How to lose weight quickly, my marriage after a month and I want to lose10 kilos, or my engagement, my graduation or even my sister’s marriage is in two months and I want to lose fat quickly.

Phrases often circaded under my videos on my YouTube channel “Sara PopFit” in the comments section and mailbox almost burst with a huge amount of messages that arrive and most of them ask (how to lose weight quickly) like a marathon race who runs more arrives faster!

In fact, I have always talked about losing weight or losing fat quickly is not difficult, Anyone who adheres to a strict diet can reach the greatest weight loss they seek in the shortest possible period. But two things to consider. We will talk about them in our article How to lose weight quickly.

First: Losses that will occur during rapid weight loss such as loss of muscle mass and skin tissue that cause premature skin aging and also the appearance of an annoying cellulite or orange peel that appears even if you completely slim the body of fat in a quick and wrong way.

Second: Maintaining this result is what should be our goal because the biggest mistakes that occur when losing weight fast are that these fats return after returning to our life routine that we were before starting any diet or diet to lose weight quickly, It can even multiply in a period faster than you imagine.

Apart from that, sagging caused by rapid weight loss that may cause destruction of some marital relationships and destroy the psyche of many women.

I don’t want to scare you in these phrases, But I will definitely offer you radical solutions to weight loss without return that have not been previously presented in this integrated form in any article, Because what I will provide solutions to answer your question (how to lose weight quickly) is based not only on scientific grounds, But also on my experiences with tens of thousands of girls and women of all ages.

And since we touched on age, I hope you consider age just a number and has no judgment or effect on how much weight you will lose, Even if you are in the seventies, I will return you to the weight you were in a teenager or to the most beautiful number you have reached above this strange balance in your whole life, And if you haven’t yet had the opportunity to reach this number, it’s okay, honey, I will take your hand and get you to him.

So first let me know what we will discuss today in our article how to lose weight quickly.

The Fastest Ways to Lose Excess Weight and Success Strategies to Lose Weight to Answer “How to Lose Weight Quickly”

How Can I Lose Weight Quickly?
How Can I Lose Weight Quickly?

Psychological Factors

In my opinion, discussing psychological factors is a much more important start than discussing other factors.

First: The fastest way to lose weight is to start from the moment we think that we need to reveal this fatty cover that has distorted our female features. Many women think about losing weight, but every day you feel hungry, it is decided to start the next day and after every meal you feel full or full, it is decided that it will start with a healthy diet the next day, and so the

The fastest way to get there is the slowest: Don’t start as hard as starving yourself for long hours or exercising for periods Because this will lose you the ability to continue, Have you ever seen runners in the racetrack we notice that the runner who wins is always at the end of the ring behind his runner friends and when he is close to the end we see that this runner gathered his strength to use in the last moments of the race, Because he knows that if he uses his energy he will run out of him and he will not be able to finish what started with the same force, You also use your rush to start with the weight loss experience when you reach the few kilos and not while you lose the big kilos.

Continuation: Willpower may gather at that moment and intend to start a healthy diet, But after a few days or even two weeks you feel like you’re starting to lose the ability to continue or get bored, We must always remember that goal that drove us to start, Motivation writing is very important, because as human beings, God has given us the grace of oblivion, but when we forget our motives for success, this grace becomes a curse.

Diet for Losing Weight

The Right Weight Loss Diet:

How Can I Lose Weight Quickly?
How Can I Lose Weight Quickly?

Misunderstanding the Term “The Right Diet”

It may come to our mind that the diet that will make me lose weight quickly is the system in which I will feel deprivation, constant hunger and poor energy and of course all these are signs that the diet is not a system at all, It is just torture of our body by depriving it of the nutrients it needs. We ask how to lose weight quickly I answer with deprivation!! And that’s a big mistake!

Features of “The Right Diet”

  • Diet without starvation:

The right diet is characterized by a high protein percentage, أThe equivalent of at least 1.5 grams of protein multiplying your body weight, More importantly, we eat this amount 2 to 4 times a day and not at once.

Since protein is essential in your plate this will help you feel full and full.

