When it comes to famous dolls, Barbie holds a special place in the hearts of many girls, because it embodies their childhood dreams of soft beauty, gorgeous dresses, and bright blonde hair. Barbie, the childhood friend in every home, is now back to occupy millions worldwide with a beautiful movie directed by Greta Gerwig and starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, which has achieved tremendous success since its debut on July 21st.

The movie is a visual masterpiece, as it immerses us in a beautiful pink world, everything in it is carefully designed to draw us into the amazing world of Barbie. The movie brought back the obsession with Barbie again, and her looks returned to preoccupy many girls. As the movie reflects Barbie’s natural looks despite her loud and colorful clothes.

Barbie’s makeup is based on a natural and amazing appearance with makeup looks that can be adopted in daily life with soft, healthy skin, bright eyes, and soft lips, with simple and easy steps that guarantee a soft and elegant look for every occasion.

If you are a fan of Barbie’s makeup and hair style, come with us in this article to get to know Barbie makeup ideas.

Barbie Makeup Steps

Barbie Makeup Steps

Makeup artist Pati Dubroff, who specializes in the star Margot, explains to us the basic steps she adopted for Barbie’s makeup during her appearance in the film. She says, “Barbie’s makeup is intended to be polished and natural, including soft eyes and glowing skin.” Therefore, we adopted the following steps:

Flawless Healthy Skin

Pati says, “Barbie makeup is based on adopting your personal style and beauty. For me, the most beautiful look is the one that shows natural, healthy, and vibrant skin. Everything starts from the skin. When the skin is healthy, we get harmonious, calm, and comfortable makeup.” So, my dear, while you apply Barbie makeup The greatest concern is for your skin to look healthy and radiant.

  • Start by prepping your skin with a moisturizing cream.
  • Then apply the primer to give it a smooth texture.
  • You can also use collagen spray to prepare your skin before makeup, which is great for revitalizing and moisturizing the skin, and improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Use a medium to full coverage foundation to hide any skin imperfections.
  • You can also use a skin corrector to hide dark circles or any scars.
  • Then, apply a touch of translucent powder for a longer-lasting finish.

Pink Blush

Barbie always glows with a fresh, glowing pink blush. To get Barbie’s glowing complexion, apply pink blush to the apples of your cheeks. Blend it well for a natural look.

Calm Eye Makeup

Barbie is famous for her captivating eyes. For Barbie eye makeup, choose calm eye shadows such as pink colors or light silver. You can enhance the makeup with a slightly darker color at the outer corner of the eye.

To get Barbie’s distinctive makeup, apply a narrow line of eyeliner along the upper lash line. Use a volumizing mascara for long eyelashes.

Long Arched Eyebrows

Kate McKinnon, makeup specialist in the movie Barbie, says, “We lengthened the eyebrows, so the size of the eyes changed in relation to the eyebrows and the hairline. This helps a lot in increasing the size of the eyes. We did not use any artificial eyelashes and used mascara that helps in increasing the length and intensification of the eyelashes. We highlighted the corners of the eyes using an ultra-shiny highlighter to naturally give the eyes more space.”

Barbie has long, arched eyebrows. Use the brow powder to lengthen, thicken the eyebrows, and fill in any sparse areas. Make sure your eyebrows appear natural and avoid harsh lines.

Glossy Lipstick

McKinnon also confirmed, “We had more than 25 different colors of lipstick. The color of the blush and lipstick is matched with the color of the clothes to obtain various looks. The basic idea is to choose makeup and clothes that are simple but radiate beauty.”

To get Barbie’s lipstick, choose one of the shades of pink. Start with a lip liner that matches your lipstick perfectly, then choose a bright pink color, or a softer color for a calm look. Finish your lip makeup by choosing a transparent, shiny lipstick to create a stronger effect.

Highlighter to Illuminate the Face

One of Barbie’s beauty secrets is bright, shiny skin. Throughout the movie, Barbie shines with shiny, healthy peach skin, with a highlighter specially chosen to be used around the eyes, the mouth and the nose. Use the highlighter to illuminate the features of your face, such as the bones of the nose, cheeks, and eyebrows. The highlighter will give you a radiant glow and glowing skin.

Bronze Contour

Cosmetologist Pati Dubroff says, “Barbie’s facial makeup aims to appear polished and natural, so we relied on the harmony between soft eyes and glowing skin. Based on this, we chose bronze contouring.” Bronze contouring gives the skin an inner glow, making it appear more natural and can be blended easily. It is a creamy contour with a velvety matte finish and a lightweight texture for easy blendability.

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Eye Makeup Ideas Inspired by Barbie Makeup

Eye Makeup Ideas Inspired by Barbie Makeup

Barbie leads a new trend in beauty based on simplicity and bright pink colors. From the beginning, Barbie has been an expert in beauty. In previous years, Barbie was the epitome of stark makeup, diverse colors and strong eye makeup.

