How to contour your face is something you should learn now, We all look in the mirror and wish we could change something in our face without undergoing plastic surgery. Well, cosmetics can change your skin color, there are special lenses to change eye color, hair dyes and others. But if you are not completely satisfied with the proportions of your face, cosmetics are also there to help you.

You can shape your face with makeup by applying the contour correctly. Whether you are a round face or a long face, today we will teach you how to contour and shape your face with makeup, how you shape your nose like experts, the difference between contour and other cosmetics, and if your contour box ran out what’s the alternative?

The Concept of Contouring with Makeup

It is the process of identifying a part of the face and modifying its shape with makeup. It is a technique that was previously intended for models and professional photography sessions, but is now part of the daily routine of many girls influenced by celebrities and makeup connoisseurs on Instagram, who spread their love and fondness for the sculpted face look.

In the past, the goal of facial contouring was to completely change its shape, but today it is about improving your natural shape and adding realistic depth and dimension to your face. So you can highlight certain parts of your face and reduce others only with makeup.

How to Contour Your Face -Face Area

Face in General

How to Contour Your Face
How to Contour Your Face

By Maybelline the famous brand

  1. Apply a layer of foundation as a base for your makeup.
  2. Put the dark contour in the form of a line from the tip of your ear to the end of the cheek as in the picture. Remember: Put the darker contour first and focus on the areas you want to reduce their dimensions.
  3. Contour the jaws: Using the same contour, make a line along the jaw from the side of your ear to the beginning of your chin.
  4. Contour your forehead: Add depth to your forehead by drawing the contour along the hairline and tying that line to the cheekbone.
  5. Blend: Blend all the contour lines you’ve drawn with the beauty blender sponge with a gentle blink or with a wide brush, so it looks natural and the lines disappear.
  6. Contour your jaws more: To make your jawline look sharper, place a little dark contour under the chin and jawline, also line down the middle of the chin and then blend!
  7. Contour the nose. “We’ll explain it later”.
  8. Apply a little highlight on your cheeks, the front of your nose, and the middle of your forehead as the final touch.

How to Contour the Nose

  1. Using your darkest contour shade, draw two parallel and thin lines along the bridge of your nose on both sides using a small slanted makeup brush.
  2. Draw these two lines so that the distance between them is appropriate for the shape of your face, and to get a thinner shape, the dimension should be smaller.
  3. At the tip of the nose from the front, draw a curved line to connect the two parallel lines.
  4. To highlight the front of your nose, draw another horizontal line just above the previous line and attach them at both ends.
  5. Blend each line you’ve drawn with a small soft brush, but don’t get close to your nose bridge.
  6. Continue to blend until sharp hard lines disappear.
  7. Use a small brush to add highlight along the bridge of the nose.
  8. Apply a little highlighter to the front of your nose too.
  9. Blend any remaining product on both sides of your nose with foundation and concealer, using beauty blender makeup sponge for a natural look.

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طريقة وضع كونتور الفم (كونتور الشفايف)

Like facial contouring, the lip contouring will help you adjust the shape of your lips and make them look fuller just by drawing a few lines. No need for filler anymore!

  • Prepare your lips: The secret to getting full lips is to start peeling. Just like skin, exfoliation helps you get rid of dead skin cells, leaving you with silky lips as soft, and ready for the second step.
  • Build a base: To get the lipstick color at its best, apply foundation or concealer to your lips first. It will also make the color last longer and make the lips as if they were an empty painting on which you can draw, allowing you to draw above or below the natural lip line.
  • Cupid’s arc in the mouth is the drop in the middle of the upper lip line. Using your lip liner, draw the letter “X” from the top of each top to the lower lip. The “X” shape you drew doesn’t just shape Cupid’s arc in your mouth, it also helps highlight your upper lip, and make it look full.
  • Draw a small line under your lower lip in the middle of it.
  • Draw a vertical line in the middle of your lower lip to make it look as blown as a pillow.
  • Line your side mouth angles with lip liner as well.
  • Apply the right lipstick over your entire lips.

طريقة وضع كونتور العيون

  • Lift the eyebrows with a transparent eyebrow gel, the brush movement is from bottom to top as the hair grows, and fill in the gaps with an eyebrow pencil.
  • Put a little concealer just below the eyebrows, and blend it well with a small brush.
  • Draw a curved line with your contour from the inner corner of the eye to its middle, just above the eyelid, and a warmer straight line from the end of the eye outward.
  • Draw concealer lines within the contour lines that we drew earlier.
  • Blend well with a small brush and remember to start with the concealer areas first.
  • Use a fixed powder all over the eyelid for a more natural look.
  • Now draw a line along the lower eyelid with a color two shades darker than your skin tone and also blend it well.
  • Finish with a little mascara to lift your lashes too!

How to Contour Your Face -Face Shape

According to the famous makeup expert Keita Moore, you have to think about the shape of your face when shaping your face with makeup and drawing contour lines.

Depending on whether your face is round, oval or square, we will learn how to contour the face according to its shape, to get the best result.