There is a study that showed that people who start their day with a carbohydrate-based breakfast become more nervous and less efficient at work than people who start their diet with a meal rich in protein and healthy fats.

  • Not feeling exhausted and tired:

Feeling exhausted or unable to focus, think or do your daily chores means you’re on the wrong way, honey, The right diet gives you the ability to think and work more efficiently, Especially if we try to get healthy fats on a daily basis into our diet.

Writer Paul McKenna mentioned in his book “I Can Make You Skinny” the criteria of hunger which may be an imaginary or real hunger, Of course, many of us complain about emotional hunger, which he himself needs another article to talk about and expressed his opinion that the standards of real hunger should not reach the stage of exhaustion because they may cause us evil to eat the meal after that and not control the amount that our body actually needs.

  • The timing and type of the last meal of your day:

I’ve literally admired people who have the ability to eat late! It’s like they’re ordering this body to full and bulge all over.

The timing of dinner should be minimal before 5 to 6 hours of sleep, a study showed.

As for the last type of meal, it must be from the fast food digestion, I often advised my Neomi participants to be the last meal of their day soup or salad, and actually achieved golden results, especially for people who were seeking to burn belly fat or reduce the waist.

Whatever this snack was whenever we allowed the body during sleep to activate the healing energy that we have always occupied in the digestion process, We also allowed the body during sleep to burn stubborn fat, which is old, stable and stable, more stable than that annoying neighbor who visits you without prior knowledge and sits with you for long hours without what is in the atom of feeling or taste of the origins of the visit.

In our article “How to Lose Weight Fast” we will talk about diets and the best

  • The best diet:

We have often heard names of food systems, the most famous of which are intermittent fasting, keto system, Mediterranean system or even caveman system, The fact that every system in them has advantages and disadvantages.

or example, keto system: Through my interviews with Newme participants, hundreds and hundreds of them who tried keto lost a lot of annoying kilos of fat, But these kilos returned and sometimes doubled after stopping the keto system, Of course, there are those who say that to get out of the keto system and there are certain ways that nutritionists do to avoid regain weight, I don’t know if it’s true or not. But for myself I am not a fan of this team.

Intermittent fasting system: Strong It is one of the systems that my heart tends to, But not for long periods since I am moody person, And this literally works with this system because continuing on such a system will cause the stability of weight after a certain stage and the body adapts to it and will not respond to it, Therefore, it is better to follow the advice of our Messenger, peace be upon him, fasting on Monday and Thursday if you are a fan of this system.

So I see that the best diet is the one that fits your life routine!

People who eat 4 meals a day because they wake up at 6 and sleep at 1 after midnight cannot be forced to eat only two meals a day, Rather, four meals calculated in terms of quantity and quality in nutrients are too safe to leave them without food all the time.

As for people who wake up at two in the afternoon and sleep at one after midnight, I think they should only eat two meals a day is enough and adequate.

But of course we should stay away from the idea of eating one meal a day because it is literally disrupting and slowing down the metabolism, which is responsible for burning body fat.

  • Calculation of calories:

Studies, my dear, have shown the failure of this method, The most important thing than calculating the calories is to calculate the source of your meal, That is, protein should take up more space in your plate than carp, This ensures that we are losing weight, But a way I have inferred from my experience and dealing with subscribers and reply to messages I receive from followings on my social media platforms is to measure the degree of hunger and satiety.

  • Criteria for hunger and satiety

In my opinion, you should not ask anyone when you should eat your meal to lose fat in the body, But adhering to the hunger and satiety standards I talked about on my YouTube channel Sarah Bob Fett and stated that we should eat when feeling really hungry, And we stop eating when you feel full, not full.

And please forget that rule that they taught us, finish your plate the best! Because she is the one who led us to this situation that we are in now, Especially I know that lady who was sorry for the food left on the subject and sitting to finish it herself even though she was full and now she is suffering from obesity, diabetes and stress.

  • Stay away from large meals:

I don’t encourage throwing away the remaining food, but don’t let your eyes control what you will put in the dish, but the volume of your belly fat or the sagging thighs you suffer from! Let her remind you to take a little and when you don’t feel full, fill out again!