She is now looking at us in the summer of 2023 with makeup that combines simplicity and beauty. There is a shift in the world of cosmetics towards true natural beauty, and this is reflected in Barbie’s skin and her makeup, which is based on simplicity and radiance.

Everything here carries the color pink, pink cheeks, pink nails, and pink lipstick. As for the eye shadow, it varies according to personal preferences, so we collected for you several ideas for Barbie’s eye makeup to match the color of your eyes:

Barbie Makeup for Blue Eyes

Barbie is famous for her charming blue eyes, and her eyes look wonderful when she chooses makeup colors that contrast with the blue color, which makes them shine more, such as silver, copper, gray, and earthy colors as well. Through her looks in the movie, we notice her choices of pink and peach colors, along with eyeliner and mascara to magically thicken the eyelashes.

  • Black eyeliner helps enhance blue eye color. You can choose black, brown, or even navy blue eyeliner for a softer makeup inspired by Barbie makeup.
  • Choose a pink blush suitable for eye makeup.
  • Also lipstick in soft colors.
  • Avoid bold colors that may compete with your eyes for attention, so that your eyes have the greatest impact and you get classic Barbie makeup.

After applying these ideas, you will find yourself a modern Barbie with her charming blue eyes and soft look.

Barbie Makeup for Green Eyes

Green eyes have irresistible charm. Barbie looks like a beauty icon in her captivating green eyes. If you want to adopt Barbie makeup and you have green eyes, choose earthy colors that show the beauty of green, as well as pinks and shades of violet and purple to create a stunning contrast with the color of your eyes.

  • Black eyeliner and mascara help add a charming touch to your makeup. You can apply cat eye makeup with eyeliner that matches your eye color beautifully by adding an eyeliner line with a slight rise above the outer corner of the eye. This will double the charming effect of the green eye color.
  • You can complete your makeup by choosing a pink blush, as well as a soft pink or purple lipstick.
  • Avoid strong colors to maintain the charming effect of eye makeup.
  • Don’t forget the highlighter to get Barbie’s radiant and glowing skin.

Barbie Makeup for Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes have depth and warmth, and interact beautifully with makeup and clothing colors to create a stunning combination of colors and transform your eyes into a warm mix of blue, green and brown.

Therefore, we must choose eye shadow colors that are able to show the charm and warmth of the hazel color and enhance the combination of green and brown in the hazel eyes. such as dark green, gold and copper, as well as earthy colors and shades of purple.

  • Eyeliner helps create a frame that contrasts with the color of your hazel eyes and gives them a charming look.
  • Choose black or dark green eyeliner to line the eyes.
  • Now choose a mascara that helps to thicken and lengthen the eyelashes to achieve Barbie’s charming look.
  • Your makeup should reflect the warm colors of your eyes, so you can choose a peach or coral blush to add a warm glow to your cheeks.
  • Choose lipstick in appropriate colors, such as pink or purple, to complement your eyes beautifully and without exaggeration.
  • Adding a little highlighter to your complexion.

Now look in the mirror, you are all set to win hearts with Barbie’s hazel eye makeup.

Barbie Makeup for Brown Eyes

Classic and charming brown eyes have a soft appeal similar to that of Barbie. To show the appeal of your brown eyes, choose colors that complement the warmth of your eyes, such as gray, earthy colors, and beige tones, as these colors highlight the depth of brown eyes.

And to get a distinctive makeup, mix the earthy colors with the bronze colors.

  • Black eyeliner and kohl help create a grainy effect for brown eyes. You can use black eyeliner inside the eye and blend it softly with the color of the eye shadow in the lower eye line.
  • Choose a mascara that increases the volume of your eyelashes to increase the eye area and make it look like Barbie’s wide eyes.
  • Keep your makeup subdued by choosing a soft pink or peach blush, and muted lipstick in earthy or pink tones to reflect the diversity and warmth of your charming brown eyes.

Barbie Makeup for Gray (Silver) Eyes

Gray eyes carry a mixture of boldness and beauty, and have a captivating look, and are compatible with many colors of eye shadows.

To apply Barbie makeup to your gray eyes, choose colors that contrast with the gray color to make it appear more clearly, such as copper, bronze, warm gold, and brown. You can choose smokey makeup that suits gray eyes to create a distinctive look.

  • If you choose smokey makeup, it will go well with black eyeliner.
  • Add a white line inside the eye to increase its area, just like Barbie’s eyes.
  • As for choosing other colors of eye shadow, you can use black eyeliner and mascara to help thicken your eyelashes and create a shiny frame for your gray eyes.
  • It is important to balance the colors of your makeup to achieve Barbie’s gray-eyed makeup. Choose soft colors for blush and lipstick, such as light pink, to keep the eye makeup the biggest impact.
  • Don’t forget to prepare the skin properly to get Barbie’s healthy skin, while adding highlighter to complete your makeup.

