You wander between stores looking for the most beautiful jeans, confused about choosing the right ones for your body, what is the right color? High waist or low waist? Wide-leg or skinny-leg? And many questions that will put you in greater confusion. Follow along with us dear, as I will help you choose the jeans that suit your body to give you a distinctive look, whether it is high waist or low waist.

Waist Level

One of the most important factors that you should pay attention to when buying the perfect jeans for you is the waist level, and there are four types of waist level:

High Waisted Jeans

The waist level in it must reach the navel or a little higher. And if you are a fan of vintage fashion, know that this type was very popular in the eighties and nineties, and it returned at the beginning of the first decade of the millennium to become the latest fashion. You can wear it in many ways, for example, you can wear a long shirt that you tuck all or one of its ends into the pants, or with a short blouse, you do not necessarily choose it to be tight, as it can be wide to help you hide your belly area. In general, if you are looking for jeans that make you longer, this is the right type.

Original Jeans

The waist level in it is similar to what it is in the previous type, or slightly lower. During spring and fall, you can coordinate it with pullovers or shirts. In summer, you can wear it with a blouse or short shirts. It will also make you look taller and will suit most body types.

Regular Fit or Slim Fit Jeans

When you try this type, you will notice that the waist level in it reaches just below the navel, and it will suit your body shape, whatever it is, if you style it in the appropriate way. You can also wear it with shirts, leather jackets, or even a classic jacket.

Low Waist Jeans

The waist level is below your waist or above your hip bones. It first appeared in the late sixties and early seventies, and at the beginning of the twenty-first century it was very popular, and it was loved by any girl who had a thin waist and a flat stomach. So if you were one of them, then this season is your season, because this type of jeans is now returning with force to occupy the markets and the facades of famous brands. We saw it on Jennifer Lopez in one of her honeymoon looks. You can wear it with a crop top to show a flat tummy, or you can tuck the shirt into trousers and wear an oversized jacket with it.

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Choose the Perfect Jeans for You
Choose the Perfect Jeans for You

The Perfect Jeans for You

Now let’s see what suits each body:

Rectangular Body

Choose Charleston pants because they are suitable to give your body some curves. You can also wear any jeans that have a slightly wide leg below the knee or full, Also, ripped jeans can give you a little chubby figure if you’re skinny. Finally, both boyfriend jeans, classic jeans, and skinny jeans will suit you.

Hourglass Body

If you have this shape, you certainly have a slim waist and wide buttocks, so you should choose jeans that highlights your body curves.So, the best thing you need is high-waisted pants that reach above your ankles, and charlestons will highlight the beauty of your waist and the curves of your body, in addition to slightly wide pants, each of the bootcut, skinny, classic, and boyfriend that will show your body with a wonderful texture.

Pear Body

Choose pants that start from the bottom of your waistline, in order to show the symmetry of your body, and you can also choose jeans that are slightly wide to hide the buttocks. Charleston will be a good choice, and for the skinny type, you should be careful when wearing it, style it with wide clothes from the top to create the necessary balance.

Apple Body

Stay away completely from low-waisted and high-waisted pants. As I told you, the medium waist is the most suitable for you, it will hide the belly. Choose narrow pants from the bottom when you want to show your body curves. You can also choose the bootcut model for an attractive appearance that matches your body shape. According to fashion experts, you should always choose What distracts attention from the midsection of your body.

Inverted Triangle Body

If you have broad shoulders with a slim waist and hips, a little baggy jeans or straight jeans will suit you. Jeans with pockets in the front will add a balance between the upper and lower part to your look. Plus, the Boot Cat, the Charleston, and the Boyfriend are sure to suit you.

Finally, when you buy jeans, choose them to be one size smaller than your size, because it can stretch after wearing it for several times. Do not forget to follow these tips when shopping online as well, and choose jeans with either a high waist or a low waist. We hope you liked the article and helped you choose the perfect jeans for you. Stay safe.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Perfect Jeans

How to know the perfect jeans for me?

By knowing your body shape and what suits it. In this article, we have detailed ways to help you choose the right jeans for you.

What colors are appropriate for jeans?

White – Black – Red – Blue. Don’t forget that this also depends on your skin tone.

What is the appropriate jeans length?

It depends on your height and body shape. It is better if it is along your leg or a little longer, with the end drawer inward in the form of a rectangle.