The fall season begins, bringing with it its own freshness and magic. As the weather changes, our choices in clothing and makeup change. Every year, beauty experts introduce new trends at the beginning of each fall that coincide with International Fashion Week, which makes us eagerly await the latest creations of beauty experts at the beginning of each fall.

Autumn is a great time to try new colors and new techniques in makeup. You will not be afraid of your foundation melting and changing the colors of your makeup due to the high temperatures. Therefore, at the beginning of autumn, the colors become clearer and have better and more dramatic coverage. If summer is all about bright colors, bold lips, and tanned skin, autumn tends toward warm, comfortable colors and natural complexions.

Latest Trends of Fall 2023 Makeup

Latest Trends of Fall 2023 Makeup

Beauty expert Mary Quinn says, “Fall makeup is exciting because the weather is getting colder, and therefore you can control the skin’s makeup and its layers without fear of the makeup melting due to high temperatures. You can now try everything you avoided during the summer.”

Therefore, in this article, we have collected for you all the fall 2023 makeup trends that were introduced this year:

Latte Makeup

The most prominent makeup trends for fall 2023. Latte makeup is based on light brown, which is considered the basic color of fall and is a neutral color that suits all skin tones. The star Hailey Bieber chose it in her latest look on her Instagram account. Mary Quinn says, “I think latte makeup will be very popular, because it is an advanced version of no makeup makeup. It is suitable for all skin tones as well as most clothing colors, and it is one of the most beautiful makeup trends for fall 2023.”

To adopt latte makeup in your fall look, beauty expert Mary Quinn recommends following these steps:

  • First, sculpt the skin while keeping it radiant. Sculpt it in a way that looks natural and not exaggerated, then illuminate the visible areas of the face, such as the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, and forehead, to give the face natural dimensions.
  • Use light brown and apricot colors for eye shadow. You can use a brown pencil to naturally fill your eyelids, then blend them with a brush before applying mascara. Add a little brown color below the lower lash line.
  • Choose blush in muted autumn colors, such as brown and peach, and wear light-colored lipstick.

90s Makeup

90s makeup is making a strong comeback this season, with a return to brown eyeliner, bright lipstick, and classic looks that are very appropriate for fall 2023 makeup. If you would like to try this type of makeup for this fall, follow the following steps:

  • Start with a medium coverage foundation with a little bit of contour in a light brown color. Choose an earthy blush with a slight highlight on the cheeks.
  • For eye makeup, use brown eyeliner. Draw a thin line below the eye, then blend it with a slightly flat brush. Likewise, on the upper eyelid, apply a little brown eyeliner with beige eye shadow, then blend gently. Do not use black eyeliner and try to highlight your eyelashes longer and thicker with a good quality black mascara.
  • Do you remember the makeup of the 90s when we used to choose lipstick in a certain color and then apply another bright color? This is what you will do now. Choose a color derived from brown, then add another layer with a clearly shiny color.

Soft Gothic Makeup

If you are a fan of calm makeup, you will like this style for fall 2023 makeup. This makeup relies on smokey eyes and shiny lips. To get this look, do the following:

  • Choose a foundation suitable for your skin and concealer to hide any paleness in the skin. This type of makeup does not require contouring or highlighter because the focus will be on the harmony of the eyes with the lips. If you want to apply a little blush, choose a very light color.
  • The focus will be on choosing smokey colors suitable for the eyes, such as gray or earthy. Apply a single color on the upper eyelid and blend it well.
  • Choose bright lipstick in a clear color such as purple if you choose silver and gray eye colors, or brown if you choose earthy colors for your eyes.

