You may think that high blood pressure is a chronic problem of all kinds, and that the medicine will accompany the patient for life, but today we will correct this concept for you because the first and mild stages of it can be treated and avoided only by adopting a healthy diet consisting of the right food (food to lower high blood pressure)

But first, you need to understand that hypertension is not a big thing, so don’t be afraid if you’ve had it recently. Studies have suggested that it’s a condition that affects one in every 5 adults, and can simply live with it. This means it shouldn’t cause you any anxiety or fear, but it must be lowered and taken into account.

High blood pressure has nothing to do with age but with lifestyle, so continue reading with us even if you are a very young woman.

Your body is directly affected by anything you eat, some ingredients in large amounts can cause you many illnesses. Foods differ from each other in the way they affect you. Therefore, you should pay careful attention to your diet and be well aware of foods that can affect your blood pressure to avoid future problems.

List of Food to Lower High Blood Pressure Naturally

I have prepared for you a complete list of healthy foods that you should add to your daily menu.

Dark Chocolate

It contains a lot of antioxidants which prevent atherosclerosis and hypertension.

You should know that it increases the level of the hormone of happiness “serotonin” even though it is free of sugar, it must be added to your diet with thoughtful amounts to keep your body and mood healthy.

Yogurt and Skim Milk

You know that they’re essential sources of calcium, of course, but what you don’t know is that they’re very important elements for lowering high blood pressure.


It is a fruit rich in potassium and it has been proven that it fights high blood pressure in the human body, and makes it easier to control it.

So don’t hesitate to take bananas with you to work and enjoy eating them during your break.


It is very healthy, it contains enormous amounts of fiber, a little sodium and fat, this makes it a food that will keep your heart healthy as well as your arteries so it is recommended to have it for breakfast at least three times a week.

And from the previous four ingredients, you can make a quick and delicious breakfast or snack.

Lunch and Dinner to Lower High Blood Pressure Naturally

As for your options for lunch and dinner:


All fish rich in omega 3, such as salmon and mackerel, are excellent in dealing with this problem and help you reduce inflammation, as they also contain many different proteins.


In the old days, the ancient Egyptians were famous for using garlic and eating it regularly, It wasn’t for nothing, this helped them raise their immunity levels, protect their arteries.

And their ability to build the pyramids and raise their stones was the best proof that they enjoyed healthy and strong bodies resulting from a proper diet. And based on that, recent scientific studies have shown that eating garlic regularly, whether cooked or raw, helps you protecting your arteries and prevent high blood pressure.

If you hate its taste, you can swallow a small pill daily with water just like how you swallow a medicine capsule, and so you will never feel its taste.

Olive Oil

Olives, in fact, do not exactly lower blood pressure, but using them as a healthy alternative to butter and margarine will positively affect the health of your heart and prevent hardening of the arteries, which automatically protects you from high blood pressure.

Snack to Lower High Blood Pressure Naturally

As for a quick snack:

Pomegranate Juice

One cup of this natural and delicious juice is enough for four weeks to keep your body from several diseases such as high blood pressure.

Lower High Blood Pressure Naturally
Food to Lower High Blood Pressure

Leafy Vegetables

Lettuce, watercress, spinach, parsley, and others all contain significant amounts of potassium, which lowers high blood pressure.

That is why you should never exclude them from your diet.

Red Beets

You can boil them and then prepare a salad adding parsley leaves and lemon. It helps you lower high blood pressure quickly, as it contains nitrates that expand the arteries to facilitate the passage of blood in less than 24 hours.

Unsalted Nuts

Although it may lead to obesity when eating large amounts of it because it contains fats but when it is eaten in moderate quantities it becomes very useful for lowering high blood pressure, so we advise you to have a small amount of it between your meals with some raisins, dried berries, and pistachios, which are great because it reduces vascular resistance and thus lowering the level of high blood pressure, it maintains the health of your arteries as well as the regulation of heartbeat.


Like thyme, basil, cinnamon, and rosemary, they are very useful for your body and therefore it is good to include them in low salt dishes for extra flavor and to keep your body from high blood pressure.

Treat High Blood Pressure Naturally

What the doctor will advise you to do to protect yourself from this problem in addition to proper food is:

  • Remember to exercise daily.
  • Eat fresh vegetables and fruits on a daily basis.
  • Stay away from salty food.
  • Keep your weight within the normal limit.
  • Check your heart health at your doctor periodically.

Finally my friend, I hope you have benefited from our advice. So keep them in mind and plan your diet carefully.

Frequently Asked Questions about Lower High Blood Pressure

What lowers blood pressure quickly?

Stop eating large amounts of food that contain table salt (sodium).

Does lemon lower blood pressure?

Yes. It has an effect on blood vessels, enhancing their elasticity and softness, and thus reducing high blood pressure.

What does garlic do to blood pressure?

Garlic helps control and reduce high blood pressure. It is one of the foods that help pressure patients and is recommended by many doctors.

Is raising the legs helps to lower blood pressure?

Yes. It is an auxiliary procedure in the event of severe hypertension, Where raising the legs will help pump blood to the heart and thus lower blood pressure.