Yes, you can draw the basic lines we learned above, regardless of the shape of your face, but there is a better way to do it. Why don’t we try

How to Contour Your Face -Face Shape
How to Contour Your Face -Face Shape

How to Contour Round Face

If your face is round and overwhelmed by softness, draw the lines circularly around the forehead. Pull the air into your mouth until your cheek sinks inside. This step will help you sculpt under the cheekbones, which will lift your cheeks and give your face clearer dimensions.

How to Contour Long or Oval Face

If your face is oval, here you should focus on your forehead. That is, on the top of your face and to a lesser extent on the bottom.

Set your lower chin line to create a shadow and smooth this area.

The Difference between Contour and Cosmetics

What is the Difference between Contour and Concealer?

  • Well, both concealer and contour should not be applied to the entire face, but to certain areas of the face for a perfect result, and so that cosmetics do not clump on your face.
  • The concealer covers both dark circles, dark spots and noticeable freckles on the skin, and improves the appearance of a tired and dull face. On the other hand, contour is used to enhance and highlight the natural borders of the face and make it distinct.
  • The perfect concealer for you should be two shades lighter than your skin tone, while the contour is one or two shades darker than your skin tone.

What is the Difference between Contour and Bronzer?

Contour and Bronzer
Contour and Bronzer
  • The goal of using the bronzer is to add warmth and a brown color to the face. If you apply it correctly, it will look like you’ve spent time in the sun.
  • The bronzer is placed on the cheekbones, while the contour is placed underneath them, on the forehead and along the nose. It will make you look as if you have tanning, so it is applied in all places of your face that are exposed to natural sunlight.
  • It can also be used on the eyelids as an alternative to eye shadows.

Some Tips You Should Know

  • Choose your cosmetics from well-known and reliable brands, as it is very harmful to put unknown substances on our skin that touch it directly.
  • Stick to the right order of applying cosmetics to your face, first, the primer!
  • Pay attention to the validity date of the products, so that they do not cause you allergies and pimples.
  • Keep your brushes, sponges, and any other tools that come into direct contact with your face clean.
  • You can use beauty blender made of silicone, but the sponge has always been a favorite by beauty experts.
  • Learn about your skintone and undetone, and how to choose the foundation “Choose the Right Shade of Foundation” to choose the right contour shade.
  • Don’t put the contour other than the places we mentioned above.
  • Apply some fixed powder to your entire face after you have finished blending the contour for a nice and beautiful look.

Frequantly Asked Questions about How to Contour Your Face

And to make sure you have enough information, here’s the answer to some common questions:

How Do I Choose the Right Contour for Me?

How Do I Choose the Right Contour for Me?
How Do I Choose the Right Contour for Me?
  • Experts advise choosing a product that is three shades darker than your skin tone, but while remaining in the same family of undertone for a perfect look. For example, choose a cool gray tone if your undertone is cold and a warmer brown red shade if your undertone is warm.
  • The next step is to determine whether to use a cream or powdered contour. It mainly depends on your desire, but makeup experts recommend that you take into account your skin type and texture. If you have dry skin, use a cream contour. And remember when using liquid or creamy products and mixing them, use the warmth of your clean hands or a moist makeup sponge to help the product spread over the skin without clumping.
  • Use contour powder if your skin is oily or you just want to add a matte finish.
  • Use a brush with bristles for a deeper effect and a small shading brush to identify small areas such as the sides of your nose.

What is the Contour Alternative If You Run out of It?

Even if you don’t have a contour, you can get the perfect look as there are a lot of alternatives. The only condition is to be matte.

The simplest thing you can use is a darker eyelid shade than your skin. Apply a little on a wide brush and then shape your face.

Use a cream foundation two shades darker than your skin tone or a matte brown lipstick in a small amount.

But always the best result you get from a contour pen or powder.

When Do I Contour?

You should apply makeup to your face in the correct order of steps to ensure that there is no clump or grading difference in your face.

Always start with the primer, and then a layer of foundation suitable for your skin and for the coverage you want.

As for the contour, remember to put lighter products before it, like any concealer to hide dark circles, and then contour to determine the shape of the face.

Add some brightness: Use a concealer shadow to hide dark circles and lighten your face by drawing slightly higher lines at the ends of the eyes, by the eyebrows, down the nose, along the middle of the cheek, and then in the middle of the chin a little down, and blend.

This will help you get a raised and smooth cheek shape.

You can then finish by placing any of (highliter- blasher – bronzer and others).

Can We Stop Using the Foundation?

yes, Using both contour and concealer in the right places and in the right amounts, you can do without foundation.

What is Hair Contour

Strange term right? It is a concept similar to a face contour but more complex, here we modify the color and shades of some tuft of hair to modify the shape and dimensions of the face, by highlighting areas and the blackness of other areas as required. Like adding some light color to the front tuft of your hair on both sides of the face.


The results of this technique are great, even amazing, as it fixes the shape of the face and increases its radiance if we choose the right grades.

Don’t expect to get the perfect result on the first try, but after a while you will find out on your own what suits you and the areas you should focus on. We hope that we have succeeded and provided information on how to apply contour to the face.