How happy I was on my first day at university. I stood for hours trying to choose the appropriate dress for my first appearance with my new classmates. My mind was filled with strange ideas. I felt that I might be the subject of ridicule or perhaps admiration. I turned to my mother and sister to give me opinions and advice. My sister gave me an idea as urgent advice to get rid of my great urgency and hesitation, which is to resort to a website to get appropriate advice on university clothing, and today we present to you, my dear, this article entitled: How do you choose university clothing? To know all the rules and basics of choosing university clothes.

Basic Clothing Eelection Factors

9 Tips for Choosing University Clothes

The clothes you choose to buy and wear vary according to several factors such as age, climate, occasion, income, and profession. Come with us to learn about the basic factors that affect your choice of clothes:

Climatic Factors

People who live in a cold climate may need to wear woolen clothes to keep warm, while, on the contrary, people who live in very hot climates, as is the case in some African countries and the Arabian Peninsula, need to wear turbans made of thick cloth to protect their heads, and in the Gulf they like to wear clothes made of Cotton to feel cool.


Brightly colored clothes are worn during wedding ceremonies, and are often accompanied by brightly colored accessories.

Also, simple clothes with a few accessories, such as formal trousers and shirts, will give a more professional look for job interview examinations. Jeans and a T-shirt will be a good choice for those who want a light look and feel active and confident.


The clothes worn by an adult woman are definitely not the same as the clothes worn by a college girl, and if the choice of dress is for young children, it can be customized with beautiful prints in soft colors.

But when children enter late childhood, boys prefer masculine colors such as blue, blue-gray and brown, girls like to wear feminine colors such as pink, green, red, etc., and teenagers like to diversify their clothes. The choice of clothes for adults depends on the type of work the person does, therefore the clothing style of individuals varies depending on their age.

The Income

Income affects the choice of clothes, as the high-income group spends a greater proportion of money on clothes compared to the low-income group, because they spend more money on fashionable clothes instead of durable clothes, while people who belong to the low-income group prefer durable clothes instead of thin clothes. So clothing type preferences change depending on family income.


Each type of profession has a specific dress code that gives it a special identity. There are people who work in the hotel industry, airlines, traffic cops, security guards, etc., each of them wears special clothes required by their profession.

For example: Special clothing is worn in the laboratory, while mixing pest control chemicals by people or by workers in nuclear power plants. It protects workers from the dangers of radiation. Firefighters also wear clothing made of fire-resistant fabrics.

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It’s time to read some tips for choosing university clothes, which is the subject of our article:

9 Tips for Choosing University Clothes

9 Tips for Choosing University Clothes

College life is one of the most fun and unforgettable moments in life. Apart from making new friends and working on your career, this is the place where you can also build or improve your fashion sense. You can explore diverse styles, ideas and inspiration from different people.

If you are not a big fan of fashion but want to update the way you dress and look, these paragraphs cover everything you need. Whether you have the slightest idea about fashion or not, these tips will help you keep up with college student fashion during your university life.

1. Choose simple college clothes

In most cases, simple clothes are more elegant compared to complex clothes, what about college clothes? Wearing jeans and a blouse or just a simple dress with a simple pair of rubber shoes can make you look elegant.

When looking for simple clothing, get something that you will feel comfortable in all day long at college.

2. Choose university clothes according to your body type

An outfit that looks good on another girl may not look good on you. You can search online to find out your body type and the clothes that are appropriate for your body type. Some body types look harmonious and beautiful when wearing appropriate clothes despite the presence of some flaws, while others prefer to wear loose clothes. So make sure to choose university clothes according to your body type.

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3. Dress for university according to your skin tone

If you are having difficulty choosing the color to wear, you can avoid the matter and wear clothes according to the color of your skin, as the color of your clothes is also necessary and can determine the quality of your overall appearance. If your skin is light in color, it is more appropriate for you to wear dark-colored clothes. If you want to wear a bright color, you can mix it with something dark.

On the other side, bright colors suit those with dark skin, which can easily be layered with dark eyeshadow for a stylish finish.

4. Buy university clothes according to the budget

Despite your limited budget, you can still look good and perhaps even better than those who spend a lot on their clothes. It all comes down to the brands you choose. There are many stores, including online stores, where you can find low peice and high quality clothes.

5. Read fashion blogs and magazines

One way to keep up with the latest fashion trends is to read fashion blogs and fashion magazines. No doubt, you are busy with homework and other school work, so you can get help online to keep up with the latest fashion trends.

6. Take care of your hair

The way you style your hair can make a big difference in your overall appearance. Of course, the hairstyles that will look good on you will be determined by the shape of your face. Go ahead and search for suitable hairstyles and try them at least every week, and make sure that your hair is elegant in style all times too.

