”A healthy diet without costs to lose weight?!” You must be joking, this is almost impossible, if not impossible at all.

This is probably your response to the title of this article, right?

Healthy Diet without Costs

Believe me honey, you are not the only one! Many women do not even try to start a healthy diet, thinking that it is definitely expensive and that they will not be able to bear its burdens.

And being familiar with the food habits of Arab society, I really understand your reactions, really.

We have Kabsa, Mandi, Koshari, Falafel, Samosa, Molokhia, Stuffed of all kinds, Couscous, Dolma, Kebabs and other expensive foods…
You must be drooling just by reading these names, and you are now thinking of entering YouTube to search for a recipe to try, am I right?

Of course, our food is very tasty and no one disagrees on how amazing it is, but unfortunately it has nothing to do with being healthy.After thinking, we will find that all our dishes are saturated with fat and most of them have excess salt, in addition to the flour bread that we cannot do without in any of our meals, without forgetting the irresistible soft drinks… And the result?

Massive amounts of carbohydrates almost daily. And that’s why my dear:

Healthy Diet without Costs Medically

There is a special medical point of view on the subject: I wish every mother, wife, sister, or Arab girl responsible for preparing her family’s food would adopt, which is as follows:

“We must rely on a healthy diet almost completely in our daily lives to ensure our bodies are always healthy. In order not to deprive ourselves of enjoying delicious Arabic food, we can choose one day a week to eat fatty food, but on the condition that we do exercise the next day so that the body gets rid of those unhealthy additives more quickly.”

And not all diets are very expensive, as you are used to hearing about that from programs and others, but there are diets that suffice with what is in your home, nothing more.

You will not need avocados, quinoa, sesame oil, and other things that are not available to most middle-class people in Arab countries.

There are names for some of the ingredients in many diets that most of us have never heard of, but I am here to assure you that you will not need them

Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Diet without Costs

Here are these golden tips that you can adopt in your daily life, for you and your family to keep our bodies fit and healthy!

When I say a diet for weight loss, I mean that this will help you maintain the result that you got after following a diet or exercise that has given a result that you like and you want to return to your normal life and eating while preserving that result, and this timing of course is an unparalleled opportunity to adopt new habits, after you were almost completely cut off from eating and achieved your goal of that, you can now accept any diet and you will not have difficulty getting used to the fact that your food is free of some ingredients. All you have to do is:

1- Eat a protein-rich breakfast:

Healthy Diet without Costs
Healthy Diet without Costs

A high-protein breakfast works miraculously to reduce your cravings for calories throughout the day, because it makes you feel full after just a few bites. And always try to make your diet based on whole foods, as they are known to be satiating because they are rich in nutrients, which makes your body less likely to fall into the error of excessively having processed foods.

2- Cut off sugary drinks and juices:

Regardless of the fact that these drinks are unhealthy in the first place and should be completely avoided without thinking about this matter twice, you have the right to know its harms until you abstain from it with complete conviction, it is not just that sugar in large quantities and all calories do not add anything useful to your body. Rather, it works very hard to prevent your body from losing excess weight.

3- Keep your body hydrated:

Do not forget to drink water daily, and in quantities distributed throughout the day. You can know if you are drinking the correct amount of fluids, by observing the color of your urine.

4- Choose foods that stimulate weight loss:

As we talked about foods that prevent the body from losing excess weight, there are some foods that help lose weight better, such as rich in fiber foods. Scientific studies have shown that foods that contain fiber enhance the body’s ability to lose weight, so try to search for whole grains, vegetables and nuts because they are rich in natural fiber.

5- Eat slowly:

Eating quickly leads to weight gain over time, unlike eating slowly, which promotes weight loss hormones and makes you feel full, so chew the bite as much as possible.

6- Take care of your sleep:

Healthy Diet without Costs
Healthy Diet without Costs

Do not underestimate the effect of sleep, it is important in many ways and unhealthy sleep system is one of the biggest risks that lead to weight gain.

7- Move your body:

Try to dedicate at least two days a week to exercise, as relying on a healthy diet for weight loss, no matter how effective it is, will not alone give you the required results. And it would be nice to involve all your family members with you to have a more fun time and give you some time with the family.


These simple, inexpensive tips are a good starting point for a healthier life, so try your best to adopt it in your day from now on.

Frequently Asked Questions about a Healthy Diet

What are the most important healthy foods?

Vegetables – fruits – meat – nuts – healthy fats such as olive oil and avocado. However, you should pay attention to the quantities. If the quantities exceed the permissible limit, it will become unhealthy.

How is a balanced diet?

Containing essential nutrients in moderate quantities. It is important to know exactly what our body needs. Thus, designing a nutritional program that is suitable for us and our body.

What is a healthy dinner?

A meal that contains protein, such as tuna, soup, a plate of vegetable salad, or a glass of milk.




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