in charming dresses that are full of vitality and completely appropriate for her royal duties. Her looks have become an inspiration to many fashion designers around the world, as well as her style in makeup and her choices appropriate to the rules of royal beauty:

  • The Queen loves colorful or floral-patterned clothes, which makes her always attract attention at any royal occasion or social party she attends. She is able to steal the spotlight with her elegant, coordinated clothes that are completely appropriate for her social status and age. We notice her choosing silk dresses and adding her touch to every dress she wears, such as adding a distinctive brooch, a print of beautiful roses, or a formal hat.
  • The Queen chooses calm makeup that is appropriate for her status and beautiful feminine presence. She starts with healthy, flawless skin, and calm eye makeup, as she prefers ivory eye shadows or beige and earthy colors. She is distinguished by a beautiful turquoise eye color, so she chooses to highlight her charming eye color with blue eyeliner in a very simple way that is almost unnoticeable. And a little mascara on the upper eyelashes, so the queen chooses makeup that shows her natural beauty and conforms to the rules of royal beauty.
  • The Queen prefers calm colors of blush, such as light pink and peach, and she also frequently appears with light pink lipstick, or any color close to her natural lip color.

Royal Beauty Rules – Queen Rania

The beloved Queen of Jordan, wife of King Abdullah II and mother of four princes, enjoys great popularity in Jordan, the Arab world, and many countries of the world because of her humble personality and charitable works, as well as her unique elegance. The Queen always appears as a wonderful example of elegance and beauty with makeup that enhances her natural beauty and conforms to the rules of royal beauty. She stunned everyone with her distinguished appearance at Prince Hussein’s wedding, wearing a black dress from Dior that showed off her grace and beauty, and makeup that matched her soft, classic style.

For more information about the prince’s wedding, the wedding of Jordan’s Crown Prince, Prince Hussein bin Abdullah II

Now here are some of Queen Rania’s beauty secrets:

  • In her clothing choices, the Queen combines traditional Jordanian fashion with modern clothes. The Queen loves neutral colors, as she appears in one color of dress in most of her looks. She appeared at the wedding of her son, Prince Hussein, in a long-sleeved black dress from the high-end fashion collection for the fall and winter of 2022 from Dior with her hair slightly raised to reveal intricate embroidery along the back in gold, a gold handbag and simple black shoes.
  • The Queen prefers light foundations and tinted moisturizers to give her skin a natural, plump appearance, while adding a light touch of highlighter for a natural glow.
  • Queen Rania chooses blush in natural colors, such as shades of pink or soft peach, to obtain bright cheeks and suit royal beauty. As for lipstick, she prefers nude colors with a soft, creamy texture that reflects her sophisticated style.
  • Queen Rania’s eyes reflect her beauty and the strength of her personality, so she adopts one style in eye makeup. She chooses warm shadow colors, such as soft gold and muted brown, with a little black eyeliner and mascara, and naturally beautiful eyebrows. The Queen may choose black eyeliner on some occasions, but with a very thin line on the upper eyeli, so maintain the rules of royal beauty.
  • Queen Rania maintains her physical fitness by exercising regularly, such as Pilates and kickboxing. She completely abstains from bad habits such as alcohol or smoking. She eats healthy food in a balanced manner. She is very active and has many charitable projects and royal responsibilities.

In this article, we have collected for you many beauty secrets of queens and princesses around the world, details of their distinctive looks, and also some steps that they maintain on a regular basis to get fit and maintain radiant skin and a charming look. We hope you liked the article. Stay safe.

Frequently Asked Questions about Royal Beauty Rules

How do I get makeup that matches princess makeup?

You should stay away from exaggerated makeup and choose a makeup method that shows your natural beauty. Princesses apply the rules of royal beauty, which prohibit too many colors in makeup or too much eye makeup. They do not wear false eyelashes or contour clearly, and they do not use lipstick in bold colors.

Why don’t princesses wear artificial nails or bright nail polish?

This behavior is considered a violation of the rules of royal beauty, as princesses refrain from decorating in the style of the common people or in a vulgar style and maintain one style based on simplicity and natural beauty. They can choose nail polish, but in calm colors, and short and neat nails.

What is the meaning of royal beauty rules?

These are the rules that queens, princesses, and all women of the ruling family adhere to because they represent the royal family and are not supposed to act in a random way that offends the royal family due to their constant exposure to lights and cameras. They are to stay away from everything that is exaggerated in makeup and clothing.