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7. Take care of your skin

Skin care is essential and contributes to your elegant appearance. Make sure to take proper care of your skin by washing it regularly, using a good body wash, and moisturizing it daily. Give your skin extra care when you have more free time by applying a facial mask and body scrub.

8. Follow the latest trends or create your own

You can’t help but notice the latest trends by observing how other students dress as well as what is popular around the world. Try out some trendy outfits, or you can change them a little to suit what you feel most comfortable with.

9. Make use of accessories

Accessories can elevate your look and highlight your personality. A watch, bracelet, round sunglasses, or a simple pair of earrings can change your entire look and make you look more impressive. University fashion is not only about clothes, but it is also about accessories. So, do not underestimate the influence of accessories on university clothes.

You don’t want to be the odd one out in college when it comes to dressing for college, as some people have exceptional talent when it comes to choosing stylish outfits, while others need to put in a little more effort.

However, this is not difficult to do, some things you need to know are how to dress according to your body type and skin tone. In addition, you also need to know your face type and choose what suits you.

We now move on to help you choose the permanent university clothing pieces that suit you:

Basic Clothing that are Appropriate for University

In university life, you need everything that is comfortable and practical to appear more cheerful and graceful, so that you will be loved by your comrades and colleagues. A positive life at the university will make you feel happy and satisfied, and perhaps university clothes are one of those means worthy of care and attention, so focus your attention on acquiring these clothes and styles. The appropriate one is as follows:

1- Comfortable plain color T-shirts:

Owning plain colored T-shirts is a necessity because it is one of the basic university clothes for female and male students who are looking to buy comfortable clothes. They are completely suitable for wearing with any other piece of clothing. They are suitable for university life, as you can share them with a pair of jeans, and you will not spend a long time wearing them. Wear it, and you will arrive at your lecture on time without any delay.

You can also pair a pure cotton T-shirt in white with dark blue jeans and elegant sneakers to shine with a simple and modern appearance. You can also add various accessories such as a long necklace, circular earrings, etc. So that the result is a simple and attractive presence.

2- White shirt:

9 Tips for Choosing University Clothes

Buy a white shirt and put it in your university clothing collection because it is a basic garment and has many uses in all seasons of the year and in different ways, whether classic or casual. It has no specific uses, is elegant, and is a garment that you can wear any day during all seasons.

3- Casual black dress:

Casual clothing is the best type of university clothing, and the black dress is a great choice this year, as it is suitable for the fall and winter seasons with a denim jacket or leather jacket to give you a wonderful and different look throughout the year.

4- Black shoes:

Since the color black suits all types of clothes, all colors, and all seasons, this black shoe will replace any other shoe. It is one of the essential pieces. Do not give it up. Add it to your closet and coordinate it with various types of university clothes.

5- Jumpsuit for a modern look at university:

If you want to wear a one-piece dress, or you like a simple, practical look, do not hesitate to choose a jumpsuit and coordinate it in several ways, whether in the traditional way or by adding a waist belt. It is one of the clothes that is easy to coordinate with other shirts to get a graceful style with a unique one.

It is funny that when you choose a jumpsuit model, you only need to choose a jumpsuit model that is in harmony with the shape of your body to get a wonderful look that is consistent with your own style. It will also make you fast in movement and fit, especially if you are doing many activities at university, as it is considered one of the best types of great college clothes.

6- Charleston pants:

This year, Charleston pants have become one of the most widespread fashion trends because they provide distinction with a wonderful and beautiful appearance and style. They give women a sexy look whether when worn with practical clothes such as a T-shirt or when added with a classic shirt.

You can create some important ideas for fashionista looks by using Charleston pants with your clothes to form a wonderful harmony while making sure to choose them with practical shoes that are appropriate for you to appear elegant and sophisticated in a simple style.

7- Formal blazer:

The women’s blazer is an important piece of university clothing, especially if you want to appear elegant and formal sometimes.

You can coordinate it in many ways, whether with sweatpants or with jeans. It is an appropriate university outfit, as many fashionistas have adopted the application of these ideas in a modern style with their clothes and on a daily basis for a beautiful style.

7- The skirt is an essential piece of university clothing:

Every girl is looking for an elegant and modern dress at the same time, so go ahead and buy a skirt, whether in a straight or curvy cut.

These are the models that must be suitable for university and give you a wonderful appearance. Make sure that the skirt is suitable for the shape of your figure and choose to coordinate it with your clothes that come above the body.