These are simple steps, but they can make you look amazing in Barbie.

Hairstyles to Match Barbie’s Makeup

 Hairstyles to Match Barbie's Makeup

Bryce Scarlett, who is responsible for Barbie’s hair in the movie, explains to us the basic idea of ​​the hairstyles that he created to make Barbie so beautiful. He says: “I relied on creating new hairstyles based on classic Barbie hair,” as he created Barbie hairstyles with an updated version from the 1960s.

  • Ponytail hairstyleSince 1950, Barbie has appeared in a ponytail, and captivated hearts with her blond hair that rises from her neck in a simple and elegant hairstyle. Now this hairstyle can be adopted with the addition of modern techniques to keep pace with the year 2023, such as wrapping part of the hair around the ponytail from the top around the hair tie to hide it. It can also be Adopt wavy bangs or curled bangs to achieve a trendy look just like Margot Robbie did in the movie trailer.
  • Smooth hair with curvy ends: Just like Barbie’s makeup, Barbie’s hair also depends on simplicity and beauty at the same time. You can straighten your hair using a hair dryer, and select several places from the ends of your hair to wave them. Using a round brush and hair dryer, curl the ends of your locks for a chic Barbie hairdo.
  • Barbie’s chunky braids: Barbie is the undisputed queen of braids. The braid hairstyle is making a comeback, but Barbie has taken it to new dimensions, as she appears with a thick blonde braid that is not raised to achieve a wonderful feminine look that brings to mind the classic Barbie. Many girls do not prefer braids because they are a temporary hairstyle and get damaged quickly, but there are many techniques that make them stable and elegant. Do you want to get a Barbie braid in an easy way? Here are the steps:
  1. Start with a low ponytail.
  2. Add several hair extensions that match your hair color, tie them with your hair, then wrap part of them around the tie area to hide it.
  3. Comb the hair to blend it and make it look natural. Apply a little hairspray to soften the texture of the braid.
  4. Then follow the loose braiding style to get the famous Barbie braid. It will look great if you complete it with a slightly slanted wavy bangs. You don’t need to visit a hair salon to get a Barbie look.

Nail Ideas to Match Barbie’s Makeup

 Barbie Makeup Ideas

Barbie chooses colorful nails. In the film, we notice that she shines in classic red and bright pink colors with natural and short nails in line with Barbie’s simple style in makeup and hair, as well as her appearance in the classic French nail model, or in shades of pink. We notice that Barbie’s style in choosing nail color is to appear with nails painted in muted colors when she is wearing a bright dress, and to choose stronger colors when she is wearing muted clothes.

Do you know, dear, that there is a fashion trend since 2019 that bears the name (Barbicure) based on the adoption of Barbie’s style in clothes, makeup and hair. Barbicure’s popularity is increasing day by day, especially after the success of the Barbie movie. Many stars followed this fashion trend, such as Khloe Kardashian, Keke Palmer, Emma Watson, and even Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton, who gave this trend her royal approval by choosing one of Barbie’s dresses in her appearance, with pink makeup to match it.

This trend is based on breaking the stereotype of the perfect blonde Barbie, as Barbie style can be adopted on all skin colors, such as brown and brunette, and even males can wear pink clothes, as many stars did, such as Justin Bieber, Conan Gray, and Harry Styles.

Finally, if you are a fan of Barbie’s style, you will not need to change the color of your hair or skin. You can only make simple changes, as we mentioned in the article, simple changes in the method of makeup, and in choosing the hairstyle and the shape of the nails, to keep up with fashion and become Barbie 2023. We wish you happy times.

Frequently Asked Questions about Barbie Makeup

Why do girls like to look like Barbie?

Barbie is an icon in the world of beauty because she achieves the best version of herself. If you can think of the best version of yourself, it would be when you have the clearest skin, the prettiest hair and the perfect body, with the perfect outfit and makeup to match.

How do I choose a lipstick that fits Barbie’s makeup?

The choice of lipstick must match the makeup colors that you have chosen. Barbie usually shines with lipstick in pink tones, and purple and fuchsia can match Barbie’s makeup.

Can Barbie makeup be used for daily appearance?

You can certainly adopt Barbie’s makeup to go out on a daily basis and even go to work, because it is based on simplicity and beauty together.

Is Barbie makeup suitable for dark skin?

Recently, Barbie makeup is based on showing your special and natural beauty. It is no longer limited to white skin and blonde hair. The company that produces Barbie doll has released several versions, including dark skin, wheaten skin, and black hair. Therefore, Barbie makeup is suitable for all skin colors.