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Are you wondering about the problem of sagging abdomen that you suffered from after giving birth and you want to get rid of it in any way?

First congrats on your beautiful baby, when did you give birth?

If it has passed 6 – 9 months, then it is still normal, but if it has been about 11 months or almost a year since your birth and the shape of your abdominal area still shows some protrusion and you could not restore its previous shape:

Do you suffer from a medical condition that prevents you from losing weight?

No, it is not a medical condition but you suffer from a condition called Mummy tummy

Diastasis Recti

It is a common condition in women that occurs in newborns or even in those who have gained rapid weight in a short period of time.

And to know if you have this problem:

Here’s a simple test to see if your sagging is caused by a muscle detachment in your abdominal muscles.

first: lie on your back.

Lift your head slightly off the ground until you feel a tension in your stomach muscles.

Press your fingers on your stomach in the area above the navel

If your fingers go deep into this area, this means that you have diastasis recti.

You may be surprised by the sight, but don’t worry, it’s common to many. Is this problem serious?

Is this problem serious? How do I treat myself?

No, it is not a serious problem, but you should fix it for a health goal more than beauty one, while your entire spine provides support in the back of the body, we only have the abdominal muscles in the front for support, and the treatment of separation with the least side effects and the most effective is proper exercise .

As for exercise:

Hmmm, maybe you didn’t find time to go to the gym because of the lack of time, so you did stomach exercises, for example, in order to target belly fat by fixing your feet and moving your torso straight forward.

And you did plank exercises as a kind of resistance exercise.

But these two exercises are considered the most harmful in your condition.

Yes, don’t be surprised !

The exercises that you did are among the exercises that are prohibited for women who suffer from diastasis recti.

So I will tell you what exercises are prohibited in cases of diastasis recti, as our trainer, Sara PopFit talked about.

in order not to make this mistake twice, remember that:

Any exercise that involves forward trunk flexion or backward trunk flexion movements is prohibited. Plank movements are prohibited. Also,

the cat_cow movement, the cow movement section leads to more spacing between the abdominal muscles.

The movement of the intentional twist causes the torso to rotate in both directions,

thus increasing the distance between the muscles. In addition to the crunch movement that leads to the inclination of the torso forward.

And before you get confused, I will tell you what exercises strengthen the abdominal muscles and bring the muscles closer together to reduce their separation:

General rule from Sara popFit:

Any movement of the abdominal muscles while you are lying down with your trunk straight helps to close the muscle separation.

You will inevitably be asked many questions such as:

Is it possible to avoid diastasis recti after childbirth?

Is it better to treat diastasis recti after the first birth? Or after completing all childbearing times?

Diastasis recti is the most important cause of abdominal protrusion

yes, Yes, it is possible to protect the abdominal muscles by exercising and strengthening the abdominal and stomach muscles in the earlier stages of pregnancy.

As for when a diastasis recti occurs after the first birth, it is preferable that you do the appropriate exercises and treat the condition before the second pregnancy, so that the task of closing the muscles does not become more difficult for you.

Even if you have had repeated deliveries or are overweight which has led to a muscle separation in your stomach muscles, it is not too late.

From today, you can start with the exercises mentioned in this article to enjoy better health and regain beauty and self-confidence, and you will find all these exercises on our trainer Sara PopFit’s channel.

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