8- Jeans:

Jeans are one of the clothes that may accompany us throughout our lives, and they are the first and unique clothing that is indisputable no matter what! Just as it accompanies us through the stages of our lives, it will accompany you in university on a daily basis because it is indispensable in your daily appearance and can be coordinated in millions of styles.

When choosing jeans, choose those that contain Lycra and not 100% cotton in order to make it easier to move with you without disturbing you or rubbing your body too much, which may cause you irritations and skin infections.

9- Oversized jeans jacket:

This piece of clothing is quick and complete and fits with any daily look. It is easy to combine with any piece of clothing and is available in many stores, whether local or international brands.

When choosing a jacket, it is best for you to choose one made of a large percentage of cotton, unlike jeans! So that it stays with you for a long time and does not change color or fade, and so that it can withstand more frequent friction and not tear in the elbow area, for example.

10- Black cloth pants:

Did you know that this piece of clothing is the joker in your closet and has more importance than the jeans themselves? They are the pants that girls always forget to put in their wardrobe, even though we really need them for university clothes or other things.

It does not matter what the model of the pants is, the important thing is to choose them in black…yes because the black color can blend in with any piece of clothing in your closet. It plays a magical role in serving you, in addition to making you look thinner and taller, just like if you wear black sports shoes or even flat shoes, and do not forget that you can combine them with a plain blouse and flat shoes and you will be ready for your annual project presentation day.

11- Light coat:

It is common knowledge that the academic year begins at the end of September or the beginning of October, that is, at the beginning of fall, on September 22 of each year, and in mid-October the temperature drops.

Therefore, you need a light coat to carry with you on cold days, especially if your university is far away or you have to attend lectures at eight in the morning. You may have to leave your house early in the morning when the weather is a little cold.

There is also no doubt that trench coats are very important transitional clothes in your closet, as you will need them in transitional seasons such as fall and spring.

12- Sports pants:

Be careful, you may get tired of wearing regular pants. Then remember that in your daily university clothes, you need to wear sports pants, especially if your day is full of lectures and you want a piece of clothing that helps you feel comfortable.

There are a number of very distinctive shapes for sports pants, which many fashion bloggers have combined with a jacket and high heels! Never hesitate to buy it and combine it with any type of clothing in your closet.

Now, are you one of those who make mistakes when buying university clothes? Here are five tips to avoid that:

Mistakes Made When Buying Clothes

9 Tips for Choosing University Clothes

1. Lack of Familiarity with Quality Labels

Lack of knowledge about quality labels may lead to purchasing a low-quality garment that has an expensive label. To avoid this mistake, you should research different brands, materials, and tailoring.

Before purchasing clothes online, it is recommended to read customer reviews and check details about the fabrics and country of origin.

2. Ignore Seasonal Fashions

This mistake can be avoided by keeping up with the fashions of this particular season. Reading online fashion magazines, watching fashion shows, and following fashion bloggers will be beneficial to you. So that your appearance matches the season’s fashions.

When purchasing from an online store, you should check the size chart and compare it with your body measurements and not just randomly buy what you think is beautiful.

3. Mixing Formal and Informal Clothing

Common mistakes include choosing casual clothing, wearing inappropriate clothing, or mixing and matching fabrics randomly. Stick to classic silhouettes when mixing formal and casual clothing to avoid mistakes. Look for tailored pants and well-fitting shirts in dark or neutral colors that can be easily dressed up.

4. Think about the Future

Although it is tempting to make immediate purchasing decisions, it is important to ask yourself when purchasing and examining college clothes, whether you will remain interested in this dress for weeks, months, or even years. Among other common mistakes that you should pay attention to when purchasing clothes is forgetting to do research on setting the budget and the ability to spend in the future.

5. Impulsive Buying Based on Price

Don’t impulsively buy based on price. It’s easy to lure people into buying cheap clothes, especially when the clothes look like they’re stolen. In addition to questionable deals, impulsive purchases based on price can be some of the most costly mistakes when buying clothes.

Finally, when you decide to choose university clothes, you must adhere to some special rules, in order to avoid buying clothes that do not suit you, in addition to quick and unconscious spending. Also, when shopping in stores, you must know the common mistakes and how to avoid them. When you make confident purchases, you can enjoy wearing your clothes. I hope you have benefited from this article to find the perfect outfit for your time at university! I wish you success.

Frequently Asked Questions about University Clothes

Is it possible to wear high heels at university?

It is not recommended to wear high heels at university because they will hinder your movement, but you can wear medium-height and wide heels sometimes.

What is the best clothing for university?

You can choose anything that is comfortable, modern, and suitable for you.

What are the best colors for university clothes?

Calm colors are often the most appropriate, and the most important thing is to choose the right colors for your skin tone.