Two perfectly identical bags, The same design, color and quality, but one of them is from an international brand and another is not a known name, and if you have the opportunity to get one of them, of course you will choose the piece produced by the famous brand! Everyone prefers to wear famous brands.

We will all choose it and we are always trying to have both his closet and house as many pieces belonging to well-known international brands as possible regardless of their quality, but have you ever thought about why we tend to be impressed by the presence of Gucci, Chanel or other known names on clothes?

This article will show you how buying from expensive international brands affects people’s behavior and even makes some of them obsessed with it through experiments conducted on different categories.

And through experiments conducted by displaying manipulated pieces and putting famous brand labels on clothes tReaching a number of unexpected results, Stay with us

experience 1; Material and social situation:

How does wearing famous brands affect people?
Wearing famous brands

To test whether brand labels are related to wealth and high social standing, People’s perception of someone wearing a branded shirt has been evaluated once and normal again, how they will be treated and what is their impression of him?

اThe people tested were distributed in 4 cases to see a picture:

1- A person wearing a regular shirt without a trademark.

2- A person wearing a shirt from an ordinary brand with an average price of 12 euros.

3- A person wearing a shirt from the famous Lacoste brand.

4- A person wearing a shirt from the well-known Tommy Hilfiger brand.

بHowever, the photos were shown to people they had to expect on a scale of 1-5 to what degree the owner of the photo is cute, rich, good, Respectable and others.

The result is;

The owner of the photo wearing a luxury branded shirt (for example, Lacoste or Tommy Hilfiger) got higher ratings and was seen as richer, kinder and more friendly.

experience 2: Acceptance

 Wearing famous brands?
Wearing famous brands

Forty-five shoppers at a mall in Tilburg were interviewed by a woman on the first day wearing a green jacket with the Tommy Hilfiger logo and on the second day she was wearing the same jacket but without the brand and asked them if they could answer a few questions.

The result:

On the first day, the response was positive by 52.2%, while on the second day, the percentage decreased to 13.6%, reflecting the difference in reactions in the case of a global brand and in its absence, where people were friendly and more receptive in the first case.

experience 3: Efficiency

Wearing famous brands

Conducted on ninety-nine undergraduate students at Tilburg University, Participants were told that the university was looking for a new worker in the lab and is currently interviewing applicants and were asked to watch a pre-conducted interview video and give their opinion on the applicant.

There were two versions of the video: In the first, The applicant was wearing a T-shirt with the Tommy Hilfiger logo which was clear throughout the interview (brand status). In the other video, the same person was wearing the same shirt without a logo and both interviews were exactly the same.


Participants in the event of a brand found that the applicant was more suitable for the job than the person in normal clothes and should even be paid higher!

experience 4: Sympathy

أ230 people were injured, most of them women, There was a blind woman knocking on their doors and asking them for a financial donation to a well-known organization.

Half of the cases met a woman wearing a famous brand and the other half was wearing normal clothes.


against to the expectation: Donations in the first case were much more than in the other case!

Despite the same behavior of women in all cases.

Wearing famous brands
Wearing famous brands

Studies have found that:

  • Having the logo of luxury brands on clothing will be seen as a sign of wealth, A person’s standing will be enhanced as seen by others and thus receive better treatment from society.
  • And that people want to wear and acquire things from international brands because they make them look better for their surroundings and people’s impression of them will be “since they are able to acquire such expensive things, they are inevitably highly social with great wealth.”
  • Also, people dressed in luxury clothes with a brand logo were seen as more trustworthy.
  • People are more receptive and generous with people who show luxury and are even willing to pay money to join them.

So my dear, Global brand logos are designed to be visible and easily recognizable.

Social self-control and wearing famous brands

On the other hand, Research suggests that people show greater social self-control when faced with people who look more luxurious and wealthier.

For example, A person does not complain quickly when the traffic light turns green if the car in front of him is luxurious and expensive. One reason may be that people who ride expensive cars expect their reactions to be more powerful and violent.

But remember, my dear, that essence is the most important and that external appearances will not reflect the reality of people, but your impression must depend on their actions and their decency.



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