Caramel Macchiato Makeup

This look is inspired by Starbucks and relies on the harmony of warm, rich colors that are absolutely perfect for the fall atmosphere. Mary Quinn says, “I think we will see the return of more warm colors for fall 2023 makeup, such as warm beige, warm brown, and the color of espresso as well.” To adopt caramel macchiato makeup, follow the following steps:

  • Start by preparing your skin by choosing a suitable foundation. You can define your skin with a light brown contour, with simple and natural lighting for the cheeks, nose, and forehead, and earthy or brown blush.
  • For eye makeup, choose beige or light pink. Blend well and enhance the color by adding brown to the outer corner of the eye, blend it, then apply black eyeliner with a thin line on the upper eyelid.
  • Use dark brown (coffee color) along the lower lash line and blend it with a flat brush, then apply mascara to highlight the beauty of your eyelashes. You can also fill the lower lash line with beige color to increase the eye area.
  • To give a caramel look, add highlighter to the inner corner of the eye in bronze or gold tones.
  • Choose lipstick in soft colors, such as light pink or light earth, to maintain the strongest effect of your eye makeup.

Dark Lip Makeup

Dark Lip Makeup - Fall 2023 Makeup

Or what is known as the Kylie Lip Kits trend, which appeared in 2016 and is now back in fall 2023 makeup. It relies on highlighting the beauty of the lips in dark colors such as dark red, burgundy, and warm brown. If you are a fan of this type of makeup, try the following steps:

  • The skin should look fresh and dewy, so moisturize your skin well, use a primer, then apply a foundation with a wet touch to give your skin vitality. Choose pink blush for warm, fresh cheeks.
  • Eye makeup depends on choosing autumn colors with a simple shine, such as bronze and earthy, with the addition of mascara only, because the focus will be on highlighting the beauty of the lips.
  • Choose a dark lipstick that suits your skin. Choose a warm color and apply the color thickly to get a stronger effect.

Bold Eye Makeup

Bold eyes are considered one of the most beautiful makeup trends for fall 2023, as the focus of the makeup will be on the eyes to make them appear more clear. Beauty expert Jillian Dempsey says, “What expresses a woman’s personality most is the bold look in the eyes, so I will use different media to create a beautiful and bold look.”

  • Choose a foundation that suits your skin and blush in a neutral color, such as gray or light pink
  • Choose a cream eyeliner and start applying it to the crease of the eyelid, then choose an eye shadow of bold autumn colors such as brown or gold. Blend it with a suitable brush, then add a touch of bronze or peach for a touch of excitement.
  • You can apply winged eyeliner to get bold eyes, as well as mascara to get the perfect eye makeup. Apply the same colors of eye shadow below the lower lash line and blend them well, and put black eyeliner inside the eye.
  • Choose suitable lipstick in calm colors to give the greatest effect to your eye makeup.

Multidimensional Eye Makeup

The latest makeup trends for fall 2023, which is suitable for attending an evening or party. It relies on combining colors to obtain a mixture of soft colors such as burgundy, pink, and soft red. The focus in this type of makeup is on eye makeup, by combining these colors to obtain contrasting makeup:

  • You can sculpt your skin with contour and illuminate the areas you want to highlight with highlighter. Choose soft pink blush.
  • When starting with eye makeup, choose a base color such as light pink and blend gently, then choose pink as a transition color, enhance the color using burgundy at the outer corner of the eye, and use the same colors below the lower lash line.
  • Avoid bright colors of eye shadow because the secret to the success of this type of makeup is the natural gradation of colors. You can apply black eyeliner as well as winged eyeliner, blending it with a small brush to give it a smoky look, and finish your makeup with mascara.
  • Choose lipstick in clear colors of pink and soft red to match your eye makeup.

2D Makeup

A new addition to the fall 2023 makeup trends, as it relies on the contrast between velvety skin without shine and glossy lips, while choosing a single color for the eyes with a slight shine. This is the makeup that stars wear on red carpets and at film festivals, as it reflects natural beauty.

  • Choose a velvety foundation without shimmer and avoid sculpting the skin with a dark contour. You can choose blush in a light pink or peach color and apply it on the top of the cheeks, and choose blush without shimmer.
  • Choose a light color, such as beige or ivory, with a slight shine, and spread it over the upper eyelid. Choose a mascara that increases the thickness of your eyelashes. Avoid black eyeliner or eyeliner with this type of makeup.
  • As for the lipstick, it must be with a clear shine so that we get a two-dimensional makeup consisting of matte skin and shiny lipstick. You have many options, such as bright pink, bright purple, and light violet.

