Knowing about the most common eye shadow mistakes that most girls make will help you avoid them, learn from them, and get the best result!

read on to learn how to apply eyeshadow like a pro.

Here are some tips from Lindsay Ebbin, co-founder of BeYu Cosmetics

1. The Necessity of Using a Primer

Most makeup experts agree that using a primer is the essential first step in eye makeup, because it is responsible for moisturizing your eyelids if they are dry. It works like a magnet to prevent the shadow from falling on your cheeks and keeps it clear for longer.

2. Do You Apply Concealer to Your Eyelids before Shadowing?

If your answer is yes, you have to make sure that it is not too lumpy. And be aware that it may lead to a change in the color of the eye shadow by oxidizing the materials in it.

3. Choose Earthy Colors and Colors that Match Your Skin Tone

t is best to look for a color that highlights the beauty of your eyes. Most girls are afraid of bright colors, but metallic bronze, for example, or rose gold, will give you a charming and soft feminine look at the same time. Be brave and try distinctive colors.

4. Do You Only Use One Makeup Brush to Apply Eye Shadow?

A brush is not always required of you to get the best result, especially when using glossy shades, your fingers are better than any fancy brush!

To get the best result, put the shadow on the back of one hand first, Then use your middle finger (of your other hand) as a brush and press it slightly on all or part of your eyelid.

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5. Do You Think You Need Multiple Colors to Get a Glamorous Look?

Have you ever heard of the minimalist style?It is the method that advises you to use only one color, for example, take a very soft brush and a matte color darker than your natural skin, then blend it around your eyes completely and go to work with confidence. But when you want to go from a morning look to an evening look, it is enough to add an eyeliner for it.

6. What is the Most Suitable Amount of Product You Should Put on the Brush?

The number one cause of eye shadow flaking—what happens when color is spread all over your cheeks instead of just your eyelids—is putting too much shadow on your brush. This is especially common when you are using glossy colors.

But don’t worry, there is a tried and true trick to avoid making this mistake:

  • When using a neutral or matte shadow, flick the brush with a few light taps to remove excess product.
  • As for the bright shade, wet your brush, put a little color on it that suits your look, and press gently in the areas where you want to apply it.
  • And if you’re looking for a strong, glam color, you should just start with a small amount of color, then slowly increase it in layers. As the fact that the best thing about makeup products is that when you start small, you can always add more.

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7. Use Black Eye Shadow for a Smokey Look

Smokey Eyes look can be achieved in many different colours, From light brown to dark gray or even burnt brown. Applying an ultra-black shadow is one way to do this. But you will get a more natural effect by simply using a black eyeliner pencil and a lighter shade to blend. With an eyeliner pencil, you can draw a soft line along the lashes and then blend it with a brush to get the perfect look.

8. Is Eye Makeup Based on Eye Shadow Products Only?

There are many different products in your makeup collection that you can use as eyeshadow. You can use blush to get a sunset color. You can also use your own bronzer to create an attractive tan look.

You can learn something new every day! But the benefit lies in trying it, for example, try other makeup products on your eyelids for new looks! The worst that can happen is to wash your face and start over.

We hope that you have benefited from this article. Don’t forget to share your opinion with us in the comments section!



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