If you are having difficulties choosing the right shade of foundation, this article is for you.

After more than three years in the field of beauty and makeup, the most frequently asked question is “How can I choose the perfect shade of foundation”.

The issue became more difficult after the widespread spread of electronic shopping. As girls face many obstacles while choosing the most appropriate foundation cream, and you may also buy a certain shade, and when you try it at home, you will find that it does not match your skin tone! So how do you choose the perfect foundation shade with only two steps? Follow this article to know the answer.

The two main steps you should focus on are:

1- Determine your skin tone

2- Determine your skin undertone

Determine Your Skin Tone

Skin colors are mainly divided into three colours, under each one, there are several shades. So stay with me dear, to find out which group you belong to:

White Skin Tone

  • Fair skin tone
  • Light skin tone

Medium Skin Tone

  • Light-medium skin tone
  • Medium skin tone

Dark Skin Tone

  • Tan skin tone
  • Dark skin tone
  • Deep skin tone

You can easily determine the color of your skin by looking at the color of the area from the bottom of your cheekbones to the chin, because it is the least affected by external factors such as sunlight.

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Determine Your Skin Undertone

Your undertone is the pigment hidden under the skin, and it is completely different from the term skin color. As it is possible that the color of your skin will be affected by external factors such as the sun’s heat, health status, and aging. But the skin undertone is fixed and does not change.

The underlying skin is mainly divided into three types, what kind do you tend to?

Warm Undertone

If your skin tends to be yellow or golden, it contains pigment (yellow – golden – olive) that is not easily affected by the sun’s rays. It will often appear if you are Asian.

Cool Undertone

Your skin is closer to a pink or beige color that contains pigment (pink – violet – blue) and is easily affected by sunlight.

Neutral Undertone

That is, you have a neutral color or an oily color often, and it is the result of a mixture of cold and warm pigment together.

You can determine the color of your under skin by following several tests according to the beauty blender brand:

Veins Color Test

Specifically the wrist veins, as it helps to know the color of your skin undertone as follows:

Cool skin: Your hands’ veins appear purple and blue.

Warm skin: Your hands’ veins appear green.

Neutral skin: Your hands’ veins appear blue and green.

White Cloth Test


Bring a white cloth and compare it to your skin.

Cold skin: Your skin appears pale or yellowish when placed next to white.

Warm skin: Your skin will look pink or red.

Neutral skin: Your skin will appear gray.

Jewelry Test

Gold and silver aluminum foil can be used. Hold the paper in front of your face so that it reflects on your skin.

Warm skin: The gold paper reflects better than the silver one.

Cold skin: The silver paper reflects better than the golden one.

Neutral skin: you won’t notice any difference.

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Choosing the Right Shade of Foundation

Now that you can determine your skin tone and undertone, you can now choose a suitable foundation cream for you without even trying it!

Just by reading the full name of the color, where all brands attach the name of the shade to the skin tone with the undertone, to make it easier for you to search and choose the base cream, for example: Shell ivory- fair – neutral.

Useful Ideas

• Change your makeup sponges regularly if you use them to apply foundation cream, because bacteria and germs gather inside them and may contribute to oxidation of the foundation cream and change its color.

• You may need a lighter foundation for the winter and a darker foundation for the summer if you spend a lot of time outside in the summer and tan.

And always remember that your knowledge of the color of your skin undertone is not only limited to helping you choose the foundation cream, rather, by choosing jewelry and clothing colors as well! So go to the nearest mirror and find out which skin you have.

Frequently Asked Questions about Foundation

What is the Difference between Foundation and Foundation Cream?

Foundation is a translation of foundation cream in English, which means the same. This cream works to hide skin imperfections, depending on its type and brand, of fine lines and wrinkles, and to make the skin color uniform and sometimes to change the original skin color.

Which is better; Foundation Cream or Powder?

Here, there is no one real winner, because that is due to personal need and skin type. Use the powder foundation when you want a light make-up that you can apply throughout the day. And use a liquid foundation when your skin is dry, or if you want a natural, glowy foundation.

What is the Role of Foundation Cream?

It is a facial makeup product. Apply all over the face for a flawless, even skin that you want to cover up, and create a base for the rest of your makeup.
This product is intended to act as a base for your entire makeup look. The right formula can help cover blemishes, correct your skin tone, and hide imperfections.

What are the Best Types of Foundation?

Liquid foundation: The most common.
Creamy foundation: This type of foundation has a creamy and thick texture. And it is a good choice for those with dry skin.
Foundation powder: If you have oily skin, You may find yourself turning to powder foundation. By layering it, you will find that it offers lighter coverage overall.