Who said that a woman’s hijab detracts from her elegance and turns off her attractiveness? This statement is not correct at all. Many men, especially in the East, confirm that they prefer modest women.

Hijabi women always want to have a modest and elegant appearance. If you are hijabi and in order not to be subjected to hateful bullying about your clothing choices, I searched for you in this article about everything you need to know about the hijabi clothes. There is a slight difference between haste and deliberation in choosing, between knowing your body shape and clothing needs and taking the risk of wearing clothes that do not suit you.

The most difficult choices are those related to the body’s shape, for example: how do you combine the hijab with elegance for the hourglass, the rectangle, or the pear body, and what are the tips you should adhere to when choosing your clothes.

Let’s start with a review of what is appropriate for some body shapes:

Everything you need to know about the clothes of hijabi women according to the shape of the body. You will definitely know it through the following paragraphs.

Hijabi Clothes for Rectangular Body

It is easy to achieve harmony between what a hijabi woman with a rectangular body needs and the clothes of hijabi women. All it takes is some simple additions and small details to get what she wants.

Fashion experts advise women with a rectangular body shape to stay away from maxi dresses that fall without any curves, because that will make your body one piece like a box, and you look like a moving wardrobe.

In solving this problem, your body must be defined or molded at the waist, for example. Wearing a beautiful belt is a must. If you are a fan of blouses, you should choose them with wavy shoulders, or perhaps with puffy sleeves.

Hijabi women are keen to wear wide pants that are not revealing according to Sharia, but do not overlook some elegant hints such as waves, pleasing and others.

Hijabi Clothes for Hourglass Body

Do you think you have an hourglass body? You can know that if you go back to my previous article, in which we learned about ways to determine your body shape.

As we mentioned earlier, the hourglass-like body has special characteristics, which we define as broad shoulders, a thin waist, and wide, full buttocks.

In order to avoid showing these full areas, we will resort to some small tricks, this will help you a lot to avoid what shames you.

To begin with, in order to avoid drawing attention to these areas, your clothes must be free of decorations and inscriptions, especially in the prominent areas.

The skirt is a beautiful and elegant garment that suits hijabi women. When an hourglass woman wants to wear it, it is obvious that tight skirts that highlight the curvature and cross-section of the body should be avoided. The arrangement will be completed with a shirt free of patterns, or the possibility of choosing a calm blouse in pure colors.

When we move on to the dresses, you will have the opportunity to choose Barbie dresses that are defined at the waist, wide from below the waist, and from the top, especially at the sleeves, in order to imagine a dress that is balanced from the lower and upper sides. And when choosing the neck, choose a 7-collar, as the seamstresses used to call it, in order to divert attention from the size of the broad shoulders.

The last part of the dress for hijabi women is related to pants. When you want to wear them, choose pants in dark colors and stay away from the wide ones. I chose narrow pants for you so as not to show the fatness of your buttocks. And the shirt is preferable to be a little wide, in order to also hide the beauty of your full arms. And since you have a waist with clear features, decorate it with a distinctive and elegant belt.

Hijabi Clothes for Pear Body

Hijabi Clothes for Pear Body

The pear is a sweet-tasting fruit with a unique shape. It is full at the bottom and narrow at the top. Thus, whoever has the texture of a pear suffers from full buttocks and close shoulders.

Do not be afraid, I will provide you with all the details of everything you need to know about hijabi clothes for your pear-shaped body.

Certainly, you will not choose wide skirts from the bottom, because that will make you bulkier at the bottom, and your shoulders will appear narrower at the top. This applies perfectly to dresses as well.

It is also nice to play on the midline, which is characterized by the shortness of the lower part of the pear. The midline will be raised above the real location of your body, in order to lengthen the lower part of your body. Apply this rule to all types of clothing (trousers, skirts, and dresses).

It is preferable for the one with the pear body to completely stay away from the narrow pants, and to purchase the wide ones, or the high-waisted Charleston, as they are suitable for fashion, and will partially cover the appearance of your full buttocks, and maintain the modesty that you desire.

