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6 steps to start foot care

You don’t have to go to beauty salons and pay large sums for foot care and get two feet with a tidy feminine look. just with a little time and effort, And with some easy to find products, you can give your feet a great look at home.

in just six steps, We will tell you how to take care of the feet and everything you need to learn with us how to care for the feet in your home in simple ways.

The first step: Remove nail polish from your feet

Every now and then you should give your nails a break from polish, Because placing it constantly may lead to a change in color to red or yellow. to return to its natural color, It is advised to leave it as it is for a few days without using nail polish.

It is best to use an acetone-free polish remover, Because the removers containing acetone are very stiff on the nails and you may notice after using them that your nails have become thinner and that some bumps are starting to appear and this is the beginning of foot care

The second step: Soak your feet in a basin of warm water

Soaking your feet for 15 to 20 minutes will do wonders, whether it hurts you already or not, Wetting them with water will help you get rid of dry scales and soften the thick layers of skin on your heels and toes.

You can add essential oils to the water basin, But make sure the water is not too hot, Because it will harm the skin instead of getting the benefit, Water evaporates quickly and pulls moisture from the outer protective layer of the skin.

The third step: Remove layers of dead skin:

after soaking your feet, Use a pumice stone or foot file to trim calluses, And be sure to use it gently so as not to harm healthy tissues, Because excessive pruning can cause the skin to crack and thus bleed and feel painful.

The fourth step: Trim your toenails regularly:

Use nail clippers made of stainless steel, such as steel, to cut your nails, Cut straight and then use the file to smooth out the corners. Push back the cuticle at the beginning of your nail, avoiding cutting it, Most dermatologists recommend not cutting excess skin, because it may lead to bleeding, It facilitates the access of bacteria and fungi to the nail.

Fifth step: Give yourself a paraffin wax treatment:

Paraffin wax will make your feet incredibly soft, You can melt the wax to a certain temperature using a special device, then apply it to your feet, The warmth of the wax increases blood flow and opens up the pores in the skin, Open pores are able to absorb more moisture. Once the wax has cooled, Wrap your feet in a towel to retain the therapeutic heat longer.

foot care at home, 6 simple and quick steps
foot care at home, 6 simple and quick steps

Sixth and final step: Use a moisturizer:

Put an emollient moisturizer on your feet. And gently massage it while applying the lotion, specifically the tendons of the joints of the fingers and the arch of the foot, This is very beneficial for the muscles and joints of the foot and for proper walking.

Then wear a pair of socks for an hour or two, as this will ensure better absorption of the moisturizer and soft feet.

And as a very, very important piece of advice from me to you: “Don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes”

Wearing the wrong shoes can affect the health of your feet and the way you walk, Choose the right size, as tight shoes cause general pain in the foot and push nails into the skin, As for the large shoes, they prevent the heel from settling in the right place while walking, and thus sores and nails will appear.

Go shoe shopping after work when your feet are at their largest. And be aware that wearing high heels frequently leads to damage to the bones of the foot.

foot care at home, 6 simple and quick steps
foot care at home, 6 simple and quick steps

But when should you visit the doctor?

If you have diabetes, do not try to treat corns on your own, but see a doctor to remove them.

If you feel a lot of pain, see your doctor immediately to come up with a treatment plan.

If you suffer from warts, do not try to treat them yourself, Rather, they must be removed by a doctor with a laser, minor surgery, or with a topical prescription.

Also, visit the doctor if the fungus begins to appear in your feet to treat it early.

Pay attention to the health of your feet, because it is the basis for your gait, and some foot injuries and problems cause knee problems as well.


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