How to learn both self-loving and self-confidence! At first you should know that it is a journey that requires time, effort and patience. It involves a deep understanding and acceptance of the self, Including strengths and weaknesses.

In this article you will find:

Often during the day, And specifically we girls are unable to love ourselves, Perhaps for small reasons, unclear reasons, or even the accumulation of small situations, You may be able to know that the reasons for your lack of self-confidence are unconvincing, but is it easy to get out of this condition and this feeling?

Do you notice how low self-confidence negatively affects all aspects of people’s lives?

Because you don’t deserve any kind of negative emotion today we will tell you about a few simple ways to help you accept yourself more and be a strong and confident woman.

There are many reasons that negatively affect a person’s self-confidence, the most prominent of which are:

  • Talking negatively about oneself
  • Some childhood problems: Such as parenting conditions – exposure to bullying – trauma – separation of parents or the absence of one of them.
  • Harmful social relationships
  • Social and cultural factors such as the community and surroundings around you.

It’s hard to avoid comparing yourself to others. We all do it from time to time at work, At school, With friends, On social media

A simple phrase “I’ll never look like so-and-so” can quickly turn into “I’m a bad and unloved person” and looking at a woman becomes difficult because you won’t be able to look at yourself with love.

How can you increase your self-confidence?

Self-loving and self-confidence

– Pay attention to the things that stimulate negative feelings inside you:

The first step to addressing any problem is to understand its roots, so when you experience any negative emotions, Try to identify the reasons, writing a diary can really help you here. Try taking a few notes about:

  • What did you do during the day
  • How did you feel because of the things you did?
  • Who have you been with all day

Once some of the causes of these feelings have been identified, You can work on ways to avoid or mitigate their impact. There are some triggers you may not be able to avoid so you should find ways to protect yourself from them.

– Challenging your negative thoughts:

For example, If you say “I hate myself”, It can be helpful to immediately ask yourself “why?” If the answer was “I look ugly in this dress” or “I messed up that’s what I should have done,” Try to challenge this idea as well and focus on the positives.

Tell yourself “that’s not true” and then think about why this negative thought is wrong.

– Practice talking positively to yourself:

During any time you feel good try to make a list of what you like about yourself. If you can’t think of anything, Don’t panic, maybe you’re just having a hard time, but of course there are many positive aspects you have, Maybe you take excellent care of your pet or always know what to do at work.

Keep a list of your positives where you can see it every day and when you have negative thoughts, breathe deeply and remember some of what you wrote on your list.

– Paraphrase your negative thoughts:

Paraphrasing is a therapeutic technique that can be used to address negative thoughts and self-loathing. This is usually done simply by turning your thoughts into a slightly different perspective.

For example, Instead of saying “I’m too bad at giving presentations at work” you can paraphrase the phrase as follows: “I don’t feel like I did well in my show today.

– Spend time with people who make you happy:


Self-hatred can make you want solitude You may feel that you don’t deserve to be with your friends or family or you may feel that no one wants to be by your side and that you are unwanted.

While withdrawing from social situations may seem better according to our negative self-talk, Studies have shown that this is not a good idea.

Surround yourself with positive people, Who always support and help you, And because your mental health is more important than anything, it urges you to stay away from anyone who causes you negative feelings.

– Exercise and pay attention to your food:

Sport helps raise the levels of happiness hormone in the body, It is also in addition to a healthy diet that gives you energy, activity and vitality to complete your tasks and not lazy in them. The more you accomplish, the more confident you will have.

– Marcy self-compassion:

This may be the hardest element in your list of solutions, But it’s the most useful

Self-compassion is different from self-love, It means accepting your negative thoughts, mistakes and failures, And understand them as normal human moments.

This means forgiving yourself the same way you forgive a loved one for harassing you in a moment of anger or sadness.

And remember that no one is infallible.

– Ask for help:

Remember: You are not alone in stress and some need help.

It’s a good idea to practice the things we mentioned earlier with the help of a trusted mental health professional. There’s nothing wrong with asking for help, it’s the best way to learn how to manage self-hatred and talk negatively to yourself.

At the end of the day, learning how to go from “I hate myself” to “I’ll do better tomorrow” is one of the most useful life skills you can learn.

It won’t come easily, But it will eventually be in your magic toolbox, Which prepares you for any obstacles life puts in your way.

Did our article “How to Learn Both Self-Hand Self-Confidence” help you add something beautiful to yourself?