While we love bold and glamorous makeup looks, most days before we go out, we just want to feel effortlessly beautiful, with minimal products, and in the shortest time possible.

This is what is known in the world of beauty as “no-makeup makeup”, which is a look that enhances your features in a very natural way and with minimal effort. Learn about the basics of no-makeup makeup in this article.

No-Makeup Makeup steps by Sephora

1- Skin Care

You know that flawless makeup starts with a fresh skin, the same applies to no-makeup makeup. Having fresh, hydrated skin prevents cosmetics from looking lumpy and unnatural on your face.

2- Peeling

Peeling is a must, and you can do it gently with a cotton swab and micellar water, then follow it up by moisturizing properly depending on your skin type.

3- Face Revitalizing

When it comes to prepping the skin for no-makeup makeup, we suggest you use a hydrating face spray to revitalize the skin.

4- Hydration

No-Makeup Makeup - How to Have a Natural Look
No-Makeup Makeup – How to Have a Natural Look

After applying the facial mist, use moisturizer.

If you have dry skin, you should choose strong moisturizers that contain rich ingredients (such as ceramides, shea butter, and squalane), but if you have oily skin, you should choose lighter moisturizers with a watery or gel-like texture.

5- Apply Sunscreen

Sunscreen is one of the most important steps in your skincare routine. It is essential to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

For the best protection, dermatologists recommend using a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher.

6- Apply a Primer

Primer is a polarizing makeup product, and gives make-up stability to stay longer. Using it is an optional step.

A color-correcting primer is especially useful for reducing redness, controlling oil production, or adding a bit of shine if you have very dry skin. And for a no-makeup makeup look, a primer isn’t important unless you want a little help with oil control and a more shining skin, with a matte finish.

7- Creamy and Liquid Products

They have a natural and glowing finish. And the creamy products blend together beautifully.

For example, when you apply a little cream blush on top of your foundation, it blends seamlessly and looks very natural. Cream and liquid blushes also enhance your natural features a little better than powder products. which you can hide. It is also easier to use.

8- Foundation Cream Alternatives

Here are some alternatives if you still want some coverage but don’t want to use a product that’s too heavy:

  • This BB cream is a great choice if you want a multitasking product that provides sheer and buildable coverage. This product usually combines primer, moisturizer, SPF, and light coverage in one formula.
  • CC cream stands for color corrector, and it’s designed to help you get rid of blemishes, redness, hyperpigmentation, dark spots, and more.
  • Colored moisturizer was originally designed to be a hydrating alternative to foundation, but many colored moisturizers now have additional skincare benefits, like anti-aging and full coverage properties to smoothly cover imperfections and let your skin looks super glowy.

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9- Concealer Only When Needed

Concealer is not always important for this look. We should think of it as a must-have product to use just in case you need to cover dark circles or blemishes.

10- Bronzer as Eye Shadow

Sweep a little creamy bronzer across your lids for more natural color. A little blush color can be added, with natural eyebrows and some mascara.

11- Blush to Your Cheeks and Lips

Blush is a great way to add warmth to your complexion. Cream blush will spread and blend with your skin more naturally than traditional powder.

12- The Beauty of Your Natural Eyebrows

Any type of brow gel or hair gel will work to keep your brows in their place all day long. Simply swipe the brush and raise your eyebrows. You can use gel mascara with color if you want your brows to look full.

13- Apply Mascara

Mascara is the final touch to make your eyes pop in a beautiful way. Choose a volumizing or lengthening mascara to make your lash line look defined without eyeliner.

However, mascara is not absolutely essential in a no-makeup makeup look, so it is up to you.

14- Setting Spray

Now that you’ve followed all the steps, it’s time to keep your makeup in its place for as long as possible by using a setting spray. This is the best way to complete your no-makeup makeup look, rather than using powder, which makes your face look lumpy, not like the spray, it gives you a dewy and glowing skin.

We hope that you liked the article and gave you a clear idea about the rules of no-makeup makeup. Stay safe.