Eye exercises to strengthen vision are one of the most important exercises if you are one of the people who spend “long” time in front of computer screens.

The goal of any exercise is to either repair damage and problem in the body or to strengthen a particular organ, You may be an exerciser to strengthen the muscles of the body structure, Or mental exercises to increase concentration and strengthen memory, There are also special breathing exercises. But are you one of the few who do eye exercises to strengthen eyesight? Or even have an idea about it?

You may be wondering why someone would do eye exercises which are already permanent in motion? Because it includes special movements to strengthen vision and correct it in case of malfunction, I also advise you if you work or have fun facing electronic screens for a long time, In addition, it is the secret of the beauty of the eyes and their permanent youth.

And don’t underestimate this, my dear, Eye exercises to strengthen vision are classified as a physical therapy, that is, you may need a specialist who will determine for you a set of exercises that suit your problem and age, Especially if you have had eye surgery recently.

Unfortunately, The neglect of these topics by the majority of people has caused a high prevalence of problems of visual impairment, dark circles, sunken eyes and others.

I chose for you a set of eye exercises to enhance useful and entertaining vision at the same time

To facilitate you, we will divide these exercises into two groups:

The first group: Eye exercises:

Exercises specifically for you if you are studying or your work requires concentration and sitting for a long time in front of the computer screen. These exercises will help you increase concentration and keep your vision at its best.

  • Rule 20.20.20: Adopt it when doing a task for a long time, While working, pause every 20 minutes to focus on something 20 feet away for 20 seconds. This exercise will protect your eyes from fatigue and dehydration and will give you some focus.
  • A break to walk a little: You may not have noticed this before, but when you are in a state of focus you are involuntarily blinking less, After a certain period you will feel dry eyes or a headache, Here you should stop immediately and walk at a normal rate for two minutes.
  • Figure 8 Draw Exercise: Use your imagination to draw a large, horizontally inverted number 8 in front of you about 10 feet away. Then with your eyes try to draw it slowly several times. Close your eyes slightly and then repeat it but starting in the other direction, this exercise strengthens the eye muscles and enhances your ability to control their movement.
  • Near and Far Exercise: This exercise will benefit you if you wear glasses. All you have to do is take off the glasses and lift your thumbs in the air, One is near your face and the other is far, focus on your close thumb, And then far away, For two seconds each, Then choose two things in front of you, one near and the other far away, Focus on each for two seconds in a row.
Eye exercises to strengthen eyesight and supple skin
Eye exercises to strengthen eyesight and supple skin
  • Limit your focus: This exercise will not only strengthen your eyesight, It will help you increase your focus on everything around you, How do you implement it? Place your index finger a few inches from your eye, Focus on him Slowly move it out of your sight, And stay focused. Look away for a moment and then refocus on your elongated finger and slowly turn it back toward your face. The last step here is to look at something in the distance and focus on it for a few seconds.

The second group: Face Yoga:

Facial yoga
Face yoga, Eye exercises to strengthen vision

Why would I highly recommend it to you? Because it is the secret of preserving the beauty of the eyes, Fatigue and stress will appear under your eyes in the form of black circles and wrinkles and here are a simple set of exercises:

1- V-sign exercise: After a long, tiring night, you probably I noticed a slight puffiness under your eyes, This exercise is specifically for such a situation, how do you apply it?

First, shape the letter V with your index fingers and middle fingers, place them under your eye, pat your index finger over the entire area under the eye, and repeat this step 3 to 5 times. This helps drain lymph fluid from subocular cysts that cause puffiness and stimulate blood circulation.

2- Rest exercise: Or relaxation exercise, which is very useful if you intend to get a quiet sleep, Start rubbing your hands for 10 to 15 seconds until you feel warm. Then gently apply them to your eyes, With fingertips placed on the forehead, Palm on the eyes, And down on the cheeks Try not to touch your eyes directly but let your hand form a curtain and a small dark room. Breathe deeply and relax.

3- A certain drawing exercise: sit in a healthy way or lie down and look at the ceiling above you, Start from the far right, Focus your gaze on it for 20 seconds and then slowly turn your gaze up as much as possible, 20 seconds too, And as we draw the appointee, Repeat these steps to the far left and bottom.

But exercise alone is not enough to protect your eyes, which are your window to everything around you. And in order not to feel that the task has become difficult, Here are two simple tips to increase the effectiveness of these exercises and keep your eyes young.

  • Healthy eating:

This little rounded dish you put in front of you is very important to your eyes.

Your dish should contain nutrients such as omega-3 acids found in salmon, tuna and other oily fish.

Zinc and vitamins E and C Using green leafy vegetables like spinach

Protein: Through eggs and legumes, And other important nutrients.

  • Always remember your sunglasses, and there’s no harm in keeping one reserve in your bag wherever you go. Let your first criterion in choosing sunglasses be their ability to block 99% to 100% UVA and UVB rays before choosing their shape and color.
Exercises. Eyes to strengthen eyesight

Finally, dear, keep the grace of your vision and take care of your body, good health is the secret of the good life.