We often get confused in coordinating the colors of our clothes, despite having a lot of options and following the latest fashion, we always find it difficult to coordinate their colors to show their attractive design and cut beautifully. So follow me in this article dear, to find out how to overcome this problem and get a distinctive look that suits you, we will talk about how to coordinate and choose the perfect colors of the clothes.

The Basics of Coordinating and Choosing the Colors of the Clothes

It must be that many girls want to appear in the best, most beautiful and attractive look. Unfortunately, most girls cannot achieve this, because they lack the rules for coordinating the colors of clothes with each other. They don’t know what to wear with what, and does this color match that color? And so on with the other unanswered questions.

To solve this problem, we prepared for you in this article simple but important steps that will definitely help you make the perfect choice to appear modern and attractive.

First, we have to get to know the colors, where you can coordinate your clothes of different colors in several ways, and that’s include understanding the relationships that link colors with each other, but what does this mean?

Color Wheel

You can understand the relationships that link colors with each other by getting to know and studying the color wheel and the different options it provides us in coordination:

In the color wheel there are three groups:

First group: it has three main colors: Blue, red and yellow.

Second group: These are the secondary colors that result from mixing two of the primary colors, such as violet, orange, and green.

Third group: It is the tertiary colors that result from mixing the primary colors with the secondary ones, such as shades, mint, and others.

You will find that colors are divided into warm, cool and neutral:

  • Warm colors such as red, yellow and brown. They make things look smaller and it’s perfect for you if you want to look slimmer.
  • Cool colors such as blue, green and purple.
  • Neutral colors such as white, black, gray and cream colors.

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Coordinating Colors

Now that we have divided the colors, you can style them according to the wheel in many ways:

1- The Color Triangle Method

It requires your choice of three colors of the wheel with the same distance between them, and you must be able to connect them with an equilateral triangle, they can also be called complementary colors, as they complete your look with contrasting and harmonious colors at the same time, to appear with a bold and special look.

2- The Similar Colors Method

Make sure to mix three adjacent colors in the wheel together (such as yellow, green, and blue), as you can wear a green dress with blue shoes and a yellow bag for a fresh and funny look that suits the season.

3- The Contrasting Colors Method

If you want to wear contrasting colors, choose two opposite colors from the color wheel, such as red and blue, a denim skirt and a red satin shirt might be a suitable option for a morning visit with friends and neighbors.

4- The Symmetrical Colors Method

It means that you choose two colors separated by only one color. If you want to combine two colors, but there is no big difference between them, then this is your best choice. For example, you can wear indigo jeans with a dark pink shirt.

5- The Monochromatic Look

It is one of the most manifest looks this season, as you can wear a full look of the same exact color, but you must know what fully suits your skin tone and body before trying it.

Coordinating and Choosing the Colors of the Clothes
Coordinating and Choosing the Colors of the Clothes

Extra Tips

Here are some tips for better styling of your clothes colors:

Mix colors that belong to the same category, whether they are cool or warm. And if you want to appear thinner, then warm colors in addition to black are your best choice. And be careful when choosing a color, taking into account the degree of your skin. If it is cold, cold colors will definitely suit you, as for the warmth, it may make you look pale.

You can also mix a neutral color with a basic color to give your look a striking addition.

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Common Mistakes

As for what you should avoid when coordinating “warm, cool and neutral” colors:

  • Do not wear more than one neutral color, such as black and brown together. Pay close attention, as these two colors may turn your look into a dull look. Never think of brown and black or black and navy together, don’t let black take over your wardrobe, especially in seasons other than winter.
  • When you wear pants of a neutral color, such as white, for example, it is preferable to wear a jacket of a basic color to add vitality to your look and break the stereotypes, but when you wear colored pants, your best choice is a sweater of a neutral color to turn off the color a bit.
  • Also, styling light colors with each other may give the lady extra weight, dark colors are the opposite of light colors, as we previously spoke.

Finally, always make sure to choose colors that suit your skin, and if you are a pink-skinned woman, you are lucky because all colors will suit you. Choose looks that express you only. We hope you liked the article. Stay safe.