Ahlam, the Emirati star, her life and activities often turn into trends. And you may have heard of the earring she wore on the Diamond Night. And you must be wondering how much is the price of Ahlam’s earrings on the Diamond Night?

The event took place at the Abu Bakr Salem Theater in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on the 26th of January. And it became the public speaking. It sparked widespread controversy on social media, as usual for the star Ahlam, with her concerts, which always become the talk of the social media, and she also becomes the top trend in the Arab world! As the star Ahlam tweeted to her fans on her personal Twitter account:

“Thank you, the Entertainment Authority and His Excellency Chancellor Turki Al-Sheikh, and gratitude for your keenness to make my concert one of the most beautiful and distinguished nights. Wait for us, and for a night, God willing, will be the most wonderful, I promise you.” A promise the star made to herself and her fans. An unparalleled season, the Riyadh season 2022, at the Great Abu Bakr Salem Theater, and she also repeated her thanks to His Excellency Chancellor Turki for his unlimited support for her. “These details and more are what we will discover together in our article for today.

How Much Is the Price of Star Ahlam’s Earrings on The Diamond Night? “

The Diamond Night

The Entertainment Authority, headed by Chancellor Turki Al-Sheikh, who is leading a wide renaissance in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, announced sponsoring the star Ahlam’s concert, which took place on February 17th, 2023, within the framework of Saudi Vision 2030. Where the concert of Arab and Gulf singer Ahlam Al Shamsi was held on that unique night, which was crowned with the leadership of Maestro Walid Fayed, accompanied by pianist Guy Manikian. The concert witnessed an unprecedented public turnout, and most of the audience were young Saudi men and women.

How much is the price of star Ahlam’s earrings on The Diamond Night?

Nicolas Jebran and the Details of Ahlam’s Huge Earring on The Diamond Night?

Ahlam appeared during the concert twice, and her look was signed by Nicolas Jebran. She started with a fall-winter 2023-2022 dress. As for the second look, she appeared in the form of a cap, and it was from the Nicola Spring-Summer 2023 collection. To find out all the details in general and the earring in particular, Nicolas contacted ”ET bilarabi” and explained in an audio message the news of his cooperation with the star Ahlam in that look. Jebran said that the earring that created a great controversy on Social Media, was made earlier for a bride, and Ahlam requested the complete look, with some minor modifications to the design. And the modification has been made even in the materials manufactured for the earring.

He added, “The earring was an addition to her look, in order to give some drama, especially that the night is titled as ‘The Diamond Night’, and I hope you liked it”.

Ahlam liked the look, after watching the model’s video, who wears a dress with accessories, and the inspiration that she has, and she decided to get it because it fits the general atmosphere of her Diamond Night and complements her iconic look,

so that everything can be shinny, especially when she enters the concert.

How Much Is the Price of Star Ahlam’s Earrings on The Diamond Night?

And because Ahlam’s earrings were apparently large, they overshadowed the general appearance of her entering the stage, even the audience focused on Ahlam’s diamond earrings without paying attention to the rest of the details.

Ahlam often buys her jewelry from her favorite Cartier shops. She bought a long necklace of 1,299 white diamonds from it, besides 19 pieces of emeralds. The price of the Cartier necklace is 540 thousand dollars, and Ahlam coordinated it with earrings containing 98 pieces of diamonds, along with 6 pieces of emeralds.

Its price reached 118 thousand dollars.

(according to Sayidaty magazine)

In order to make the look shine more, she added a ring of black agate and diamonds with eyes of emeralds, and its price reached 189 thousand dollars.

Cynthia Samuel preceded Ahlam by appearing in earrings recently on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Arabia.

How much is the price of star Ahlam's earrings on The Diamond Night?
How much is the price of Ahlam’s earrings on The Diamond Night? -Cintia Samuel

Cynthia Samuel is a Lebanese fashion model with distinctive marks in the world of beauty, elegance and fashion. As she drew many attention to her and her beauty, especially in the recent period due to her successive successes in the field of art. Cynthia previously appeared on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Arabia for the bride with this accessory.

Ahlam in The Diamond Night, with a Similar Look to Romy Shaibani’s Wedding Look

Ahlam’s look was similar to that of Romy Shaibani, a model of Lebanese origin and the first runner-up of Miss Lebanon 2012. When she got married to plastic surgeon George Samaha, in Lake Como, Italy, in the presence of family and friends, and before her wedding, Romy Shaibani wore Ahlam’s earrings, and she also wore a dress similar to the one Ahlam wore during her wedding. However, Ahlam has made many modifications to it.

The Second Look of Ahlam in The Diamond Night

The cap that Ahlam wore in the second look from the Nicolas Spring-Summer 2023 collection, the dress she wore underneath was made especially for her. She wanted something shiny and in keeping with the general context.

A cover for the piano played by Guy Manoukian was also made in a similar fashion to complete the look.

How much is the price of star Ahlam's earrings on The Diamond Night?
How much is the price of star Ahlam’s earrings on The Diamond Night?

The Most Prominent and the Highest Price of Ahlam’s Jewelry

It is known about the star Ahlam for her love of wearing jewelry and luxurious outfits that were designed in international fashion houses, and in many cases she dazzled everyone with luxurious looks that cost millions. And not only that, but she always fascinates us with unexpected looks, and she always dazzles us in her own choice of designs or her modification of international designs to what suits her taste and body shape, and she always succeeds in doing so!

On one occasion, Ahlam wore an elegant yellow dress and coordinated with it a luxurious necklace from the Nsouli collection in the form of a choker containing about 204 carats of white and yellow diamonds, with a large diamond weighing about 10 carats hanging from it. Its price was about 2 million dollars.

– At one of the concerts, Ahlam shone with a necklace that was specially made for her by the Samer Halima Jewelry House, the necklace was distinguished by the fact that it contained 380 carats of dense yellow diamonds with rare green Colombian emeralds. Its price reached 7 million dirhams.

Ahlam chose to appear with jewelry from the house of Messika Paris, it was a choker wrapped around the neck in the form of the interlocking chain of 18 carats white gold studded with 2.6 carats diamonds, its price reached about 90,000 dollars.

Ahlam shined with an attractive look and coordinated with her a long diamond necklace in white gold studded with diamonds and colored gemstones in colors that were calm and consistent with the dress.

This is how the queen always likes to appear, crowned with all the jewelry and precious necklaces, to raise a storm of speculation and conversations that will not end as long as Ahlam wears diamond earrings, the price of which is 118 thousand dollars!

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