There are always many debates that men are physically stronger than women! Which of them has physiological capabilities and carries more energy? And everyone pulls the rug for his side, but what happened in the state of Florida is an explicit recognition that the male has a stronger physical structure that must be taken into consideration even after he turns into a female. Here are the details.

After it was observed in female sports competitions that transgender females always win because their physical structure is stronger than those who were born female, News spread:

“Ron DeSantis wants female student athletes to submit information about their menstrual cycles. This is crazy!, “one Twitter user wrote in a post.

Florida currently requires high school female athletes to submit information about their menstrual cycle on a health form that is required to be able to participate in sports competitions, but is not yet required to identify transgender women.

Men are physically stronger than women
Men are physically stronger than women

Ryan Harrison confirmed, A spokesperson for the Florida High School Athletic Association said the new recommendations were developed by the Sports Medicine Advisory Committee, It was approved in late January.

It will now be considered by the Association’s Board of Directors at its next meeting in Gainesville from February 26-27.

The forms include four questions about the menstrual cycle, including whether the student had previously menstruated, the age at which she had her first period, the date of the last menstrual period, And the number of times she passed in the last year.

The national reports also say that menstrual information is “essential for female athletes” because menstrual irregularities can be a sign of “low energy, or pregnancy, or other gynecological or medical conditions.”

You’ll also read in the reports that “menstrual dysphoria is 2-3 times more common among athletes than non-athletes, And 10-15% of female athletes experience amenorrhea (absence of a menstrual period) or a decrease in the number of menstrual cycles per year” .

Menopause occurs frequently in the case of sports that increase levels of thinness in particular, Like running, gymnastics, cheerleading, dance, and ice skating.”

Menstrual disturbance
Men are physically stronger than women

Maxx Fenning said, PRISM HEAD It is a nonprofit organization in South Florida that provides sexual health information to the LGBT community: “This is clearly a way to further discredit transgender people in the field of sports and aims to further exclude people who were not female at birth from athletic competition.”

Are men really physically stronger than women?

Here are some scientifically proven points where a man is physically stronger than you.

Men are physically stronger than women
Men are physically stronger than women

Muscular structure:

Men are physically stronger than us females, Because they have, on average, more muscle mass, whether in terms of the amount of muscles only or in relation to body weight, and the reason is that the male body contains testosterone at a rate that may exceed 10 times the amount you have as a female, Thus, men are able to build their muscles faster than women.

Fat loss and burning:

Men’s bodies are usually leaner and they lose weight faster than women’s due to a higher basal metabolic rate (BMR) which is directly proportional to the rate at which fat and calories are burned.

Remember, the more muscle mass you have, Increased metabolism and fat burning.

menstrual cycle:

As the symptoms and pains associated with menstruation greatly weaken the woman’s body, and the amount of blood that your body loses as a female needs time to be replaced, In addition, pregnancy and childbirth strip your body of calcium and other essential elements needed to maintain a strong structure.

There is nothing wrong with feeling a little tired and exhausted, or avoiding physically strenuous activities. Always respond to your body’s needs.


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