Successful weight loss typically requires a combination of a balanced diet, regular physical activity, and healthy lifestyle choices. In this article we will discuss ways to lose weight, And which is better operations or sports?

Sure dear reader you browsed social media at least once today, You may have come across a model photo and often wished your body was beautiful and how wonderful it would be if you had, for example, the body of a famous Korean actress.

Let’s stop here a little to talk about something that concerns many young women and women, which is to lose weight quickly and get a body that looks like the bodies of Instagram models and other sites, Actually it’s not impossible, Surely no one was born with a carved body and a small waist, But do you know, my dear, behind the scenes to get a slim body and lose weight!

First of all, let me introduce you to ways to lose weight and get a healthy slim body:

First: Let’s talk a little about liposuction, Doing liposuction means undergoing surgery based on a device that suctions fat from specific parts of your body. Unlike common, liposuction is performed on the abdomen, waist, hips, buttocks, arms, And under the chin only and not done on the entire body.

But is liposuction really the magic solution to the weight gain problem? Actually no, Because liposuction removes excess fat but will not prevent weight from accumulating again in your body, So people who choose this method follow a strict diet for a long time.

I know what you’re thinking honey, I don’t want to follow a long diet I will shorten the road and do liposuction and do a diet for a month and then I will enjoy a perfect body and at the same time I will not deprive myself of food.

But let me tell you a secret that a plastic surgeon might not tell you. After surgery is not the same as before. That is, fat will reconstitute again and this time in a completely inconsistent manner, That is, the amount of fat collected around the waist and in the buttocks will increase, but in varying amounts.

You may be wondering about gastric sleeve surgery, What is it? What are its harms and benefits?

Gastric bypass is one way to lose weight, In short, it means removing part of the stomach so that it becomes smaller in size and has less food and therefore is not able to eat large amounts of food. One of its advantages is that its results appear within one year and you will notice your weight decrease during that year. But as with liposuction you must then follow a strict diet or things will return to what they were and even worse.

In fact, the risks of liposuction and gastric bypass are similar to the risks of any other surgery, such as infections, infections at the incision site, or even an infection.

I know you are now bored that both of the two operations I mentioned earlier have disadvantages enough to change your mind and you do not like to risk your health at the expense of your beauty. So what to do?

okay, The solution is very simple “sports”, Yes sport

Lose weight
Lose weight

In fact, research has been done on the weight loss methods used by models, and it was found that very few of them had a stomach cut or fat suction, and the vast percentage depended on exercise and a healthy diet.

You may be a little shocked, But let me explain to you more:

Sport is the best solution for everyone to have a slim waist and healthyly tight buttocks.

But how? Well let me remind you of studying science in high school, The human body consists of muscles, bones and fat. Etc

Sleep people have a low lipid level and a large muscle mass, When you exercise, fat is burned to provide the body with energy during exercise. The small muscle fibers rupture leaving a small void that is rebuilt and gradually enlarges the muscle mass.

Of course, exercise is the stage of tearing down or tearing small muscle fibers and it is healthy food that fills the void caused by the rupture.

So why do models resort to sports so much?

Well because exercise is a low-risk way compared to the weight loss surgeries I mentioned earlier, The body will also retain so-called muscle memory which is its ability to return to muscle building even after a break in exercise.

I often hear the phrase “I don’t want to exercise so I don’t want to get big muscles like men.” In fact, This thing is scientifically impossible for a woman to get muscles that are like men because the male sex hormone (testosterone) is responsible for this, which is found in low rates in women compared to men, so don’t worry, dear, you will not get huge muscles, but tight muscles and a graceful body as you wish.

But do you exercise and yet your body does not change, which maintains its weight?

Lose weight

Well if you answered yes even though you exercise regularly and follow a healthy diet and don’t find weight loss has happened it may simply be because > So what you should do is shock your body not literally, All you have to do is take a day off once in a certain period so your body will not get used to a specific lifestyle.

Sports with healthy food is the perfect solution to achieve your dream of getting a slim body without risking surgeries. Nor do I need to remind you that sport is a great lifestyle followed by many celebrities Watch

What our coach Sarah said about it

In the end, remember, my dear, that you are the lady of your body and do not allow anyone to tell you that you are fat or skinny, in any case you are beautiful.