everyone has enough empty cans, Instead of throwing more plastic into nature, we can reuse it, So you will buy the same amounts of cosmetics but with less damage. In this article we will discuss refillable beauty products.

during an epidemic, People are becoming more aware of taking care of each other and our planet, People are starting to look for more sustainable options and brands are focusing on this as a prioritySays dermatologist Dr. Marisa Garchik, Doctorate in medicine.

Refillable beauty products mean exactly what their name suggests, as they are products that you buy for the first time, You use it and whenever the packaging is empty, you refill it itself.

Subscriptions to refill a specific product are always offered at a lower price!

Here’s the right way, according to Dr. Marisa Garchik. New York City-based dermatologist:

You must first clean and sterilize the original canister once it has been emptied. (How exactly you do this may depend on the material of the enclosure) Next, It is best to fill them with refill product (which may come in temporary packaging such as paper) quickly and as soon as they are opened to maintain potency and sterility.

It should be noted that some products are not suitable for refilling at all, says Dr. Steve Xu, dermatologist and founder of Geologie, which just launched reusable hair care products.” Vitamin C serums are an example of this because they are usually packaged in a solid dark bottle that prevents exposure of the serum to air and sunlight.

Here are the best body care products that every female needs, and they are also environmentally friendly, as they are products that you can refill:

1- August+Monroe calm cream face moisturizer:

Refillable beauty products
Refillable beauty products

A gel-textured moisturizer containing vitamin B3 that moisturizes your skin and gives it a soft and pleasant texture. It helps you reduce redness and irritation to achieve a perfect, fresh complexion. It is also suitable for the face and hands.

Don’t worry, it has been previously tested on sensitive skin.

You will find it on Amazon with the words “like a hug to your face” next to it, because it is very gentle on the skin and is able to calm it down.

Fragrance free and suitable for all skin types, And yes it is dermatologist approved!

One of them says in an Amazon review:” I love the texture of this cream. I am 60 and find most creams to be too greasy or thick. This cream glides on smoothly and makes my skin feel soft and fresh. I use it morning and night! I will definitely keep it!

Don’t hesitate to buy it and refill it too.

2- Dove Body Lotion Set:

Refillable beauty products

For sensitive skin and dry skin.

Popular brand Dove brings you a set of two refillable concentrated body washes and a recyclable aluminum bottle.

Empty the concentrated contents of the bottle into the aluminum vial and add water according to the product instructions. Make sure you mix them well and then apply with ease!

And this cleanser is eco-friendly not only because you can refill it, but because Dove never tests on animals and is PETA certified.

This product gives you daily hydration for your entire body and gives you a pleasant and refreshing scent. You can also choose a different scent every time you refill!

3- Honeybee Gardens Refillable Pressed Foundation With Sponge:

Refillable beauty products

Here you have to buy both the box and the powder separately, The product packaging is made of recyclable plastic. You buy it once, then you can refill it by buying the powder that comes to you in a small metal package without additives, Just remove the old packaging and replace it with a new one.

The box contains a small magnet at the bottom to secure the powder package, In addition to a sponge to apply the product.

The powder is fragrance-free, oil free, Certified gluten free and vegan.

Evens your skin tone and gives it a naturally silky look with vitamin E and gentle botanical extracts to calm the skin.

Its coverage is medium and does not cake or look uneven.

There are 9 shades of this powder that you can find on Amazon, Choose what suits your skin!

4- TRE’STIQUE Lipstick and Primer:

Refillable beauty products

The formula of the lipstick combines the properties of a lip balm with a high shine.

The lip primer also smooths the lips and creates a neat, tidy look without clumping. Its formula has a gentle concentration, This results in the concealment of fine lines.

The company that produces this product is PETA certified and its products are vegan. It is free from any harmful ingredients, including parabens, sulfates, gluten, fragrance, mineral oil, formaldehyde and more.

Refillable and sustainable when consumed, simply use the refill cartridge from the Forever Case box. Keep your Forever Case and buy a new one to refill.

You will also find many colors and shades to choose from every time.

Says one customer on Amazon: “Amazing lipstick that lasts all day. I love that you can get refills. It’s a great product for the planet.”

5- Alora range of refillable products:

Refillable beauty products

The list includes options including:

  1. A bottle of face wash.
  2. A bottle of liquid hand soap in addition to a bottle of dishwashing liquid.
  3. Three packages: Shampoo, conditioner and body wash in two sizes of either 16 or 32 ounces.
  4. Five packages: Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and face wash, in addition to a bottle of lotion.

Arrange your bathroom in style with these packs of shampoo, conditioner and body wash.

It is available in many colors and sizes, and it is also suitable for home and commercial use, as in hotels, restaurants, etc. Most of all, it is very environmentally friendly and elegant in appearance.



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