Through my trip to Hong Kong I saw Asian women eating many dishes and foods but these dishes were literally mini I mean small! But if we go back to Arabic dishes you will see that they have family size like McDonald’s X Large.

  • Burning process (metabolism or metabolism)

Finally, I must note that the right diet will not only determine how much fat you will lose, It will also determine whether metabolism will accelerate or slow down because rapid metabolism means rapid weight loss and slow metabolism means slow weight loss or weight stability.

An Exersice Program to Lose Weight without Sagging

How can I lose weight quickly?
How Can I Lose Weight Quickly?


The best exercise to lose weight quickly and the optimal answer to your question: How to lose weight quickly” are cardio exercises such as aerobics, Zumba and dance that we can do 6 days a week for an hour and a half as a maximum.


But there is also a rating of the best weight loss exercise and how to lose weight quickly continuously even sitting in the chair, Your body will burn more fat through resistance exercises that contribute to muscle augmentation, The muscle mass, my dear, is the motor of burning fat in the human body, the more you get a large muscle motor, the more you contribute to the burning of fat.

If you’re one of the people who gets bored of resistance training and enjoys more in cardio, I’ve designed several videos on my YouTube channels Sarah Bob Fett that combine resistance with cardio like Curvey, but skinny.

Resistance exercises are always enough from 2 to 4 days a week.


If you notice that there is stability and stubbornness in weight, It’s time to try high-intensity exercises, which is short for intermittent high-intensity exercise, This type of exercise contributes to burning fat and at the same time building muscle mass.


If you’re not a sports fan it’s okay honey, Walking itself is a fabulous exercise for weight loss, especially burning lower abdominal fat and waist circumference in general, But walking should be accompanied by Bretm between 110 – 120 minutes per minute.

How many hours do I walk to burn fat?

1) From 30 minutes to 90 minutes moderate speed walking.

2) You can also walk in the form of a heat, for example: 3 minutes walk and minute repeat run 8 times would also be an ideal choice

How many hours before or after exercise?

– Always remember this rule for intense fat burning, it is preferable to practice cardio exercises before eating, As for muscle mass building and resistance exercises, you should eat a simple meal consisting of healthy carbohydrates that give you a feeling of energy.

– A study says that in the future, women who practice resistance exercises on an empty stomach suffer from sagging and some may experience depression.

How to lose fat, not muscle

There are several rules that I always recommend my subscribers to the Numi fat loss program and not muscle mass during weight loss and today I will share the secrets of Nyumi:

1) Determine the loss at 1% of your body weight per week, I mean, if you weigh 70 kilos, you should lose 700 grams per week no more, and if you weigh 90 kilos, the target number must be 900 grams per week and so on in order to avoid muscle loss.

2) Eat a sufficient amount of protein: Protein is muscle nutrition and at any sports effort we break down muscle fibers to rebuild them again, but without enough protein on a daily basis, your body will not be able to rebuild these muscle fibers in the right way.

3) Most likely cuff for resistance exercises: Resistance exercise days in your week should beat cardio days, Because cardio not only burns fat but also draws energy from muscle mass.

4- Low-carp diet and no carp: Your body always needs all the nutrients, whether fat, carp or protein, But when you decide honey to lose weight without sagging protein should be the prepondering cuff in your plate.

How do I know that I’m losing fat, not muscle?

Your body will give you a clear and frank answer to this question:

If you lose weight and feel sagging either in the whole body or a certain area, you lose muscle.

If you start to notice the appearance of cellulite even though you have become thin, you lose muscle.

If you feel that the quality of the skin has become soft but there is no sagging you are also losing muscle.

How do I know that my son is my muscle and lose fat?

First and most importantly, you have to forget that balance thrown in the corner of the house, Because constantly monitoring weight is literally frustrating, However, it does not express the real weight of the body, That is, that number that appears to you combines muscle mass with fat mass, and we don’t know that we were not losing fat or muscle or both!

I will teach you a simple trick, You always see that meter hanging from the tailor’s neck, I don’t want you to carry it the same way, But I want you to have a special place in the house to come back to him once a week.