Your upper part, make its choices divided into two categories: The first is shirts or blouses free of patterns, in a bright luminous color, so that this area expands and appears wider, or choose multi-layered and ripples, then this will deceive the eye and diminish the difference between your upper and lower parts from the side of the size.

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Notes when Choosing Hijabi Clothes and Body Shape

  1. In the color game, dark clothes in plump areas will give you a smaller size, while bright and flashy colors will restore the slim to a larger size.
  2. Do not make your clothes show a clear difference between your lower part and your upper part, you always have to adjust between them in order for them to be balanced, of course through your choices of clothes and colors.
  3. You will need to determine the waist, whatever the shape of your body. It requires determining it either above or below the real waist line. That is the game. Determining the waist line reflects the accuracy and intelligence of your choice.
  4. Having a certain body shape does not mean that you are not beautiful, you are beautiful in all your situations, do not worry, just improving the shape will add elegance and a stronger presence to you.

After we got to know how to choose clothes for hijabi women according to the shape of the body. It is common for it to be difficult to choose hijabi clothes for women of short stature, so let’s get to know

Hijabi Clothes for Short Girls

As we agreed previously, you are beautiful whatever you are, and you must have confidence and deep faith in your abilities in order to achieve the goal of ambition in the social ladder. And when you have a short stature, you have a number of wonderful features. You will have an innocent childish beauty in the complexities of these difficult days. You will have the ability to move quickly and gracefully because your body is closer to the ground. Short women are characterized by a cheerful spirit and high energy.

But the problem arises when the hijabi girl decides to choose the appropriate dress for her short stature without falling into the trap of increasing the short stature or wearing something that does not suit her and deprives her of a beautiful look. But you can, my dear, with some technique, keep up with fashion trends, while committing to concealing some prominent shortcomings. An example is that you follow, dear, the rule of two-thirds and one-third, where it is recommended to choose relatively long upper pieces, while wearing appropriate pants, or you reverse that. So you wear a short piece in the upper part of your body, and choose wide pants or a skirt with it, flying like butterflies.

In the past, hijab fashion was limited to some basic and traditional colors, such as blue, green, purple, and black. Today, you can buy long coats, and we may wonder why long coats are suitable pieces for short hijabi women? We say because she can wear them over shirts, blouses, or even as a piece on her own.

You can also choose formal blazers in bright colors for casual looks with jeans and comfortable sports shoes. You can also transform the same blazer into a formal look by wearing dark cloth pants with high-heeled shoes. All that remains is to add a silk shawl in a similar color with a cross bag for more excitement and attractiveness.

Always try to get high-waisted pants. Wide pants with a high waist are among the pieces that you have to own and coordinate with your hijab. It is obvious that you wear high-heeled shoes to make you look taller. You can easily coordinate it with a patterned shirt in light and bright colors. It is also advisable to choose light colors of the pants.

When you choose a skirt with a T-shirt or blouse with a high neck, you can coordinate it with a short blazer or a multi-layered blouse. And it is okay to add some soft accessories to add a touch of elegance.

Hijabi Clothes for Short Girls

One of the tricks suitable for hijabi girls is short stature, choosing one color for your entire look while adding a little contrast is a great way to add more length. Which means wearing a one-color dress with a suitable solid color scarf, or wearing two pieces in the same color. And do not forget to carry a bag in the color of the scarf to avoid more colors. This method is for hijabi women of short stature.

The striped fabric, like the pants, is a smart trick to increase the length. So you can wear the striped pants to get an attractive look for your hijab. Combine the wide and striped trousers with a light-colored T-shirt or a cotton shirt with a jeans jacket.

For dresses, there is no doubt that you need to wear dresses with a high waist that expand from the middle. Avoid wearing loose dresses that show your short stature. And you should also stay away from wide belts that may reduce the length of the body, and choose thin belts that do not cover a large part of your body.