Monochrome Makeup

If you want to choose flexible, practical makeup that is suitable for everyday outings, choose this style from the fall 2023 makeup trends.

Beauty expert Priscilla Ono says, “It is a really simple look where you can use the same color on your cheeks, brow bone, eyes as well, and on your skin in general to get a radiant and toned complexion”:

  • Mix a little highlighter with the foundation, spread it on your skin, and pat it with a soft sponge on your skin until you get the desired effect. You can choose a bronze color to mix with the foundation if you want to get a slightly warm skin tone.
  • Eye makeup will be calm and simple. Choose eye shadow from brown derivatives, adopt one color, and extend it over the entire upper eyelid with a little mascara.
  • Choose lipstick in a calm, appropriate color, such as pink or light peach, as well as blusher in the same color.

Smokey Makeup with Bold Lips

The old rule of smokey eyes and soft lips has changed. Fall 2023 makeup returns with the makeup of the 90s, in which bold eyes are accompanied by bold lips, with the addition of bolder colors in smokey makeup, such as bright green and blue. Fall 2023 makeup depends on breaking the rules and doing the unexpected, like adding a bold, fresh color to the middle of a smoky eyelid.

  • Choose a foundation with appropriate coverage and concealer to unify the color of the face. You can sculpt your face with the contour you prefer and blend it well using a suitable brush.
  • Choose your favorite smoky color, black, gray, or brown. Draw small lines with a pencil on the crease of the eyelid, then blend with a small brush until the color is distributed. If you want to add a new color, try to make it consistent with the smoky color that you have chosen. Purple color goes well with black and gray.
  • Choose a bright color for the outer corner of the eye, then choose the appropriate eyeliner, such as black or blue, and draw a thin line of eyeliner and combine it with smoky eye shadow.
  • Choose a bold color for your lips, such as dark red or brown, and apply a little highlighter to the cheekbones, brow bone, and nose bone to get a suitable glow.

Clear Eyeliner

Eyeliner is indispensable in fall 2023 makeup, so it will be distinctive and not traditional. “I like to keep it strong and clear without smudging or blending the edges, because we want it to give a feeling of confidence and strength,” says Priscilla Ono. Rihanna recently appeared in this new style, where she adopted clear, straight eyeliner at a sharp angle, and chose a light color for the eyelid with bright lipstick.

Upturned Eyes

Upturned Eyes - Fall 2023 Makeup

This style of makeup depends on making the eye look drawn and thin with soft neutral colors and thin, black eyelashes. This look is attractive and suitable for all types of eyes. It resembles cat-eye eyeliner, but without making it look heavy or exaggerated. This look is suitable as distinctive daytime and fall makeup and is one of the latest trends of fall 2023 makeup. To get upturned eye makeup, follow the following steps:

  • Start by preparing your skin and choose a suitable foundation with pink or light peach blush.
  • Choose a neutral color for eye shadow, such as beige or earthy, blend it with a soft brush, then draw a thin line of eyeliner and raise it slightly from the outer corner of the eye. Finish your makeup with mascara and try to lift the eyelashes up to make the eye look drawn.

Brown Makeup

The color brown returns strongly in fall 2023 makeup. This color has been very prevalent this year in the world of fashion and interior design, and now it has reached makeup, where it appears again as a basic color for eye and lip makeup. The star Rihanna has adopted it in many of her looks until it is associated with her.

  • You can choose a cream or dry brown eyeshadow color and blend it over the entire upper eyelid.
  • Choose a brown or earthy eyeliner and a strong black mascara and pass the brown color under the lower lash line.
  • As well as blush and lipstick in a wonderful brown or chocolate color, which brings us back to the makeup of the nineties.