First: The meter My dear, the truest one who expresses the changes that are going on in your body, So you should take the measurement of 4 zones correctly and accurately because any movement up or down in the body will give misleading numbers.

How do I take body sizes before and during the diet?

Of course, the beginning of the body must be in a relaxed state when the meter is placed, And please don’t go on the meter so that those numbers get smaller! Don’t worry, the numbers will decrease and I promise you that with the application of everything mentioned above.

So in the morning of one day a week and after entering the bathroom and before drinking anything we take the size of the thigh, abdomen and arm and to like the size of the chest, Of course, I will not mention to you exactly which area we actually talked about the way to take body sizes before and during the diet in detail that you can refer to.

But here I want you to take the waist or belly size for example from the largest place to collect belly fat, The same thing is to take the thigh size from the place where the fat is collected with the thighs.

When the number is fixed on the scale but decreases in sizes, know, my dear, that you lose fat and build muscle.

How do I know my ideal weight?

secondly: It is the mirror that will help you a lot, Not just to know if you’re losing weight, It will also help you figure out what the ideal weight is, when we look at the mirror and see that we admire our feminine features and body shape, it means that this is the perfect weight for you, but my dear, if you are one of the people who pay attention to the smallest details and you will not pray to be satisfied with your life, I have to tell you that you have not and will not reach the ideal weight or shape, And that’s an obsession that you should get rid of right away.

Drinks that slim down or accelerate body fat burning

Unfortunately, many social media influencers are trying to collect views of content they have with baseless claims, Like a magic drink to remove the rumin in just two days, And I’ve talked about it on my YouTube channel over and over again, And I told everyone that if there was such a drink in the world it would sell for millions of dollars and it would not be offered to you for free!

I want to discuss the subject in a scientific way, There are some studies that have shown that certain drinks or foods such as chili peppers contribute to Speed up the burn process but by 1%! When we eat the pizza dish X-Large with a hot pepper horn near it under the pretext that it dissolves fat, I know that this pepper will be flooded and burn itself with flour and pizza fat and the pizza comes out victorious and gathers in the form of fat in the rumen or buttocks.

Does that mean there is no magic drink to dissolve fat in the body?

It’s a drink but not magical, A drink that Asians always and never have in their hands wherever they go on the street in the restaurant or even in the transport hooves, Warm water my dear. Warm water, especially while eating, helps to degrade fat in the body faster, It also contributes to facilitating the digestion process, which avoids bloating problems and others!

Let’s discuss all that is mentioned in our article “How to lose weight quickly” and summarize the result that will help us burn body fat quickly:

1- To intend, decide and prove our decision to start recording our psychological motivations for weight loss.

2- Choosing a healthy diet that suits our life routine without starving or feeling deprived.

3- The timing and type of the last meal is very important for fat loss in the body or gaining weight.

4- Intermittent fasting two days a week or a continuous month will enhance the process of burning regular fat, but continuing to fast intermittently for months may be counterproductive, so a break should be taken during the application of the intermittent fasting regimen or any other diet.

5- The metabolism process is affected by the type of diet. The more this system is harsh, all that contributed to slowing down the metabolism process, especially people who eat a meal a day.

6- The best exercise to burn body fat and build muscle mass, any weight loss without sagging is to combine cardio, hight and resistance.

7- Walking burns the fat of the whole body and the abdomen in particular.

8- To burn intense fat cardio exercises in the morning on an empty stomach, but it is preferable to eat a small meal before the resistance exercise and a main meal rich in protein after cardio and resistance exercises.

9- When you lose weight and notice that the body has remained tight, it means that we are building muscle or when the number on the scale does not change, but the body sizes change, it means that we are building muscle and vice versa.

10- The best drink to speed up the burning of body and abdominal fat is warm water.

End dear, I hope that I have clearly delivered you the map of access to the perfect body and that I succeeded that I did not leave any question mark with you on this subject, And also remember that the fastest way to get is the slowest and that the journey of a thousand miles starts with a step!! And try not to always press yourself by asking “How to lose weight quickly!