Wear short blouses that show your legs as if they are longer. Choose jackets and blazers that cover the buttocks to increase the length. And wear clothes that are exactly your size, meaning that there is no increase or decrease, as loose clothes increase the appearance of the short body.

Design your hijab on simple rolls without increasing the number of layers. It is also preferable to choose light and plain colors that are not patterned.

These are the most important tips that you should follow when choosing the right clothes for short girls. You will maintain the appropriate appearance and modesty.

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And since we have entered the hot summer season, most hijabi women seek to choose clothes that do not increase the severity of the heat on their bodies. So we offer you

Hijabi Clothes in Summer

Hijabi Clothes in Summer

Weather experts this year 2023 are talking about relatively hot weather, so that a cold continent like Europe is under what is called a hot solar storm. The problem is exacerbated with hijabi women, how do we behave, what are the solutions for choosing clothes and makeup that suit the hot weather.

What we need here are some choices that contribute to easing the feeling of the heat of the air and have a direct effect on the sweating process that occurs to the skin, especially young girls who are going through the beginning stage of wearing the hijab, and do not know the appropriate methods or materials for this hot season, and how to coordinate colors.

Hosting the fashion blogger Yara Al-Rifai, on the program “Group El-Mumys”, in which she talked about summer fashion and colors, and referring to the coordination of hijabi women’s clothes. She gave us tips to hide body defects, including:

  • The basis for wearing clothes on a meter (a measuring tool for tailors) means that the body should not be excessively loose. So as not to cause the body to swell in cases where your body appears to have proportional sizes. But if you have defects and inappropriate sizes, you can wear loose clothes.
  • Leave the neck area free without wrapping the shawl or hijab over it, so as not to feel hot. If you are in the summer, it is preferable to wrap the shawl back, and leave the neck area without pins, which also gives a feminine touch and does not bother you with the heat.
  • Choose the color of the hijab according to the blouse. But if the blouse is colored, it is preferable to use a white hijab.
  • A colored shawl should not be combined with a colored blouse, it will not be in harmony.
  • Adopt the principle of simplicity in choosing colors and shapes.
  • Classic trousers are a good choice for all occasions.
  • The white, black and beige colors in clothes give you the opportunity to coordinate all colors with them.

Choose the Colors of Summer Clothes

Through the same program, “Group El-Mumys”, it displayed the proposed summer colors, which are fuchsia, green, yellow, orange, and other light colors. The fascist blogger, Yara Al-Rifai, identified the fashion of the new colors, which are full of many surprises, such as “wearing fuchsia pants on an orange T-shirt, elegantly” and “dresses that contain fuchsia and orange, merging with each other.”

Yara gave advice to girls about the necessity of self-confidence when wearing their clothes, even if it is repeated many times. The important thing is that you have conviction in what you wear, even if the fashion for the dress has ended, emphasizing that you can change the style of these clothes in more than one way, so as not to get bored, and remain elegant and modest as well.

And the fascist blogger, Yara Al-Rifai, warned the girls against buying clothes just for the sake of fashion and fashion trends only, but that you have to carefully wear the clothes that are suitable for your shape, body and skin color.

Choose the Right Colors for the Skin

Choose the Right Colors for the Skin - Hijabi Clothes

We had talked in a previous article about colors, and we did a simple color test, which you can do at home. In general, every girl knows her skin color very much. Fashion blogger Yara Al-Rifai says, “People with dark skin tend more to light colors, like fuchsia and orange, to show the color of their skin. And those with wheatish skin, which is the majority of skin color of Egyptian women, prefer calm colors, such as beige and gray. Tastes differ from person to person.”

The hijabi woman always cares and takes care of her entire appearance to shine with elegance and attractiveness. And we notice that most of the hijabi women master the way of wearing the hijab, so she wraps it in the most appropriate way for the shape of her face, forehead, and fashion, and according to the occasion that she intends.

