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Kim Kardashian, 42, has always been a symbol of the perfect female body, the “Curvy”, She has all the feminine features and all the features of beauty as if they were sculpted, But if you follow Kim’s news, you will know that she is not sculpted with a tool, but rather adheres to her daily routine, and although she is a mother of 4 children, she devotes a lot of her time to maintaining her beauty and grace, In one of her interviews with Vogue, she says that her body is now in better shape than ever.

“My forties are all about being a team with myself. I’m going to eat well, I’m going to work, I will have more fun and spend more time with my kids and people who make me happy, I will put my phone away.”

What is the secret of her slenderness?

Continue with us to learn about the sports and diet of the beautiful Kim Kardashian.

Beginning to get to know

Basics of her gym regime:

Kim is known to be a fan of early morning exercise, And its food is mostly vegetarian since 2019. Kim tells Vogue that maintaining her healthy routine was a way to achieve her goal of making herself happy.

Kim’s daily routine includes going to the gym at 5:30am, which means she gets up before sunrise.

According to her personal trainer, she usually only gets five hours of sleep before waking up to exercise.

Although she has been exercising regularly for years, She announced some time ago that she had found a great new addition to her workout: running on the treadmill. “Running every day!” This is what she recently wrote on her Instagram story with a video of her jogging on a treadmill. She also added: “I saw the change!”

And while her big sister, Kourtney Kardashian, focuses on cardio exercises to stay in shape, Kim commits to resistance training. Her trainer Melissa Alcantara says, “85 percent of our workouts are weightlifting, while the other 15 are cardio.”

The duo train six days a week for up to an hour and 45 minutes on legs and butt days.

It wouldn’t be surprising to anyone who knows Kim Kardashian to know that she also dedicates her time to sculpting her legs and butt, how does she do it?

When it comes to lower body exercises,Kim lifts weights and focuses on muscular form with a complete set the most important of these is “squatting” movements.


Her winning streak when it comes to working out impresses her trainer as she describes her as their best client. Alcantara previously told Women’s Health: “She is very responsible, And she never cancels her exercises, She is the best agent and athlete you can have”. She commands the subject as if she were leading, She always reminds herself (I have to practice, It’s part of my life.)“It’s all about thinking”.

Yes, my dear, Even the famous Kim resorts to motivational phrases and speaks positively to herself. Don’t forget to encourage yourself too.

And when it comes to the intensity of her workouts, There is no limit to that!

Kim spoke that she was in January 2021 “residingThe sisters’ boot camp with her sister Khloe Kardashian to stay healthy after the holidays. Kim wrote on her Instagram story at the time that she and Khloe planned to exercise more than usual and eat only plant based foods And two workouts a day for 30 days to keep our mind and body healthy this year!”

And when it comes to squats and squatting exercises, Kim surprised her fans when she wrote on her Instagram story once that she had accomplished

1000 squats in one day, A very large number, isn’t it?

As for her diet:

Kim talked about her plant-based journey in an interview with her sister Kourtney Kardashian’s website Poosh, specifically how it helped her treat her psoriasis. The star says going vegan has affected her symptoms “significantly”.

Kardashian hasn’t said if she’s vegan, but her favorite recipe for dinner is a vegan taco.

I try to eat as many anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant foods as possible” she adds.

When asked how a vegan diet affected her life, She said, “The change made me more aware of how what I put into my body affects not only psoriasis, but also on my mood, my stress levels, energy, and everything “.

While it certainly isn’t as drastic as her pre Met Gala diet to fit into the iconic Marilyn Monroe gown “Happy Birthday” she wore for the event.


Marilyn Monroe wore the transparent dress in 1962 when she sang for President John F. Kennedy on his 45th birthday, and because a dress made 60 years ago cannot be changed, Kardashian told Vogue magazine that she lost 7 kg of weight in three weeks, during which she cut out any carbs and sugars in order to be able to wear it, and with all that, she was unable to lift the clouds!

She said that this harsh regime caused her psoriatic arthritis, so she and we advise you not to try this type of diet and risk your health, but Kim considered it a challenge for her and part of her profession, as even actors lose a lot of weight if the character requires that.

So the bottom line here, my dear, is that anyone is able to achieve the ideal body with a little determination and persistence.

Choose your sports program and plan your food, Stick around and see the positive change.


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