The Latest Hair Trends for Fall 2023

The Latest Hair Trends for Fall 2023 - Fall 2023 Makeup

Autumn is the season of change and new beginnings. It is time to renew your haircut and color. This renewal will be wonderful at the beginning of fall 2023, so we have collected for you the latest hairstyles and hair colors for this season.

With the return of the brown color to fall 2023 makeup, it also returns as a wonderful autumn hair color, as many stars have appeared with brown hair, such as Hailey Bieber, who recently appeared with short hair in a neutral brown color, as well as the reddish brown color by combining it with the copper color that the Indian star Priyanka Chopra appeared with, which is one of the wonderful autumn colors and is very suitable for fall 2023 makeup.

As well as the rich honey blonde color, which carries depth and warmth at the same time, and the light and sandy caramel blonde.

As for hairstyles for fall 2023, we notice the return of layers to hairstyles. Clayton Hawkins, hair stylist partner at Dove, says, “This fall witnesses a new return to hair layers, which is a development from the famous butterfly haircut in 2022, which gives the hair more density, especially if the hair is thin or weak.” Therefore, we will see a return to long hair with shorter layers to get thicker hair, and short straight hairstyles. We will also notice the return of bangs this fall. You will not have to worry about your forehead sweating due to the heat, so renew the appearance of your hair by choosing slanted bangs or French bangs to add more femininity and youth to your appearance.

As for hairstyles for this fall, we notice the return of the ponytail, long braids, and messy buns with long hair strands and wavy hairstyles.

The Latest Fashion Trends for Fall 2023

Through the Fashion Week that was held at the beginning of this fall, we can clearly see that red is the primary color for fall 2023, as red dominated the entire look from the coat to the shirt, skirt and shoes, which brings us back to the look of monochromatic clothing, as it is the red color that dominated the makeup of fall 2023. We will also see it in fashion this fall, in formal wear and even evening dresses

  • We also notice the return of long, colorful skirts with white shirts, and we also notice the spread of yellow green, as well as yellow in all its shades, such as lemon yellow, mustard color, and sunflower color.
  • One of the distinctive trends this fall is the return of the v-neck for fall blouses, dresses and jackets, the combination of a bright jacket and a plain shirt, as well as formal jackets suitable for work consisting of a jacket and skirt in dark colors such as silver and grey.
  • During Fashion Week, we notice the return of off-the-shoulder shirts and dresses with a thin autumn jacket, as well as half-dresses consisting of a blouse and skirt divided by a thin belt and puffy sleeves at the shoulders.
  • We also notice the spread of loose wool jackets and wide blazers in gray and brown colors.

Do not deprive yourself of the joy of renewal and change in the fall season. It is the season of activity and returning to daily tasks after a beautiful summer vacation. It is fun to return to work with new changes in your hair, makeup, and even the way you dress to suit the beautiful fall. In this article, we have collected for you the latest Fall 2023 Makeup trends, as well as the latest fashion and hair trends, so you can choose what suits you best.

Frequently Asked Questions about Makeup Fall 2023

What are the dominant colors in makeup fall 2023?

The most common colors this fall are autumnal colors such as brown, copper, and earthy. We also notice the strong return of red to hair, clothes, and makeup, and the reappearance of dark red lipstick.

What makeup is considered a trend in fall 2023 makeup?

Latte makeup and caramel macchiato makeup, which we talked about in the article, is considered the makeup trend this fall because it is new makeup in autumn colors.

What are the popular lipstick colors in fall 2023 makeup?

Glossy lipstick is back to appear this fall and includes bright pink and earthy colors. The brown color with lip lining that was prevalent in the 90s is also back, as are dark colors such as burgundy and dark red.

What is the trend eyeliner for fall 2023 makeup?

Eyeliner is always present in every season because it adds beauty and excitement to eye makeup. Colored eyeliner is considered one of the latest makeup trends this year, such as blue and green, and this fall we notice the spread of dark brown eyeliner.