13 Tips for Choosing Hijabi Clothes

13 Tips for Choosing Hijabi Clothes

These are some general ideas that benefit every hijabi woman. We review them together to provide you with benefit and enjoyment:

  1. Some women suffer from the looseness of their hijab during their movement and activity during the day. If you want to maintain a fixed hijab, get a hair tie made of rubber or lace to lift your hair from the front. Then throw the hijab over it in the style that you see fit for the shape of your face. And you may be able to show this tie at the front of the head, if you wish, provided that you coordinate it with the color of your hijab.
  2. Do not put too much makeup on your face, because exaggeration will keep you away from a modest look and gentle elegance.
  3. Two rules do not break them. The first is to beware of merging casual and formal clothes in one look. The second is not to wear a bright hijab with casual clothes, or a cotton hijab with evening clothes.
  4. Stay away from combining light clothes with a light hijab, or dark clothes with a dark hijab, which is a pattern that distorts the look.
  5. It is very naive to choose to coordinate the look and the hijab in the same color and to wear shoes and a bag of the same color, as you will look from head to toe as if you are covered in one color.
  6. It is unreasonable for a hijabi woman to wear tight clothes, and the hijab loses its dignity and decency.
  7. When you want to wear a woolen hat, beware of loose or drop-down hijab rolls. Just wear a small scarf in which you gather your hair under the hat, and you can also adopt a tight hijab roll.
  8. When you wear a sleeveless dress, wear a blazer over it, as it is the most appropriate choice. And never wear a shirt under the dress. Always buy what suits you best, such as a maxi and long sleeves.
  9. My girls, you can take shelter in winter dresses made of wool or knitted fabrics to feel warm. Wear a leather jacket, knitted cardigan, or light trench coat over them for an elegant look. And you will enjoy a warm and soft winter look with woolen dresses. You can also combine them with heavy coats made of broadcloth or leather for a sophisticated and attractive winter look.
  10. It is a serious mistake to wear several layers of clothing. Avoid wearing more than one layer of clothing to cover the entire body. This is due to the wrong purchase of clothes that are not suitable for the hijab in the first place, such as buying short-sleeved or without sleeves, or wearing several layers of coverage.
  11. The color of the hijab is chosen in neutral colors, regardless of the colors of the clothes, such as colored clothes or striped clothes. We mean by neutral colors, “white, black, and beige”.
  12. There is no need to stand for a long time in front of the mirror to tie the hijab. Wearing the hijab without pins is the quickest way. You can wear it without pins by bending the rectangular hijab over the head. Then wrap one end of the hijab around the head once. And bend the two ends of the hijab on the opposite shoulder. This means throwing the ends after wrapping the hijab once around the head.
  13. Wearing the hijab does not mean that you do not pay attention to styling and combing your hair, which is a healthy process to stimulate the hair follicles and renew blood circulation in it. Make sure to take care of your hair and comb it regularly twice a day so that it does not get dry because most hijabi women neglect to take care of their hair, even if you do not need to style it in a specific style.

This was all you need to know about the clothes of hijabi women. We provided you with the perfect dress according to the most difficult body shape (pear, hourglass, and rectangular body). We also explained a number of important notes when choosing clothes for hijabi women according to their body shape. This was what you need to know about the clothes of hijabi women in the hot summer, how to choose the colors and the way to wear the dress. We touched on the dress of hijabi women of short stature at length and detail. After that, we took a glimpse into the method of choosing colors according to the color of the woman’s skin.

And my pen “13” formulated thirteen tips for you, from A to Z, about wearing hijabi women’s clothing in a proper manner, free from mistakes and pitfalls, so that you appear with your full elegance and decency. Stay safe.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hijabi Clothes

Can a hijabi be elegant?

Of course. Hijab does not detract from your beauty, and any style can be applied to the clothes of hijabi women.

What is the name of beachwear for hijabi women?

Beachwear for hijabi women is called a burkini.

What is the color of the hijab suitable for all clothes?

Black, white, and beige colors can be used to match all outfits.



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