After you turn 30, You start a new phase, Different feelings, The way you think is changing, You are getting more mature, Your vision of life becomes clearer, But there are also other things that change with your face and body that you will see when standing in front of the mirror. In this article, we will address the topic of premature aging and how to protect the skin from it.

You may notice lines in the front, Mild wrinkles around the mouth or eye, You will have a lot of questions and ideas, but the most important question, my dear: How do we stop these signs? How do I protect my skin from what is known as premature aging?

What is premature aging

It is a general weakness that affects the body’s systems and functions earlier than usual.

Like “hearing loss, Osteoporosis, Gray hair loss and others.”

What is the aging of the skin? It is the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines in the skin at an early age. Wrinkles begin to appear around the eyes and in the forehead, And around the mouth

We often meet people who are still in their late thirties. But their appearance suggests that they are in their late 40s, While there are older but energetic and young people, What do you think why? It simply depends on the lifestyle.

ذكر الطبيب المختص بالأمراض الجلدية ( ميشيل جرين) – طبيب معتمد من الأكاديمية الأميركية للأمراض الجلدية – خطوات بسيطة لتطبقيها يومياً، وتضمن لك حماية جيدة ضد شيخوخة الجلد المبكرة.

How to protect skin against premature aging:

  • Healthy lifestyle: Your dependence on vegetables and fruits will help you maintain young skin, Green leaves, for example, are rich in collagen, which stimulates the skin to regenerate its cells. As well as watercress, which is an excellent antioxidant, Adopt this vegetable in a daily salad dish, And it will amaze you with its magical effect on your skin.

And certainly don’t forget to eat fresh fruits that supply the skin with vitamins and minerals and keep it hydrated. You should also dilute fast, high-calorie foods. Because studies confirm that her richness in sugar and refined carbohydrates accelerates aging.

  • Exercise: Play sports: Strong Your daily exercise activity activates blood circulation and boosts your activity. Which makes you more young, In addition to its impact on your body’s immunity and prevention of diseases, Set three days a week to exercise and don’t forget to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. To keep your body hydrated from the inside.
Early old age
  • Stop smoking and alcoholic beverages:Smoking accelerates skin aging, And it causes damage and duble to your skin, As well as alcohol that causes premature wrinkles, To keep your skin young stay away from them completely. If you are a smoker, we guarantee that you will notice a rapid improvement in your skin and skin texture after quitting smoking.
  • Sleep: Unhealthy and unregulated sleep is a key factor that causes premature aging.
  • Maintaining your mental health: Constant exposure to stress and stress, whether work pressure or other conditions, leads to the appearance of symptoms of premature aging, As well as anxiety and depression cause many diseases that lead to cell damage and thus premature aging. So try to do relaxation and meditation exercises, And stay away from the causes of anxiety and stress. And maintain your mental health, And stay away from everything that dispels your inner peace.
  • Next to repeating the same facial expressions: When we express our face, the core muscles in the face contract. If we tighten it repeatedly for a period of time, Fine lines will appear, So pay attention to your repetitive facial movements, وDo a daily massage of your skin to stimulate collagen production and avoid the appearance of these lines. Focus on the area around your eyes and take care of it, Because the skin here is thin and sensitive.
  • Daily moisturizing: Moisturizer nourishes your skin and prevents it from drying out, giving it a more youthful and fresher appearance
  • Gently dictate your skin: Avoid products that contain chemicals that cause you allergies or irritation. Avoid excessive exfoliation, Once a week is enough and safe. Permanent irritated skin looks tired and older.
  • Protect your skin from the sun: According to the Skin Health Institute of Australia, Prolonged sun exposure contributes 90% to premature aging, Ultraviolet radiation causes partial damage to skin cells and may lead to skin cancer, So avoid direct exposure to the sun to protect your skin from dryness, pigmentation and the appearance of fine lines.

Also according to one Australian study, the use of a high-protected sunscreen is able to form a layer to restore sunlight from your skin and protect it from aging. Researchers used microscopy to monitor changes in skin cells of people who adhered to sunscreen. And people who did not commit to using it on a daily basis, أThe results showed that people who adhered to it did not show a noticeable increase in skin aging symptoms even after 5 years.

But are there effective medical techniques for treating premature aging?

Premature aging
Premature aging

If you show one of the signs of premature aging (wrinkles, dryness, Pigmentation in the face and around the chest, Sagging breast, Early graying in the hair) and prevention measures can no longer be taken, No need to be afraid, There are safe and useful medical methods of treatment such as skin tightening techniques, Facial skin rejuvenation, Laser skin peeling, Botox injections). These treatments are important for repairing the appearance of skin affected by a symptom of premature aging. For example, Botox injections for places of wrinkles in the face, A safe and fast solution that helps tighten and restore the skin, By injecting it with some vitamins that stimulate skin cells to produce collagen, This restores your skin’s vibrant and fresh appearance.

But to avoid undergoing any medical procedure, we advise you to start applying prevention steps from the moment on. Especially if you reach your thirties, Because prevention is always better than cure.